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5 Bathroom Colour Schemes That Won’t Date



Nobody wants to have to renovate and update their interior decorating too often, and this is especially true when it comes to bathrooms. Bathrooms are often one of the least renovated rooms in the house. The time and cost involved, combined with losing access to a critical room during renovations often causes people to shy aware from regular renovations. Keeping renovations to a minimum makes the challenges of finding and designing a colour scheme even harder than normal; you don’t want to spend significant time, money, and resources redesigning your bathroom only for it to be left feeling dated a year or two down the line. 

An all-white bathroom will, of course, be timeless—white never dates—but can also be dull and boring. There is no reason you can’t add a touch of flair to your bathroom, while still maintaining a timeless look. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the great colour options to consider that will give your bathroom a new look and feel for years to come. 

Black and White 

Black and white combinations are one of the most obvious choices when people think about timeless colour schemes. While it’s true that pure black or white designs can feel bland, finding the right combinations can create a truly distinctive and timeless design. 

Monochromatic designs saw their rise to prominence during the Art Deco movement of the 1920s, and have remained popular ever since so it really is a time-tested design. One great feature of black and white designs is that they work well with almost any design and colour of fixtures so the choices are endless. 

The Natural Look 

Natural style never goes out of fashion so it’s a perfect choice for the bathroom. A natural effect design created beiges, brown, and wood finishes will look great in any sized space. Whites and greys work well for the main elements and surfaces, while aged metals look great for fixtures. 

Shades of Grey 

Grey is a perfect choice for timeless bathrooms. From subtle and warm shades, to heavy and distinctive, there is something for everybody here and it never seems to feel dated or out of style. Grey works especially well as an accent or background colour, which you can then enhance with easily changeable finishes (towels, soap bowls etc) to add a touch of flair that can be updated easily and quickly. 

Refreshing Blues 

The range of blues available are almost endless from deep and rich ultramarine blues to light and spacey ocean and sky blues; blue is a great way to add some distinct colour to your bathroom. Blue walls and tiling pair particularly well with stainless steel fixtures and natural wood finishes. 

Warming Yellows 

Yellows and oranges are beautifully warming and relaxing colours. Similar to greys, yellows make an excellent backdrop colour to be combined with flourishes of a different accent (blue works particularly well), to create a fresh, warm, and relaxing space. Just be careful not to be too heavy-handed as too much can feel cramped and overpowering, especially in small spaces. 

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