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Bathroom Renovation Ideas For Hotel Apartments



Making renovations inside small apartment spaces is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In fact, you should learn to embrace the small spaces and learn how to work within them to come up with a renovation that will make the best use of the space. 

Bathroom renovations often come to mind when we think of utilising a small space to its fullest potential. Especially in a hotel or bachelor-sized apartments, the bathroom often isn’t very much bigger than around 1.5 square metres. These often come with walk-in, square showers and small sinks. Builders often choose to build up rather than out to accommodate the small space. 

When conducting your own commercial bathroom remodel, there are several things to bear in mind. Let’s go over some of those ideas for renovating a commercial bathroom.

Keep it Light & Bright

If you’re not working with much by way of space, then it’s important that you choose a light colour scheme for the paint. White or lighter shades create the illusion of space where little exists. Flat white is always a favourite for bathroom colour schemes and it works well. Also, consider your lighting. The more natural lighting you have, the bigger the space will seem.

Glass Shower Doors

Nothing breathes spaciousness like glass. It is imperative that you opt for a clear glass shower door. This approach will create another illusion of more space, as the glass acts as a sort of opaque visual extender for the room. It keeps the room much more open looking.


One of the most important things you can do to imaginarily increase your space is to add tile. Tiling the walls with smaller bathroom tiles will make the room appear bigger. You could also extend the tiling pattern into the shower to add depth. Choose lighter colour tiles and you’ll have the benefits of opening up the space naturally.

Big Mirrors

There’s a reason why mirror mazes seem like long corridors into nothingness: it’s because the mirror gives the optical illusion of elongation. That’s why having a big mirror on one wall, perhaps above the sink will not only dominate the space, but artificially elongate the wall upon which it sits.

Sliding Entry Doors

Your bathroom renovation doesn’t have to include the same old doors that everyone else uses. In fact, inward-swinging doors will shrink your space even further. