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5 Reasons to Include a Bath In Your Renovation



What bathroom is complete without a bath? It’s right there in the name. If you are renovating your master suite, you might not need to include a bath in your plans. But if you are renovating your family bathroom, it isn’t complete without a beautiful bath. There are plenty of pros and cons, but here are five reasons to include a bath when renovating a bathroom. 

5 Reasons To Include A Bath In Your New Renovation 

  1.     An Oasis

Everyone needs an oasis in their home, a place to escape the stress of life. For many, that place is the bathroom. Lighting candles and slipping into a hot bubble bath is an act of self-care that many people view as a must. Whether it’s for you or you’re planning to sell your home soon, a bath is a must-have. 

  1.     Family Life

If you have small children, you know how challenging bath time can be, especially if you don’t have one. It’s a much easier process when you can give them playtime in the bath and make the process fun. It’s a break for everyone, but giving your small child a “bath” in a shower isn’t quite as straightforward. So, if you’re renovating a bathroom that everyone uses, a bath is an attractive must-have for prospective buyers. 

  1.     Pain Relief

If you struggle with physical aches and pains, a bath can help relieve some of those symptoms. A hot bath is a great way to loosen tight muscles. 

  1.     Mood Booster

Just as a hot bath can ease aching muscles, it can also give you a mood boost. Not only can it help ease you into sleep, but it’s also a great place to meditate and beat stress. 

  1.     Aesthetics

One of the biggest reasons homeowners renovate is to modernise and make the space more functional. There is also an aesthetic aspect of renovations. It’s a good way to inject style into your bathroom in Sydney. Many people choose to use a bath as a focal point or centrepiece. You can achieve this with a pop of colour or a particular style that stands out.

Types of Baths Available 

  •       Clawfoot

A clawfoot is a bath with four clawed feet. It is often heavier than standard baths, so you may need to reinforce your floors. However, it is a stylish centrepiece for any bathroom. 

  •       Recessed

A recessed bath is what most people are familiar with – it’s generally installed against the bathroom wall and has two or three sides. It’s the most common variety and there are different styles within that category, but they are usually a shower and bath combination. You could also opt for a corner bath if you’re looking to save space. 

  •       Drop-In

A drop-in was designed to drop in, whether it’s into a raised platform or a floor cavity. The result is a flush finish and a sleek modern look. It isn’t a wise choice for family life because it can be a challenge to get in and out of. Another style within this category is the overflow, which looks like an infinity pool but has a guttering system that recycles overflow to create the effect. 

  •       Freestanding

A freestanding bath is simply a bath that isn’t connected to anything. This is a category of its own, though clawfoot baths do fall within it. Freestanding baths have seen the most innovation in the tub game, with bold colours and styles being a popular option to create a stunning focal point.

How Crystal Bathrooms Can Help You Plan Your Perfect Bathroom 

There is a lot to think about before you start your bathroom renovation, and the aesthetics are important, but so is function. If you are thinking about bathroom renovations, get in touch with Crystal Bathrooms. Our design team can work alongside you to design your perfect bathroom renovation. Before you plan your bathroom renovation in Sydney, reach out to the experts to guide the process to ensure your renovation goes off without a hitch and meets all of your needs.

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