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    Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

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    Dark walls, light floors.

    Neutral colours. This design principle will ensure your bathroom does not date and will be timeless. You can accessorise to suite your taste.

    Taking the neutral approach will mean if you are thinking of re sale or renting down the track you will not offend anyone and you will be open to a much larger market.

    In 10 years’ time your bathroom will still look great.

    Company director Mr Tony Younan prides himself of ensure this principle is presented to all clients. While it may not be for all it is given as an option.

    Our bathroom designer Julie Elleson agrees. “Bathroom that are timeless feel fresh and you can accessorise to suite your mood. If you have white walls jazz it up with some colourful towels and even bring some plant life into the room. The potential with a neutral bathroom is endless.”

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