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Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Bathroom with Our Master Bathroom Ideas



There’s one thing that all luxury master bathrooms have in common, and that’s their ability to make us feel good.

A luxurious bathroom makes you want to breathe a sigh of relief at the end of the day. It makes you want to treat yourself to a hot bath. It makes you feel like your bathroom is much more than a bathroom.

There are so many ways to add that essential touch of luxury to your master bathroom. Whether your style is subtle and serene or bold and daring, our master bathroom ideas will have you inspired to create the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.

1. Light it up

Good lighting is a master bathroom essential, and not just because it’ll make getting ready in the morning easier. The style and type of lighting you choose can change the atmosphere in your bathroom. It’s best to choose a soft light that isn’t too harsh on the eyes, perfect for relaxing and unwinding.

To compete with some of the most refined luxury bathroom designs, consider a chandelier to take your master bathroom to the next level.

Choose one that’s modern and glamorous to create a space that’s both beautiful and luxurious.

2. Make use of matte

You want your master bathroom to be luxurious, but not old-fashioned. Adding a modern touch of matte to your space will immediately give it a contemporary feel. Matte black taps are the perfect way to add boldness to your bathroom without having to introduce hard-to-handle colours or consider matte tiles for an edgy yet elegant finish.

3. Take advantage of luxurious tubs

If you like long soaks, you can’t go past a fancy bathtub. Choose a tub with water jets and a sleek look to completely transform the feel of your bathroom. For a tub you’ll never want to leave, look for something like the Deep Freestanding Bath by Paco Jaanson, or for something more subtle, turn to Forme’s simple and elegant selection.

Crystal Bathrooms can source any tub you’d like, so you’re well on your way to turning your master bathroom into an in-home day spa.

4. Seating

When it comes to master bathroom ideas, there’s nothing more lux than adding a seating option to your master bedroom. A seat is both practical and chic. Add a chair to your vanity for easier morning routines, or add a plush ottoman for serious luxury. Consider buying seating in an accent colour to add a touch of energy and pizzazz.

5. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Knowing how to style the walls of your master bathroom can be a challenge. Why not turn a bathroom essential into a stunning piece of art?

Every bathroom needs a mirror, but opt for one that’s large, intricate, or framed and you’ll find that your practical bathroom mirror has just added a new layer of aesthetic. Not only will it add luxury, but it’ll also make your bathroom space seem bigger!

6. Shower yourself with luxury

Bathtubs may be known for their beauty and class, but showers can also serve as the perfect touch of indulgence in your luxury bathroom design. Simply choosing the right showerhead can make the difference between your shower only serving its purpose, or adding to the aesthetic of your master bathroom. Try a waterfall shower head that’ll pour luxury with every drop. A square showerhead will make your shower unique and add modernity to your space.

But the showerhead is just the beginning. Add stone or modern tiles to surround you, consider multiple jets, or why not create a shower that’s also a sauna? If your master bathroom sits on the bottom floor, take your luxury up a notch by creating an outdoor space to accompany your shower, just like your best villa memories.

Implement any of these master bathroom ideas and you’ll find yourself never wanting to step out of your shower.

Not matter what master bathroom ideas you want to pursue, Crystal Bathrooms is here to make it easy. The product choice and design is entirely up to you, so you keep control of your new bathroom.

Crystal Bathrooms can help by providing ideas, sourcing your dream products, and making the entire bathroom renovation process painless and stress-free. We start from scratch, so none of the work falls on your shoulders. From stripping your old bathroom to carrying out the mess, you won’t need to lift a finger.

Crystal Bathrooms is here to make your dream design come true, along with any luxury items you’d like to incorporate. Let Crystal Bathrooms help you add a touch of luxury to your master bathroom. Contact us today to see how we can help!

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