Minimalist principles dictate that grandiosity and excess are unnecessary trappings of the modern-day phenomena of consumerism run amok and that by transitioning to a low-scale degree of possessions, you can live happier, healthier and with less ‘stuff’. 

When it comes to your bathroom, it is fairly easy to perform a bathroom renovation with minimalism in mind, as you don’t have to be overly exuberant in your choice of decor, lighting fixtures, bathroom appliances and so on. When renovating your bathroom, be conscious not to fill all the empty spaces with soap holders, mirrors, pictures or other trinkets and trappings of overexuberant design. 

Choosing a minimalist look in your bathroom can be achieved when doing a bathroom renovation by understanding that less is more: more space, more light bouncing around the room, better functionality and an overall more relaxing and peaceful vibe in a space that should be all about getting away from the world for a few minutes.

The Benefits of Minimalism 

Adopting a minimalist approach to interior design can be tricky, especially across a busy household filled with children or other adults who seem to be a ‘thing’ magnet. Companies like Wish and Amazon have made it almost too easy to buy and receive things nearly immediately, making minimalism difficult to achieve. 

Minimalism must be a mindset you adopt and persist with continuously. Consider what you want to get out of your new bathroom during a bathroom renovation with minimalism in mind. Simplicity is the key to a minimalist bathroom renovation. 

Minimalism in the bathroom also reduces the time it takes to clean the space, as there are fewer individual items to wipe down. Fewer things in a room also mean less clutter, offering a greater feeling of zen, a highly desirable trait in a bathroom.

Simplicity in Design 

Minimalist bathroom designs offer great simplicity, little flourish and flair, and more practicality and utility. They favour clean design lines – such as straight tiling and straight-edge vanity countertops with hard lines and a simple showerhead or bathtub without much by way of complex fixtures. 

Typical minimalist bathrooms include basic shapes using natural materials over synthetics, including repurposing materials. Colour palettes in minimalist bathrooms tend to be neutral and lacking in exuberance. Think greys, cream whites with brass fittings or forest green walls with granite countertops.

Decluttering and Organisation 

One of the main draws of minimalism is that it provides an opportunity to declutter and organise your bathroom. When adopting minimalism in the bathroom, efficient storage spaces are key. Keep the vanity clear of unnecessary items like extra (unopened) soap bars, and avoid storing things atop cupboards or leaving towels lying around. 

Using a small laundry hamper for dirty towels tucked neatly in a corner is a good idea. Organise your cupboards by keeping things together like clean towels, face cloths, or bath mats. Ensure you keep your toiletries in a separate drawer or a cabinet beneath your vanity. 

Plan efficient storage into your bathroom renovation to maximise open space and clean countertops. A monthly audit of what you have in the bathroom cupboards is a great way to minimise clutter and efficient organisation.

Selecting Functional Fixtures 

In a small, minimalist-style bathroom, space-saving and functionality are key. When selecting fixtures for your bathroom, consider how you’ll navigate your space. Where will you turn to use certain things? Would a wall-mounted cupboard system above the vanity, with a minimalist mirror in between and simple light, be a better use of space than a large, sprawling vanity? 

Consider making your shower space small with recessed shelving to make better use of the space with simple tiling that’s straight and simple in its colour pattern. You could incorporate technology into the functionality of your sink by choosing a motion-activated tap rather than having large taps that you turn on and off manually. 

A few minor considerations during your bathroom renovation can offer fantastic functionality without sacrificing space.

Natural and Sustainable Materials 

Using natural materials during your bathroom renovation is a fantastic way to increase the longevity of your bathroom by creating a sense of connectedness to the earth. Using stone wall tiles or real wood during the construction of the vanity or cupboards, rather than synthetics. These materials tend to be waterproof and generally more durable. 

Using warm wood tones will help add to a sense of calm. Combine that with soft, warm lighting fixtures to create a relaxing ambience.

Minimalist Lighting

Minimal lighting means thinking small during your bathroom renovations. Decide on a simple over-sink lighting fixture, perhaps a spot-light system in the ceiling over the shower or bathtub area, combined with another one over the sink featuring bright, warm bulbs.

Additionally, you could add motion-sensor dimmable switches to maximise lighting flexibility and dim or increase the luminosity to match your daily mood. Motion sensor switches also allow you to save money by not having to remember (or constantly ask your kids) to turn off the bathroom light. 

When doing any electrical work, find an electrician licensed for bathroom renovations in Sydney.

Texture and Contrast 

Using contrast in colour palettes and creating textures using natural stone materials is a fantastic way to add visual space to a minimalist bathroom without increasing square footage. Renovating bathrooms in Sydney allows you to use natural light to create contrast between shadows and bright spots. Consider using skylights or large windows to take advantage of Sydney’s nearly 2,600 peak hours of sunlight per year. 

Maintenance and Cleaning 

One of the main benefits of having a minimalist bathroom space is that maintenance and cleaning become simple and quick. You can easily vacuum, mop and wipe down a small, minimalist bathroom space in under an hour. As things are stored efficiently, and the space is kept pristine by dutifully putting things away where they belong, there is less cleaning to be done regularly.

Final Thoughts

If you want to ‘go small’ with your next bathroom renovation, consider adhering to minimalist principles by using less space, having less stuff and minimising clutter and mess. You may not need to expand your bathroom space if you can come up with a minimalist design, or you may have the square footage to fit two bathrooms into one house if your bathroom renovations include a minimalist second bathroom aside from your master bathroom. 

When doing bathroom renovations in Sydney, always run your plans by licensed professionals like those at Crystal Bathrooms. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff would be happy to set up an initial consultation to discuss your minimalist bathroom design, allowing you to live in a space where “less” really is “more.”

Renovating a bathroom is exciting! Whether you’re tearing down an older-style bathroom and replacing all of the plumbing like toilets, showers, bathtubs and sinks, or are just doing some simple touch-ups to a previous bathroom renovation job. Or perhaps you’ve decided that renovating your bathroom is a great first step to rejuvenating your entire home.

To have a functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom space, you’ll want to update your bathroom fixtures to improve their functionality or add different technology to make your water usage more efficient. But when is the right time to do bathroom renovations? Let’s take a look at the importance of having a functional and good-looking bathroom space and the best time to start renovating your bathroom.

Signs That Your Bathroom Needs Renovation 

Homeowners often put off bathroom renovations as they don’t have time or the funds to do so, or their bathroom doesn’t look “that bad.” However, there are a few key signs that it may be time to bite the bullet and start your bathroom renovation in Sydney. 

