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    Wall Hung Vanities

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    The more floor area that is visible the larger the room looks – creating the perception of spaciousness. Another innovative design tip, is the integration of an LED light strip on the underside of a wall hung vanity. This feature lighting provides a softness to the room that gives off the illusion of a floating vanity. 

    Cleaning under a wall under vanity is also a big help.

    It means no more rotted kick boards or unsightly legs.

    If kickboards are to be installed they should be silicone joined.

    The illusion of space:

    Wall-hung toilet suites ingeniously conceal the plumbing and cistern within the wall cavity; creating an open and spacious feel.

    Frameless showers create the illusion of openness, rather than dividing the space like a traditional shower would. The shower screens Clientel Developments supply come with a lifetime manufactures guarantee on the hardware used.

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