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5 Things To Consider When Adding A New Bathroom



If you are thinking about bathroom renovations or additions, then you probably have a long list of questions you are desperate to ask an expert. From costs and value to practicality and layout. There’s no point spending a small fortune on a big addition if it isn’t what you need or doesn’t work. So, before you move forward with a bathroom renovation in Sydney, consider these five things when planning an addition. 

Considerations for Your Bathroom

There are plenty of style considerations, from colour and texture to fixtures and fittings. However, that is the biggest concern when you are renovating bathrooms. When you are thinking about an addition, there are plenty of other considerations to make. Think about the type of bathroom you are looking for, is it a simple sink and toilet or are you thinking on a grander scale? Regardless, ventilation is something you need to think about because bathrooms require good ventilation to avoid mildew and mould.

1.     Space

The space you have available will determine how your addition unfolds. If you have plenty of space, as well as a healthy budget, you are free to pursue your dream addition. However, if you are low on space, you will need to think about how best to achieve your desired outcome with the space you have. Do you have an existing space to convert or will you need to add on to your existing home?

2.     Purpose

What is the purpose of your addition? Are you interested in making your home more functional or are you thinking about resale value? There is a major cost difference between a half bathroom and the works. So, are you looking for a minimally invasive en suite? Or, a luxurious spa? Think about the purpose of your addition and let it guide you.

3.     Location

The location is a big one – if it is a full build, there will be waste pipes, water pipes, and electrical outlets to install and that can be costly. If you are expanding on an existing bathroom, there will be a lot less of that involved. So, you might want to consider access to these and choose a location that requires less work. But you can discuss this with your bathroom professionals.

4.     Cost

The cost of an addition will depend on your bathroom. The bigger you go, the higher the quality of fixtures and fittings you choose, and the more expensive it will be. There are plenty of ways you can save by splurging on the key components and pulling back to go basic elsewhere. It’s a balancing act, and bathroom experts can help you strike it perfectly so you get the look and feel you want without blowing your budget.

5.     Permits

Permits are a big consideration – generally, your bathroom expert will take the lead to determine which permits are necessary and process the applications for you. However, this is something you should discuss in the early stages to make sure you have everything in order. An addition will certainly require permits, and any type of plumbing or electrical work will likely require the same.

How Crystal Bathrooms Can Help 

If you are ready to move forward with your new bathroom, you need bathroom renovations Sydney licensed experts to take the lead. Our design team can help create the perfect layout, and we can offer advice on how to achieve the look you want. We will be with you every step of the way until you are ready to step in and enjoy the finished product. Reach out to Crystal Bathrooms to discuss your ideas and get the ball rolling on your bathroom renovation. 

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