The Aesthetics No Longer Match Your Vision 

Sometimes, new homeowners will put up with a colour on a bathroom wall or the way that the vanity is small and box-like with a small sink. Or, they’d like a larger cupboard for towels and toiletries but don’t want to deal with the hassle of going through bathroom renovations. One of the key signs that you need to renovate your bathroom is when you just can’t stand certain things anymore. If the colour of the walls, or the fact that there is wallpaper, is starting to get on your nerves, it’s time for a change. 

Things Are Starting to Break 

This may be particularly true if you’ve bought an older home, but you should definitely commence bathroom renovations if things are starting to break in your bathroom. Whether that’s if the bathtub is starting to peel, or flecks of paint are starting to come off the taps, or the ceiling fan isn’t doing as well at absorbing moisture, causing your ‘real wood’ cabinetry to become damp and smell of mould.

If you’re noticing that things are starting to break or lose their original aesthetic appeal because of their age or environmental factors, it’s time for those items to go! Newer items with longer lifespans can replace these during your bathroom renovation. 

Failing Appliances 

Maybe you’re noticing that your showerhead isn’t spraying at the same rate it once did, or there’s a near-constant ‘drip, drip, drip’ sound after the shower has been turned off, despite your best efforts with plumbing tape. Perhaps that rickety old exhaust fan is just too loud when you’re trying to enjoy the peace of a shower, away from the usual day-to-day rumblings of the household. 

If you notice certain appliances are failing, it’s time for a bathroom renovation.

Functional Considerations 

Speaking of functionality, it’s one of the primary reasons people change anything in their home to get better use out of the space. This is true of the bathroom as well. Perhaps your bathroom is small, and you have to settle for using an overhead shower in a small bathtub rather than a walk-in shower you’d really like. 

One functional consideration that families and individuals need to make as they get older is the accessibility of a space. During a bathroom renovation, you may want to include a walk-in/roll-in shower so that individuals in wheelchairs can use them if you have a family member in a wheelchair who sometimes visits. Other accessibility considerations are low-rise toilet seats or lower-than-usual vanity countertops for the same reason. Building accessibility into your bathroom renovations shows a level of planning for the future and considering the present if you have a disabled family member or friend.

Aesthetic Updates and Trends 

As the saying goes, “Out with the old, in with the new!” Keeping up with the aesthetic trends in a bathroom space and replacing older styles with newer ones is as good a reason as any to do a bathroom renovation! These can include installing a window in the bathroom to let in more natural light in combination with an all-white look. 

Other aesthetic updates could include the use of metal cabinetry and granite or marble countertops rather than traditional lumber cabinetry and perhaps old vinyl coverings for vanity counters. Additionally, waterproof vinyl flooring works fantastically well and comes in a variety of wood-like patterns, replacing old and ragged linoleum floor. If you’re starting your linoleum cracking or peeling, then it’s time to add flooring to the bathroom renovation to-do list.

Budget & Financial Preparedness

When planning any renovation, you must ensure that you have the budget to see things through. You don’t want to run out of money and need to stop halfway through! When planning your bathroom renovation in Sydney, consider the following: 

How Much Money You Have 

Create a realistic picture of your available funds and how they’ll be used during the bathroom renovation. This should be as detailed as possible and map out where nearly every penny will be spent. However, if you plan on hiring a Sydney bathroom renovation company to do the work for you, include their total estimate for the work you want done and a windfall for material cost increases. 

Do You Need to Buy Brand New? 

With online shopping, it’s fairly easy to find like-new materials cheaply. Whether you’re shopping in the IKEA Clearance section or Facebook Marketplace, desirable cabinetry, sinks, bathtubs, and even bathroom floor tiling can be found at a significant discount. If you’re satisfied with not buying brand new and are trying to save money, then buying used is a great option. 

All in all, setting a realistic budget for your bathroom renovation is essential to planning the project. You’ll need to consult with the firm conducting the renovation at every stage of the financial planning process to see if they can work within your budget.

Seasonal Considerations 

No, we aren’t talking about cold weather climates causing freezing waterpipes but rather planning your bathroom renovation to coincide with seasonal promotions on material costs. Or avoiding peak construction times (summer and autumn) to avoid having difficulties finding a bathroom renovation licensed contractor in Sydney. If you’re not in a rush, it might behove you to wait until the off-season for your bathroom renovation.

Planning and Permits 

Many Sydney bathroom renovations will not need a building permit, providing they are only aesthetic changes. However, some changes will require building permits that can be obtained through the Department of Planning, mainly structural changes. For example, if you’re going to knocking down a wall to expand your bathroom space, you’ll need to ensure that your bathroom renovation company has acquired the necessary building permits.

You’ll also want to ensure that a licensed and reputable plumber does any plumbing work. 

Expert Consultation 

Before you begin any major bathroom renovations, you’ll need to consult with bathroom renovation experts and contractors for their advice and input on your bathroom renovation plans. This will provide you with insights into problems that may arise that you hadn’t thought of or alternative options for materials that you hadn’t considered. 

In any case, consultation with professionals with years of experience renovating bathrooms is always a good idea for your first bathroom renovation.

Impact on Daily Life 

One of the lesser-talked-about things that happens during a bathroom renovation is that your bathroom becomes an unusable space that may even be hazardous to brush your teeth in, depending on the scale of the bathroom renovation. 

Plan for this! See if you can use a family member, friend or neighbour’s bathroom space for the duration of the renovation. Ensure that all of your toothbrushes, toothpaste, and any other exposed items (like towels) are covered or packed away for the duration of the dirtiest parts of the renovations.

Having any renovations done on your home will impact your daily routine; simply expect this (temporary) interruption and plan accordingly. 

Final Thoughts

Deciding to do a bathroom renovation can be a tricky thing to plan for, as there is so much to consider. But, with careful forethought given to every aspect, including finding the properly licensed bathroom renovation professionals, you’ll have a new bathroom that’s shiny, modern and exactly as you want it.  

If you’ve been pacing the bathroom floor, trying to decide what to do about that awful wallpaper, those dated cabinets or that peeling bathtub, give Crystal Bathrooms a call and set up an initial consultation. After that, we can discuss your bathroom renovation options and start giving you the bathroom of your dreams.

2023 has been a big year in the re-modernisation of personal space, not more so than in the humble bathroom. Bathrooms are a place of escape from the hustle and bustle of home, the screaming children or the moody teenager. Modernising your bathroom space could be a part of your next bathroom renovation

If you’re focused on creating a luxurious retreat that’s a relaxing and quiet space within the home but need help with the particulars, this article is for you! We’ll explore how best to create a spa-like ambience in your bathroom and how you might choose to make your next round of bathroom renovations ‘chill vibes only’, with a built-in flair for modern shapes, designs and fixtures.

