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4 Ways to Improve Your Bathroom’s Hygiene



This will come as no shock to homeowners, but your bathroom probably isn’t the cleanest place in the world, no matter how much you regularly clean it. If improving bathroom hygiene is high on your list of house priorities (and it should be), here are some ideas on how to go about it – and how smart technology may just hold the key to a cleaner bathroom space. 

Why You Should Improve Your Home Bathroom’s Hygiene 

We imagine that you do your best to keep your bathroom as clean as possible. However, there are all sorts of microscopic bacteria that you don’t see – and perhaps, therefore, don’t clean – that is growing and spreading harmful bacteria around that may cause illness. 

Sometimes it’s easy to forget all of the places that bacteria can lurk, like under the toilet seat, inside drawers and cupboards where hairbrushes are often thrown unthinkingly – even taps sometimes get missed. Light switches, the toilet bowl, and other high-bacterial areas are missed by cleaning crews, or by you. But that’s OK. Luckily, smart technology may be the answer you’ve been looking for to help you gain a cleaner bathroom space.

How Smart Technology Can Help 

There are numerous examples of smart technology making lives easier inside the home and out. The bathroom is also one of these areas! By making small bathroom renovations, you can cut down on the number of bacteria in your bathroom.

Here are a few ways in which smart technology can help. 

Motion-Sensor/Smart Light Switches 

There is an estimated 217 bacteria per square inch of any light switch! In your bathroom, this might not be the thing you think about when cleaning, but making a switch to motion-sensor lighting, or even voice-activated ones, like using a Google Home system can cut down on the propagation of bacteria as you won’t be touching the light switch anymore.

Smart Toilets 

Another great option for a smart-tech bathroom renovation is installing a smart toilet! Functioning like a normal toilet, these smart toilets have a whole pile of features including motion detection (which raises the lid and flushes when no motion is detected for about 30 seconds), and a self-cleaning sequence that sprays water and soap in the bowl when closed to clean the interior of the toilet at a time you set. Smart toilets are a revolution in bathroom technology. 

Use a Toothbrush Sanitiser 

For those who often don’t perhaps put a cap on their toothbrush after use, you’re more likely to attract unwanted bacteria! You can utilise a toothbrush sanitiser, which delivers LED light and heat to the brush to eliminate 99% of germs. You certainly don’t have to break the bank on this bathroom renovation to make sure your mouth stays clean. 

Smart Showers 

We all love having a shower, don’t we? Well, smart showers are the future of showering. These devices offer a plethora of options to the lucky person who gets to shower in them every day. These include temperature set controls, hydrotherapy spray functionality, and (because it uses digital temperature controls), is more energy efficient and doesn’t waste as much water as you flip between hot and cold, trying to find the right temperature. While this bathroom renovation isn’t cheap, you’ll save money in the long run and get a perfectly temperate shower, day-in, day-out! 

How Crystal Bathrooms Can Help 

There are a whole bunch of home improvements you can make to your bathroom space to increase its hygiene. No matter if you decide to undertake a small or big bathroom renovation in Sydney, Crystal Bathrooms can help you make that renovation. Whether you’re taking out the old manual shower to replace it with a new one or retrofitting your toilet, we can help you make your bathroom fancier and cleaner at the same time.

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