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5 Reasons You Need To Renovate Your Ensuite



Ensuites are a little slice of luxury that many of us enjoy, and as with any part of the home we use often, it becomes a popular space for renovation. Whether you simply want a change, you are keen to make more space for a wardrobe or a bigger bathroom space, or you need to replace old and mouldy tiles and grout, an ensuite renovation is a great idea. They’re generally more affordable than you’d spend on a full bathroom reno, and you’ll likely get a few extra grey hairs while you’re doing the planning, but they’re well worth it in the end. 

Before we visit why you need to renovate, let’s start with the basics: what is an ensuite?

What is an ensuite?

An ensuite is a bathroom that is directly attached to a bedroom. There is usually a doorway and wall separating the two rooms, but an ensuite bathroom makes for easier access to a bathroom and is usually a fantastic selling point of luxury in a home. 

Ensuite bathrooms are among the most desirable types of bathrooms in homes, as they provide ease of access and privacy. Most new homes, or homes that are being renovated will have an ensuite as part of their bathroom renovation planning.

5 Reasons Your Ensuite Needs a Refresh

So, why does your ensuite need a refresh? Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons people are upgrading their ensuites.


Maybe you’ve moved into an older home and while an ensuite bathroom came with the home, it’s an older style and needs to be updated. This might mean renovating the bathroom by replacing the old bathtub/shower combination with a walk-in shower. Otherwise, it might mean replacing the old sink with a new one with new fittings. You may opt for a larger mirror to replace the recessed medicine cabinet with a mirror front.

When you’re modernising an ensuite, there are plenty of options for bathroom renovations, as you’re essentially starting with a blank canvas.

Fix Any Ongoing Problems

One of the main reasons to conduct bathroom renovations is to fix any ongoing problems. If your sink is constantly running, or the showerhead just won’t turn off, despite being turned off, one option is to have a plumber come out and try and fix it – however, if the problem persists, the repetitive plumber’s visits may be more expensive than replacing the thing to begin with. Lots of older houses have persistent problems that aren’t necessarily divulged at sale, or become apparent once the move-in is complete. While a complete bathroom renovation might not be necessary, a smaller project would fix whatever persistent problems you’re facing.

Update the Look

Moving into an older home also comes with the old-style look. For the bathroom, this usually means coloured wall tiling all the way around, that awful pink or light orange tiling. It can mean a low bathtub with a single showerhead that’s fixed to the wall. Conducting a large-scale bathroom renovation means tearing all of that older style out and replacing it with a removable magnetic showerhead, or a walk-in shower, stainless steel fittings and a vanity cabinet. Updating the look of your bathroom is always a good reason to renovate.

Add Functionality & Storage

One of the main reasons why people renovate anything is because they no longer like it – or it no longer offers the functionality that it once did. Bathrooms are no different. Doing a smaller bathroom renovation like adding a vanity cabinet along one wall is a great way to add both functionality and storage space with a single, smaller renovation.

Update Colours & Tiles

Some older bathrooms have outdated colour and tile schemes. This can be a good enough reason alone to renovate a bathroom. You might swap the dated colour tiles for something like wood or stone, if you’re going for a natural feel in your bathroom renovation. Porcelain tiles are great for wetter areas – so if you’re going for a large, complete walk-in shower, then porcelain might be a good option for the flooring. Colouring updates don’t just have to be tiling, they can be an addition of some brightly-coloured water-resistant art, or even just a vase of flowers. Brightening up a room with white is a great choice in a bathroom, so maybe choose white granite for your new vanity or sink.

If you’re looking for ideas and help with your bathroom renovations, then Crystal Bathrooms can help. Our bathroom renovations in Sydney are famous for breathing new-life into an older ensuite, or helping you stop that persistent problem by replacement. There’s nothing quite the look of a new ensuite bathroom that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own bedroom. Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more or to make a booking.

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