2023 Bathroom Design Trends Overview 

To give you some insight into how you can live in the lap of luxury in your own bathroom, here are some 2023 design trends to incorporate into your bathroom renovation.

Tile, Nothing But Tile

While tiles have always been a popular inclusion in any bathroom space for their waterproofing attributes, intricate designs, and variety of colour patterns that fit almost any colour scheme, 2023 was the year of floor-to-ceiling tiles. Tile designs this year encapsulated the entire bathroom space, sometimes transitioning from large-sized floor tiles to long-edge shower tiling and then to small wall tiling. 

2023 was the year of the tile. Combine this flooring and wall choice with a gorgeous walk-in shower to begin feeling more luxurious in your home. When renovating your bathroom and using tile, it’s important to consider tile sizing as well as pattern and colour scheme with the rest of the room’s decor. Also, consider that not all tile is created equal, it is however a fantastic option if you’re installing a walk-in shower as part of your bathroom renovations.

Wood is Warm & Trendy 

One of the most important additions to any new bathroom renovation is the addition of real or faux wood. While real wood can be heavy when applied to large bathroom closets or cabinetry, having some sliding wooden doors on your sub-vanity cupboards or small in-vanity wood cubby holes is never a bad idea. Wood tends to warm a space and blends perfectly with many different tiling colours. 

A Place of Relaxation 

Bathrooms have traditionally been one of the few rooms in the home where you can be alone with your thoughts. Or a magazine, if you prefer. In 2023, bathrooms are all about shutting yourself off from the world outside and relaxing. Whether in a hot bath or shower, or the simplicity of an uninterrupted morning routine. To this end, your 2023 bathroom renovation could include candles, motion-activated soft music, plants to oxygenate the space, and plenty of natural light to give you a ‘grounding’ effect, bringing you closer to nature and a sense of internal peace.

A Soothing Colour Palette 

One design trend that’s lent itself well to relaxation is the colour palettes of 2023 bathrooms. Blues, greens, whites and a stained wood vanity. We’re talking light blue wall paint, coupled with a gorgeous white granite sink and vanity countertop, who’s cupboards are made from lightly stained maple, cherry or oak. 

Other light, bright and airy colour palettes are desired this year, as they provide a sense of softness and relaxation. Soothing, light tones combined with unharsh furnishings and plenty of natural light (meaning medium-sized windows with frosted glass, or traditional glazing with white or light green or blue curtains.

Natural & Sustainable Materials 

While some may of the word ‘sustainable’ as a buzzword, it has become anything but in the design world; it’s become a staple. It is a necessity and, thus, a central point in almost any bathroom renovation. Using natural materials like real wood, granite, marble, or stone can play a huge role in incorporating a touch of nature into your new Sydney bathroom renovation. Equally, incorporating natural light into the space through appropriate windows is another natural-world addition necessary for any modern bathroom. 

Sustainability also means using reclaimed wood or effectively re-using old things during bathroom renovations. This could mean scouring the internet for old wooden cabinetry or an old (but restorable) claw-foot bathtub, just like the one you’ve always dreamed of. Similarly, using bamboo in your construction process (to build things like sink vanities), or even in basic toiletry items like toilet paper is a fantastic way to keep things eco-friendly and sustainable.

Open & Airy Layouts 

Gone are the days of harsh lines and cut-offs in a bathroom space. The open-concept living room/kitchen has migrated to the open-concept bathroom. Minimalism and lines are the keywords here. Minimalistic fixtures, sometimes incorporating smart technology, along with glass partitions, can help give the illusion of an open-concept bathroom with more space than is in the room. Consider how open you’d like your bathroom to be during your bathroom renovation. 

Statement Bathtubs & Showers 

The bathtub or shower is a centrepiece of any bathroom. You may want your bathtub or shower to make a statement like “Here lies relaxation.” This could mean an antique clawfoot bathtub, deep enough to swallow you whole on difficult days, or a large walk-in shower with recessed shelving and comfortable seating, perfect for a long shower when all you need is peace. 

Choosing large bathtubs with minimal fancy with the taps and faucets or a walk-in shower with a large showerhead with an adjustable flow rate is a great way to save money on your water bill and incorporate a relaxing flow to your shower. Consider making your bathroom renovation all about how that gorgeous tub or spacious shower will take it’s place.

Smart Technology Integration 

The future has been here for several years now, and smart technology is merely an integration of computer-aided processes in our everyday lives. However, you may not consider your bathroom the ideal place for smart tech. Well, you’d be wrong. Many modern bathrooms will incorporate some version or another of smart-technology. 

This could be motion-sensor lights on dimmer switches controlled via your phone at a basic level. Other, more complicated introductions of smart tech into the bathroom space include smart mirrors, which can provide live weather and traffic updates for your morning routine, or waterproof sound systems that can play relaxing music during your bath. These smart-systems can even be included in your shower to improve water conservation. Despite these systems’ outlandishness, they make your life easier and are priced accordingly. 

Consider spending more money upfront on your bathroom renovation to save money later!

Lighting & Ambience 

One of the most important aspects of any bathroom renovation is how your bathroom will be lit. While introducing plenty of natural lighting with large windows is important, creating a luxurious bathroom retreat means grand lighting solutions like chandeliers or large over-mirror lighting. Your whole bathroom can be wired on dimmer switches with warm LED lights to both save money on your electric bill and have a sense of control over how bright or dim you want your light. 

With the integration of smart technology, these can be controlled from your phone in situ or pre-set before entering the deep clawfoot bathtub’s fresh, warm water. When dealing with electronics in the bathroom, always have your electronic devices installed by licensed electricians who help with bathroom renovations in Sydney. 

Wellness-Focused Design 

Bathrooms are where we go to relax. Design companies know this and thus, have created products that help us better relax and ‘be well’ within our bathroom spaces. Consider incorporating steam showers, in-floor heating and aromatherapy techniques in your next bathroom design.
Stepping onto an already heated floor maintains your blood pressure and heart rate at a calm level, immediately relaxing your whole bathroom experience. Similarly, steam showers are fantastic at clearing out blocked pores and sinuses by creating a sauna-like experience.

Start Your Luxury Living in The Bathroom 

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate luxury into your bathroom renovation, ask how Crystal Bathrooms can help make your newest renovated bathroom the most luxurious space. Filled with design ideas, years of renovation experience and a desire to bring you the best bathroom renovation possible, our staff will help you book a consultation with our bathroom renovation experts to start the process. Contact us today!

Gradual leaks can occur in your home’s plumbing system at almost any time, although they tend to have been undetected for days, weeks, or even months. These leaks can occur anywhere in your home but are most commonly located in a pipe, valve, gutter, fitting or appliance. 

