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26 Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Inspire Your Next Renovation



If you are planning bathroom renovations, then there is a lot to consider – whether you are making small upgrades or planning a full bathroom renovation. A well-designed bathroom renovation can transform the look and feel of the space and your home. As important as practicality is, especially in the bathroom, there is plenty of room for extravagance. Check out these 26 remodel ideas for inspiration. 

  1. Harness the Power of Natural Light

Lighting is a major factor to consider in any renovation, but it’s particularly important when planning your bathroom renovation. In addition to task and ambient lighting, you can harness the power of natural light to create a bright and welcoming space. 

  1. Make Space

You can expand your bathroom space by combining two rooms, whether you knock into one next to an existing bathroom or transform two existing rooms or cupboards to create something new. It might be a better opportunity than an extension. 

  1. Slimline Sinks

If you are renovating a guest bathroom, or water closet, or dealing with a smaller space, a slimline sink is a sleek way to save space. You can utilise wall space for vertical storage without the cumbersome vanity. 

  1. Creative Expansion

If you have a small bathroom but love to shower – you can convert the space into a large walk-in shower. It’s a clever way to maximise the space and create a stunning focal point. 

  1. Niche or Ledge

If you are planning a luxury, slimline or chic renovation, then you have to be clever with storage options. Adding a niche or a shower ledge is a great way to maintain that look without making the space look cluttered. 

  1. Shower or Bath?

It’s wise to have at least one bath in a family home if you plan to sell in the next seven years, but one is more than enough. If it’s infringing on your space, consider ditching the bath to install a powerful shower. 

  1. Unexpected Tiling

Your tiling doesn’t have to be symmetrical, a random pattern using different colours can create a unique, but chic, look. Whether you opt for black and white tiles or shades of blue. 

  1. Additional Storage Solutions

Storage space in the bathroom is often available at a premium, so think long and hard about how much space you truly need and don’t be afraid to install an additional cabinet or other storage solutions that utilise your space efficiently. 

  1. Traditional

If you want to invoke the days of old, think of antique mirrors, a chandelier, and classic bath fittings. 

  1. Embrace Patterns

Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, whether it’s different tile patterns on the floor and wall or using a different colour of grout. You can also embrace patterned wallpaper to make your bathroom pop. 

  1. Marvellous Marble

If you want something to pop – think about how you can use a pop of marble to make a statement – like a marble bath. 

  1. Enjoy the View

If your bathroom has a stunning view, incorporate that into your bathroom renovation design by installing your tub to take in the sight. 

  1. Cipollino Marble

Cipollino was commonly used in Roman and Greek architecture, and it is a stunning option to create a unique bathroom space. Carry it from floor to wall to make your renovation something special. 

  1. Crisp & Clean

Clean lines, simple fixtures, and shades of white – it’s a classic look for a reason, and a crisp and clean design is ideal for bathrooms on the smaller side. 

  1. Bold Design

There are an endless number of ways to embrace bold designs in the bathroom, but pebbled wall coverings aren’t just bold, they’re unique. 

  1. Vintage Look

There are plenty of ways to utilise the vintage look in a  bathroom, from made-over mirrors, pedestal sinks, penny floor tiles, woodwork, subway tiles, and old-fashion lighting fixtures. It’s all about a balance of texture. 

  1. The Power of Tiles

Carrying subway tiles around the entire bathroom, rather than just in the wet area is an excellent way to utilise the power of tiles. 

  1. A Classic Look

From creams and whites to wicker baskets and chairs, a classic bathroom is still a popular option for a reason. 

  1. Monochrome

Whether you prefer black and white or simply grey, a monochrome look in the bathroom is an excellent option. 

  1. Abstract Art

You can use abstract murals to create a unique look while still embracing the classic bathroom look. 

  1. Woodwork

Whether it’s farm life that inspires you or Scandinavian simplicity, a wood-inspired bathroom provides a crisp, comfortable look. 

  1. Ultra Modern

Marble, glass, natural light, and plenty of mirrors – for if you want an ultra-modern look. 

  1. An Oasis

If you want to create an oasis, think about plant life, indoor trees, wooden slats, rectangular fixtures, and clutter-free. 

  1. Spa Bathroom

If you want a spa away from a spa, think about installing a soaker tub and using it as the focal point for the rest of your design. 

  1. Space Saver

Save room by embracing a doorless shower – it turns your bathroom into a type of wet room but keeps the traditional features intact. 

  1. Create Balance

Use different textures, colours, and textures to create the perfect balance in your bathroom renovation.

How Crystal Bathrooms Can Help 

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