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5 Sink Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Pop



Choosing an appropriate sink will go a long way to improving the look of your bathroom. However, an excellent quality sink should not just provide for the aesthetic appeal; it must also be functional. For instance, if your bathroom space is limited, you want a tub that gives an illusion of space but is also not prone to damage by scratches or to staining.

A bathroom sink serves your storage needs; it is where you can put your toiletries and bathroom products. The right tab also helps to replace protruding shelves that take up space and make your bathroom look clumsy. Fortunately, you can create a sleek feel in your bathroom by playing around with the type of the sink.

A good quality sink will also match the design and space of the house. As a rule of thumb, when looking to perform bathroom renovations, be sure to understand the bathroom configurations. While the type, design, size, and shape of the sinks will vary, the arrangement does not. It pays to know beforehand, what it is that you would like. That said, below are five ideas that you can include in your bathroom to make it pop:

The wall-mounted sink

A wall-mounted sink will come handy in a family house; it accommodates different heights. Typically, large tile slates form the backdrop to the sink. To reinforce the look, a rectangular mirror could be installed just above the sink. Also called a floating sink, this design allows you to save on space.

The raised square

A raised square sink improves access. It means less bending and enhanced comfort. It fits well with geometric tiles on the walls and a mirror or two. While the sink’s accessibility is an excellent selling point, many people prefer this design for its ability to increase storage space; it allows the installation of lower cabinets for storage.

Paired pedestal sinks

A pedestal sink flanks a steel étagère to give a feeling of symmetry. The typical design utilises a white surface with a large mirror above the sink to improve lighting and provide an airy appeal. Initially, the pedestal sink was created to serve small spaces but can still be used in spacious bathrooms to give a contemporary look.

The vessel sink

As the name suggests, this sink resembles a vessel placed on a table top. It allows you to play around with different shapes, colours, and designs, adding excitement to the bathroom. The gentle curves of the sink add a fun feel especially when installed below a mirror and pendant lights.

The standout sink

If your bathroom already had cabinets, when considering full bathroom renovations, a standout sink might be the way to go. It adds grace and distinction to your cabinet. Below an oval mirror, the sink resembles the vanity curve. Besides, since the countertop and sink are attached, cleaning becomes easy.

Selecting the right sink can be a hassle. You need to consider the material, the shape, the type, and functionality. Besides, you will also need to cater to other nuances such as how the sink plays into your overall home design. Crystal Bathrooms can help you with these choices. You get a professional bathroom renovation service that spans from making the right pick to the final installation.

Additionally, Crystal Bathrooms also helps you to plan your palette. We help you decide on colour combinations and wall accents that suit your tastes and make your bathroom feel aesthetically pleasing.

If you are considering renovating your bathroom, contact Crystal Bathrooms today to see how we can transform your bathroom!

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