The most unfortunate thing about gradual leaks is that they are often subtle, leaving damage in their wake that goes undetected and can cause catastrophic damage to other areas of your home as water can trickle from piping behind drywall, wood, under the kitchen sink and cause significant structural or appliance damage.

When renovating your bathroom, you must ensure that any mould present in the bathroom has been properly removed (sometimes by a professional) before any bathroom renovation can proceed. If you don’t, the mould will continue to grow behind the scenes, negating any positive impacts felt by doing the bathroom renovation.

How To Tell If You Have a Gradual Leak?

If you think you may have a gradual leak in one or more areas of your home, here are a few key indicators:


You may first notice a faint (or prominent) smell of dampness or mould. Mould smells differently depending on the mould type, although you may initially smell a musty scent, like decaying wood or wet socks. If you notice this smell becoming more prominent, it’s time to look for visual clues.

Visual Clues

There are definite visual clues to mould growth. This includes discolouration of the surface on which the mould is growing. Pipe leaks often occur behind or underneath the surface on which mould is present. This can include the growth of green, yellow, brown or black spores on the surface. At this stage, mould will likely have become hazardous to your health and you will need to call in mould removal experts.

Financial Clues

Another clue that you may have a gradual leak is subtle changes in your water bills. If you’re noticing additional charges on top of your monthly water bill, you may have a gradual leak in your pipes, using more water than normal. If you’ve noticed these changes happening repeatedly for a few months, the previous few months were relatively similar, you may have a gradual leak. These financial hits may further encourage the decision for a full bathroom renovation.

Where Might You Find a Gradual Leak?

If you’re fortunate enough to have noticed the signs of a gradual leak, you’ll need to locate exactly where the leak is before you can call a mould removal expert to remove it. Gradual leaks sometimes occur at the apex of a pipe and fitting or at the apex of a ‘T’ pipe, where joints installed by a plumber have weakened or loosened over time due to old piping or poor fitting installation. If you want to install new piping as part of your bathroom renovation in Sydney, this may fix your pipe leaks and mould problems.

Does a Gradual Leak Require a Complete Bathroom Renovation?

Generally, gradual leaks can be fixed by re-plumbing the existing appliances. However, this may depend on the damage the leak has already done to your bathroom. If your bathroom floor beneath a leaky bathtub or shower has become spongy and soft, it may be time to rip it out as part of a bathroom renovation.

Or, if you notice that your walls are starting to smell funky, you may have a leak in the pipe behind your drywall. This may have gone undetected for several weeks or even months, so you may need to replace the entire sheet of drywall along with the piping. 

The worst thing about gradual leaks is that they can cause subtle damage that may require major bathroom renovations from licensed Sydney bathroom renovation professionals. 

If you’re noticing that your bathroom is dealing with persistent leaks and subsequent mould problems, it may be time to stop putting off that bathroom renovation and stop those leaks!

What Might You Need to Renovate to Stop Gradual Leaks?

When it comes to addressing gradual leaks in your bathroom, one of the key considerations is what, if anything, you need to replace. Let’s take a look at a few options and how Crystal Bathrooms can help.

Replace a Shower Unit or an old Bathtub

What might need to be renovated in your bathroom largely depends on where your gradual leak comes from. If you notice that your old bathtub is leaking or there’s mould behind the shower’s waterpipe, it may be time to tear out the old shower or bathtub and replace it with that shower/bathtub combo you’ve been eyeing for years!

How Can Crystal Bathrooms Help

In this case, Crystal Bathrooms will work with you to choose a gorgeous new shower, complete with tiling over the old wooden flooring or old-style, cheap linoleum. Brand new tiling with properly sealed grout can go a long way to sealing the floor of your shower from leaks. Combine this with brand-new plumbing and your shower will leak no more and will look gorgeous!

We can also help install a standalone bathtub like that gorgeous old clawfoot tub you see in your interior design dreams. Our bathroom renovation professionals can help you secure the area around your bathtub with brand-new flooring that’s waterproof (if not secured tile) to stop water from leaking between the seams.

Replace That Leaking Sink!

A leaky sink unit causing mould growth and wood decay to the vanity that came with the house can be another reason to renovate your bathroom and install a gorgeous new vanity with modern finishings and plumbing fittings.

How Can Crystal Bathrooms Help

If you’re experiencing a leaking sink that’s old and really should be replaced anyway, Crystal Bathrooms can help you tear that old sink out and replace it with a brand new sink and vanity. Metal sinks offer a new, industrial and more modern alternative to the traditional basin and wooden vanity. We can also help with bathroom renovations, including whole-vanity replacements, providing real wood alternatives that are varnished for water repellency and waterproofness. 

Leaking Wall Pipes

One of the chief reasons for major bathroom renovations is leaking pipes. Leaking pipes behind a shower, underneath the floor (for those with heated floors), bath pipes that run underneath the bathtub or an L-joint that goes to the taps from the main water circulation pipes. These leaking wall pipes can often cause mould growth in the drywall and will cause the entire drywall sheet or multiple sheets of drywall to be replaced. 

How Can Crystal Bathrooms Help

Leaking wall pipes that transform into huge financial headaches requiring multiple sheets of drywall replacement or a whole floor replacement? While these are unexpected headaches, these are among our bathroom renovation specialties! We offer demolition services for the old bathroom hardware, and then we’ll work with you to bring you a brand new bathroom floor, wall, or new appliances that are perfectly plumbed and leak-free!

Crystal Bathrooms has been servicing bathroom renovations in Sydney for years. We have the experience, connections and catalogue to create the beautiful bathroom of your dreams, getting rid of leaky pipes in the process. Contact us today!

Congratulations on choosing to renovate your bathroom! Bathroom renovations can be among the trickiest to do, as you often deal with fixed plumbing like toilets and sinks that are more difficult to move around if you’re expanding your existing space. Space expansion isn’t the only reason to do a bathroom renovation. Sometimes you’re preparing for an elderly relative to move in and are making some accessibility changes. Other times, your bathroom is old and dated, and the fixtures and aesthetics need to be updated – particularly if you’ve just bought an older home. 

As part of this refresh, consider incorporating natural elements into your re-design. The phrase “nature provides” comes to mind. And in a bathroom setting, nature can provide plenty, from light to greenery to tone changes with certain green aesthetics. Introducing natural elements into the space will add to the tranquility and beauty of one of your home’s most private spaces. 

We are lucky to live in Australia, where natural beauty is abundant. The natural world that surrounds us – from sandy Fraser Island to the gorgeous greenery of the Blue Mountains, the stunning turquoise of Australia’s coastal waters, and the colour palette of the Great Barrier Reef. Drawing inspiration from Australia’s natural beauty is relatively easy. 

Natural Materials Selection 

Given Australia’s abundant natural beauty, incorporating natural materials in your bathroom renovation will provide you with a stunning colour palette and sharp (but attractive) contrasts between certain materials such as wood and stone. There are many readily-available, native, natural materials that you can (and should) incorporate when renovating your bathroom to provide a calming, serene aesthetic. 

Aside from the aesthetic options (which are bountiful), when selecting natural materials for your bathroom renovation, there is the durability of natural materials to consider. Unlike synthetic materials, natural materials have a cellulose structure. You’ve probably heard about cellulose as it relates to plant life. This is why bamboo, timbers, and other natural materials last much longer than their synthetic counterparts. 

Choosing natural materials will make your money go further and give your bathroom a calming, serene, and sensory aesthetic. Depending on your design preferences, you could choose a more modern look when renovating your bathroom, or you could incorporate natural materials in a more rustic way.

Stone Accents and Tiles 

Of course, bathroom tiling is one of the most popular ways to floor your bathroom or use on your shower walls. Certain types of stone and masonry add elegance and opulence to your bathroom renovation, such as gorgeous smooth marble or granite. A marble or granite look is typically white (but can be any colour), which adds a huge amount of light (capitalising on the natural light coming in from windows), so it is a good choice if you’re looking to brighten up the space. 

But it’s not just the bright, light (and possibly very expensive) granite and marble that can add a natural feel. Other stone, such as brushed limestone, provides a gorgeous aesthetic option for your shower walls if you want to add a different feel – like a waterfall shower with stone surroundings. Using this as tiling in the shower is the best use for it. A smoother stone, such as polished slate, could be an option for flooring.

Wooden Elements for Warmth

Just like the gorgeous heat of a woodfire, utilising wood in your bathroom provides warm tones. Using bright natural wood such as birch, pine, or white/red oak for vanity or wall cabinetry, perhaps brushed with a waterproofing lacquer, will provide a welcoming warmth to your bathroom. It can nicely contrast with harsher stone floors or wall tiles. 

Short of spending additional funds on waterproofing wooden surfaces after the fact, you can also choose naturally waterproof wood, including maple, oak, Western Red cedar, Iroko, or cherry. Unfortunately, many native Australian timbers aren’t waterproof, so you may need to pay more for imported timbers from elsewhere or choose to apply a waterproof lacquer after installation.

Greenery and Plants

No natural space is complete without a few plants or greenery! After all, what’s more natural than the flowers and plants that grow without human interference? Adding greenery and plants into the space will improve air quality and give a greater connection with nature. 

When choosing a bathroom-based plant, you likely want something low-maintenance that can be watered simply by the shower mist. You also don’t want something particularly large unless you can accommodate a large potted plant. However, the larger the plant (and pot), the more water it will need. Consider smaller, low-maintenance options like ferns, peace lilies, or snake plants. Bonsai trees are also a great low-maintenance option.

Natural Lighting & Views

One of the most important elements in a bathroom is light! Whether you have a skylight or a large window, providing natural light in a bathroom is the best way to brighten up the space, add to the aesthetic appeal, and be good for your plants and other natural elements.

Additionally, larger windows to provide a pleasing view (perhaps while soaking in the bathtub) is a wonderful way to let light in if you have a view to look out on. If not, then plenty of smaller windows (or even skylight windows) are the best option. The goal is to brighten up the bathroom as much as possible.

Balancing Nature and Modernity 

People sometimes believe that nature and modernity clash and it’s a zero-sum game of one or the other. This is not always the case. Finding a balance of the natural world and modern aesthetics is one of the great challenges of bathroom renovations and home renovations more broadly. Striking a balance is key in a space that provides calm in chaos and seclusion, functionality, and convenience. 

Your smart shower, sensor-based faucet, or brass fixtures on cupboard doors and square or rectangular mirrors can perfectly complement your plants and stone tiling on the shower wall. Choosing tones that match when it comes to modern light fixtures with natural wood walls or vanities, warm wood colours, such as those mentioned above, tend to go best with warm lighting rather than harsh LEDs. 

At Crystal Bathrooms, we’ll use nature as our muse, as your premiere bathroom renovations company will make the sometimes overwhelming process flow much more smoothly. With years of experience in any type of bathroom space, Crystal Bathrooms is one of the few companies conducting licensed bathroom renovations in Sydney.

No bathroom renovation is complete without a new mirror. They’re far more than reflective surfaces. They can be a statement piece in the bathroom and the mainstay of your bathroom vanity. They reflect light and can add to the overall lighting of the space if positioned correctly.

Not to mention many modern mirrors offer new features such as fog resistance and smart features that can be utilised with a smart home. Here are some considerations if you’re looking to modernise your humble bathroom mirror as part of a bathroom renovation in Sydney.

Consider the Bathroom Size & Layout 

When choosing your new bathroom mirror, you’ll need to consider your bathroom’s size and layout. You don’t want to dwarf a small bathroom by having an oversized mirror, as the mirror then dominates the room. Equally, you don’t want a large bathroom with a small mirror, as the mirror becomes an insignificant part of a large space. The sizes should be roughly proportionate. 

Best design practices indicate that your bathroom mirror should be no more than 2 to 4 inches wider than the vanity it hangs over and no more than 30 inches tall. However, depending on how you’re conducting your bathroom renovation (and if you’re expanding your bathroom), you may also want a larger stand-up mirror in a corner in addition to your over-vanity mirror. 

Choosing your vanity mirror or any additional mirrors, considering the bathroom’s size and layout, is a great first step in any mirror-centric bathroom renovation

Functional Considerations 

A mirror is a mirror is a mirror, right? Well, not always. A mirror should, above all, be functional. While reflections are its primary function, sometimes mirrors perform that function better when placed in specific locations or under specific lighting. For example, an over-mirror vanity that reflects the background of a toilet might not be the most aesthetically pleasing. In contrast, a mirror that reflects gorgeous stone tiling would be far easier on the eye. 

Mirrors shouldn’t be placed near harsh light sources, nor too high on the walls to avoid glare from the ceiling lights. Mirrors are most commonly found above a bathroom vanity for a reason – it’s where people are most likely to look at themselves and use the mirror to perform functions like facial care and teeth-brushing. 

Choosing the right place for your mirror is critical in getting the most functionality out of your investment.

Reflecting Natural Light 

Natural light plays a huge role in any bathroom renovation, whether you’re replacing your windows or not. One of the roles that a mirror plays in a bathroom is to reflect natural light around the room subtly. Positioning your mirror to achieve a subtle bouncing of light around the room is critical to using your windows properly. 

Ensuring that you place your mirror on the wall opposite a window will help increase the amount of light in your bathroom as the mirror reflects the light into the darkest corners of the room.

Style And Aesthetic Match 

A further consideration during your bathroom renovation is one of style and aesthetics. What type of bathroom do you want to have when you’re done? A modern, sleek look with steel cabinets and marble tiling, or a more wood-based look with oak, cherry, or pine vanity cabinetry? 

Alongside these aesthetic choices, you’ll want to consider how your new mirror will look in the space. Larger, three-pane mirrors and huge vanities were popular in bathrooms with a more antique style. If you’re considering putting in a clawfoot bathtub and going for a less-modern look, then a larger bathroom mirror is generally the right approach. 

However, more modern bathrooms have a streamlined mirror on the wall above the vanity and a stand-up mirror. Choosing a mirror frame that matches your style is equally as important!

Frame and Frameless Options 

Finding a framed or frameless mirror can make or break how your mirror will look inside the space. Frameless mirrors are lighter than framed ones and are a more modern, sleeker choice. If you have an unstressed wall (or aren’t screwing your mirror directly into some serious structural supports, then a frameless mirror is your best bet to maintain a sleek wall profile. 

However, a framed mirror is a wonderful option for a stand-alone, tall mirror on the floor or a smaller square or ovular mirror over the vanity that is screwed into the studs behind your plasterboard.

Fog-Resistant and Smart Mirrors 

Incorporating modern technology into mirrors is relatively new and not necessarily applicable if you’re going for a tech-free bathroom space. But if you want your bathroom renovation to include some smart tech and already have a smart shower system, why not also make your mirrors smart? 

Smart mirrors are designed to provide information you’ll need before the morning rush. Some smart mirrors can be programmed to broadcast TV wirelessly, although many provide key information such as weather reports, traffic updates, the date and time, and the daily news. You may enjoy these features as you shave or brush your teeth and get a head-start on the other daily commuters. 

Fog-resistant mirrors come in two types: a clear polyester film placed over the factory mirror to prevent condensation. Or, these mirrors have a mini heater that warms the glass to prevent water droplets from forming. While this isn’t essential in a bathroom, particularly if you have an exhaust fan or open the window once you’re done showering, if you don’t have bathroom windows included in your Sydney bathroom renovation, they’re a great option to reduce condensation and stop the potential growth of mould.

Budget Considerations 

When choosing a bathroom mirror, your budget needs to be accounted for. Generally speaking, the larger the mirror and/or the bigger the frame for the mirror (including the materials) will cost more than a smaller mirror. 

Those with no budget concerns can go as big and heavy as they like with whatever suits their aesthetic desires. However, those renovating their bathroom on a budget may consider a two-mirror combination, with a smaller mirror over the vanity and a standalone tall mirror on the floor. 

Whatever your aesthetic choices in the overall style of your space, choosing a bathroom mirror is a big deal! Let the professionals at Crystal Bathrooms help you with style choices and mirror placement and find you the perfect mirror for your new bathroom. With years of experience, our bathroom renovation professionals licensed for bathroom renovations in Sydney will hang your perfect mirror in just the right spot to provide warm, light, and optimal functionality.

When renovating a bathroom, incorporating classic design elements is strategic – it ensures the area remains visually captivating and functional for years to come. From a neutral colour palette to high-quality materials and classic fixtures, there are a few essentials you need to consider when you’re completing a bathroom renovation in Sydney. The following tips will help you get started.

Neutral Colour Palette

A neutral colour palette is a great way to start if you want to create a timeless bathroom. Whether crisp whites, soothing beiges, calming greys, or muted tones, neutral colours provide a serene and elegant atmosphere that transcends time. Choosing the right colours is essential to set the tone for the entire space. For example:

High-Quality Materials

Timeless bathroom renovations are designed to last, which is achieved through carefully selecting high-quality materials.

If you invest in durable materials, you can enjoy a bathroom that remains functional (and beautiful) for years, requiring minimal maintenance and ensuring long-lasting appeal.

Classic Bathroom Fixtures

The choice of bathroom fixtures is an opportunity to infuse the space with enduring sophistication. For example:

These classic fixtures serve as elegant focal points, setting the tone for the entire bathroom design.

Classic Tile Choices

Tiles are essential in your timeless bathroom renovation, and classic choices have plenty of appeal.

These classic tile choices remain visually captivating over time and allow you to explore various design directions.

Timeless Bathroom Accessories

Accessories play a crucial role in elevating the overall design of your bathroom. This could include:

Just to name a few. When choosing your timeless accessories, consider whether each piece will maintain its allure for years.

Emphasis on Functionality

A key characteristic of a timeless bathroom is practicality and functionality. And efficient layouts ensure the bathroom flows smoothly, so it’s easy to navigate and use. While plenty of storage solutions, such as built-in cabinets, floating shelves, or vanity drawers, keep the space organised and clutter-free. Additionally, accessible fixtures, like hand-held showers and adjustable-height showerheads, can accommodate users of all ages and abilities, making your bathroom more welcoming and inclusive.

By prioritising functionality when renovating bathroom features, you can create a space that not only impresses with its design but also enhances daily living, ensuring the space is ideal for residents and guests alike.

Classic Design Principles

There are three classic design principles you should consider when you start planning to enlist the help of bathroom renovations Sydney licensed professionals.

1. Balance ensures the elements in the space are well-proportioned and evenly distributed, creating a sense of equilibrium.

2. Symmetry adds a touch of formality and sophistication, giving the bathroom a balanced and composed feel.

3. Proper proportion ensures fixtures and materials are scaled appropriately, preventing any element from overpowering the overall design.

With these principles, you can achieve a bathroom that is inviting and visually appealing while also being well organised.

Timeless Design Styles

There are several practical and timeless design styles to consider for bathrooms in Sydney. For starters, traditional bathrooms embrace classic elements like ornate fixtures, intricate detailing, and rich materials, creating a sense of opulence and refinement. Transitional bathrooms blend traditional and contemporary elements, perfectly balancing old-world charm and modern sensibilities. And Vintage-inspired aesthetics transport the bathroom to a bygone era, with clawfoot bathtubs, antique fixtures, and vintage tile patterns exuding nostalgia and character.

Contact Crystal Bathrooms

Designing a timeless bathroom is an art that combines classic elements with thoughtful consideration of functionality and aesthetics. At Crystal Bathrooms, we understand the importance of timeless design, and our expert team is ready to help you craft a bathroom that will remain elegant and relevant for years to come. Contact the team today to discuss your bathroom renovation in Sydney.

Australia’s real estate has never been more competitive, and homeowners are desperate for ways to set their property aside from others when selling. Strategic bathroom renovations are one way many people upgrade their property, adding value and boosting appeal. Here’s what you need to know if you’re tossing up whether you need a bathroom renovation in Sydney.

Understanding Your Target Market

When planning a bathroom renovation in Sydney, it is crucial to understand the preferences and expectations of your target market. Every neighbourhood has unique demographics and preferences, and tailoring your renovation to cater to these specific tastes can make a difference in maximising your home’s market value.

To start with, you need to research the potential buyers. Take the time to identify the demographics in the local area – is it family oriented, retirees or young professionals? Next, consider what these buyers are looking for in a bathroom. Are they more likely to buy a property with a spa bath, a practical space for a busy family, or a modern design? You should also pay attention to the local trends. For example, if you’re in Sydney’s CBD, the trends might differ from Penrith.

You can start planning once you have a clear picture of your target market’s preferences and expectations.


Setting a budget is essential for a cost-effective renovation, and you want to ensure you allocate the funds wisely.

Prioritise the key areas most likely to appeal to buyers: your fittings and fixtures. Upgrading faucets, showerheads, and toilets can instantly modernise the space and elevate its appeal. Investing in high-quality fixtures enhances aesthetics and assures potential buyers of the bathroom’s functionality and longevity, making it a valuable selling point. 

Premium finishes are also crucial. Consider stylish vanities, elegant countertops, and tasteful tile choices that align with your target market’s preferences. Neutral colour palettes and elegant designs provide a canvas for buyers to imagine their personal touches. This creates a strong selling point for your property. 

Remember, splurging on unnecessary luxuries may do more harm than good. Gold plated taps might look stunning, but they’re difficult to keep clean in a family-based household. So, strike a balance and ensure you focus on liveability first. Finally, when deciding on your budget, account for any unexpected costs that may arise during the project. Having a contingency fund will help you navigate unforeseen challenges without compromising on the overall quality of the renovation.

Fixtures and Finishes

High-quality fixtures and finishes greatly impact a bathroom’s overall aesthetic and perceived value. Upgrades can enhance both the bathroom’s appeal and functionality. Here are some key recommendations to consider for your bathroom renovation:

Modern Faucets: Consider options with brushed nickel, chrome, or matte black finishes, as these popular choices exude elegance and style.

Luxurious Showerheads: Luxurious rain showerheads, multi-function handheld showerheads, or spa-inspired body jets can create a sense of indulgence and relaxation, appealing to buyers seeking a soothing retreat.

Stylish Toilets: Installing a modern, water-efficient toilet adds functionality and shows potential buyers that the bathroom is equipped with energy-efficient features.

Elegant Vanities: The vanity is a focal point of the bathroom, so invest in a stylish and well-crafted design, such as floating vanities or those with clean lines and plenty of storage space.

Countertops with Class: Granite, quartz, or marble surfaces offer a touch of luxury and are highly sought after by buyers.

Ambient Lighting: Consider incorporating soft, dimmable LED lighting for a spa-like feel, while also ensuring ample task lighting around the vanity and mirror area.

Reflective Mirrors: Mirrors serve a functional purpose and can make the bathroom appear more spacious and brighter.

Premium Tiles: Subway tiles, mosaic patterns, or large-format tiles are popular choices that can instantly modernise the space.

Stylish Hardware: Replace dated cabinet handles and drawer pulls with contemporary and stylish hardware. Even this small change can make a big difference.

Functional and Efficient Layout

A functional and efficient bathroom layout optimises space and traffic flow. Redesigning the bathroom layout, such as repositioning fixtures or creating separate bathing and vanity areas, can improve functionality and add value. For example:

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Energy-efficient and sustainable features are increasingly important in bathrooms in Sydney, and buyers often prioritise these when searching for great properties. Stay ahead of the market and include features such as:

Considerations for Maintenance and Durability

Choosing durable and easy-to-maintain materials and finishes can reduce future maintenance costs. Start by choosing durable materials known for their longevity, such as porcelain or ceramic tiles, which are resistant to stains, scratches, and wear. Consider low-maintenance tiles that are easy to clean and require minimal upkeep. And when choosing countertops, opt for materials resistant to stains and moisture damage, such as quartz or engineered stone.

Investing in high-quality grouts, such as epoxy grout, is crucial to ensure your tiles stay in good condition over the years; you want to ensure you seal the grout to protect them from moisture and stains. Waterproofing is also essential for preventing water damage and mould growth.

Crystal Bathrooms Can Help

Strategically renovating your bathroom can significantly increase your home’s resale value. With careful planning and execution, your bathroom renovation can be a profitable investment. If you have any concerns, questions or you want to book an appointment with our bathroom renovation licenced professionals in Sydney, get in touch today. Our bathroom renovation Sydney team will happily turn your vision into reality.

Before you begin your bathroom renovation journey, it’s a good idea to consider what your goals are for your renovation. Are you planning a full renovation or looking to simply improve functionality? Are you looking to radically alter the layout or simply improve the aesthetics? It’s a good idea to start by assessing your bathroom renovation goals and priorities. Finding clarity on your priorities will also help you correctly allocate your renovation budget

Areas to Splurge 

·       Fixtures and fittings

When it comes to fixtures and fittings, quality matters. If you opt to spend more on fixtures and fittings, you can invest in durable pieces that will last and provide you with improved functionality. It’s worth your money to splurge on showers, toilets, and faucets.

·       Materials and finishes

There are a lot of different ways to create a touch of luxury in your bathrooms in Sydney. One of the best ways to do that is with premium materials and finishes. It’s a good way to elevate the overall look, and you can do that by investing in premium tiles, countertops, and cabinetry. It doesn’t just benefit the overall aesthetic of the space, it also contributes to a longer-lasting renovation.

·       Special features and amenities

When it comes to bathrooms, there are certain features and amenities that enhance your experience and also help boost resale value. Heated flooring and towel warmers are two no-brainers if you are thinking about special features to enhance comfort and increase home value. Additionally, a spa-style bath is an attractive item for prospective buyers that you can enjoy in the meantime. A smart lighting system can also add to the spa experience. 

Areas to Save 

·       Cosmetic updates

There are plenty of ways you can save money on a bathroom renovation. The most obvious is to stick with your existing fixtures and fittings and opt for cosmetic updates. In addition to painting the space, you can refinish the cabinetry. There are also backsplash options you can use to give your bathroom a facelift. Depending on the flooring material, you may be able to buy special paint to give it an upgrade. Alternatively, there are plenty of peel-and-stick tiles that are far cheaper than brand-new flooring.

·       Simple DIY projects

There are a lot of limits when it comes to DIY projects in the bathroom. You can’t carry out any type of plumbing work, but you can paint, and install new taps, and that can give your bathroom a much-needed update without much cost.

If you aren’t sure whether you are permitted to carry out a specific task, you should consult with the local authority. It’s always a good idea to look into permits as well, but if you have a need for a permit, then you have a need for a professional like Crystal Bathrooms.

While you can replace light bulbs and light shades, you are not permitted to change light switches or fixtures – that’s a job for an electrician. Be sure you have the correct tools on hand for any job you undertake. For example, if you are painting, in addition to the paint, rollers, brushes, and paint tray, you will need masking tape, drop cloths, and plastic sheets to protect your fixtures and fittings.

·       Non-structural changes

You can save costs by reconfiguring the layout without the need for non-structural changes. If you can make layout changes without moving electrical elements or plumbing work, it is much cheaper because there is less need for additional expert work. However, in many cases, it’s difficult to reconfigure layouts without making those major changes. So, you may have to work hard, whether it’s on your own or with a designer, to make the existing layout work for you. 

Vertical storage, downsizing wet areas, and maximising wall spaces is the simplest way to maximise your space. The other benefit of this approach is the unforeseen cost of major structural modifications. There are often expensive issues that stand in the way of changes and you don’t uncover them until it’s too late to turn back. 

Expert Tips for Budget Management 

When you sit down and create your budget, factor absolutely everything into it. You also need to give yourself a contingency fund. You have to be prepared for additional costs that can’t be predicted. Additionally, you should seek multiple quotes from various contractors. 

Read reviews for all of them, have a discussion with each, and determine who best to move forward with. Whatever your budget, you should prioritise the essential upgrades first. If there are areas you consider less important, then you can spend less on those components to use more of the budget for the important items. 

How Crystal Bathrooms Can Help 

Are you thinking about bathroom renovations? Before you make any plans, seek out a bathroom renovations Sydney licensed specialist like Crystal Bathrooms. We employ a team of experts, from designers to contractors who will be with you every step of the way on your renovating bathroom journey. A Crystal Bathrooms designer can help you create the layout and aesthetic of your dreams and our expert team can put it all together. You can work with us every step of the way on your bathroom renovation in Sydney.

You begin your day in the bathroom and often end it there as well, so you deserve a space that truly reflects your style and meets your needs. If you are planning a bathroom renovation, there are many considerations before you start to transform your space. 

Assess your needs and set your goals 

The first step in any renovation is to assess your needs and set your goals. Start the process by evaluating your bathroom in its current state – 

– What are the biggest issues that stand out?
– Do you have storage issues?
– Are there problems with functionality?
– Is it merely an aesthetic improvement you need?

Identify the issues and consider what solutions will address them, use this to set your renovation goals. You have to be realistic with your bathroom renovation expectations, but it’s important to look at the big picture to determine what you need most. 

Planning & budgeting 

Design considerations

When it comes to design, there are a few big considerations to factor in. 

◦        Layout

◦        Overall style

◦        Fixtures and fittings

◦        Lighting

◦        Colour schemes

◦        Storage

 You will need to measure your space and speak to the experts but there are plenty of online design platforms that may spark inspiration, and you can create sample mood boards using platforms like Pinterest. It’s an excellent way to find inspiration, but also to create a variety of different looks to see which one fits your space and style best. 

Budgeting and cost estimation

When it comes to estimating costs and setting a budget for bathroom renovation in Sydney, you have to factor in the labour costs, as well as the cost of materials. The size of the space and the quality of materials you choose will all factor into your budget. 

There are plenty of ways to save on costs, from upgrading or repurposing existing fixtures to prioritising essential upgrades. You can go big on certain items and pull back elsewhere to make the budget work for you. For example, you may want to splurge on a spectacular shower and you can cut costs by opting for a basic bathtub. 

Hiring professionals or a DIY approach 

While there are some steps you can handle in terms of renovating bathrooms in Sydney, there are a lot of limitations as well. For example, you need a professional plumber to carry out much of the work because of plumbing regulations. Additionally, a professional has to handle all of the waterproofing and electrical work. So, unless you are making very basic aesthetic changes to your bathroom, you will need to hire professionals. 

Opting for professionals to handle the full renovation means you have their expertise and they are fully focused on completing your project while you may need to balance other responsibilities. Professionals are also prepared to handle any obstacles they may encounter. Whether you are looking for a plumber or an electrician, look for contractors who are skilled and members of the appropriate industry bodies. You can also read online reviews and ask for recommendations. 

Essential steps in a bathroom renovation 

·       Demolition and removal

If you are fully renovating your bathroom, then demolition is the first step. This is when a professional can make all the difference. Proper techniques are key here because plumbing fittings can be damaged if care isn’t taken. Additionally, there are safety precautions to take during work and waste disposal.

Removing all of the fixtures and fittings also must be done with care. Before you can carry out any removals and demolition, you need to turn the water off and drain standing water from faucets and toilets. You should also switch off any other power in the bathroom. To handle this stage safely you will need to wear goggles, long trousers, long sleeve shirt, gloves, boots, and a face mask. You will need a variety of tools, including plastic sheets, pliers, chisels, screwdrivers, hammers, utility knives, rags, and duct tape.

·       Plumbing and electrical considerations

Any electrical or plumbing work must be carried out by a professional, and it’s vital that you obtain permits if necessary. You can check with your local authority about what permits you need or discuss this with your contractor. If you do not have the correct permits, you can be fined or forced to remove your renovations.

·       Flooring, walls, and surfaces

When it comes to flooring, walls, and surfaces, waterproofing is an important factor to consider. You need to choose materials that are durable and moisture-resistant. However, your chosen material must also fit in with the overall aesthetic of your renovation. Waterproof panelling is a popular shower choice, but so are tiles.

·       Fixtures, fittings, and accessories

When you select your fixture and fittings, you have to think about the style of your renovation, but you also have to factor in your budget, preferences, needs, and functionality.

◦        Sink

◦        Toilet

◦        Shower

◦        Bathtub

◦        Vanity

·       Finishing touches and aesthetics

Don’t forget the little touches that pull your look together, from task, ambient and vanity lighting to mirrors, storage, and decorative touches like hand towels and art. 

Maintenance and care 

Stay on top of cleaning your newly renovated bathroom so it maintains that fresh new look. Regular cleaning also helps extend the lifespan of your fixtures and fittings. Just be sure to use cleaners that are compatible with the surfaces. You should also take steps to check the area regularly to spot any issues before they become major problems. 

How Crystal Bathrooms can help 

Are you thinking about renovating bathrooms? Enlist bathroom renovations Sydney licensed specialists to provide you with advice and guidance. Crystal Bathrooms can help you design the perfect bathroom renovation and carry out the work as well. Our team will be with you every step of the way, from the very start to the finish. 

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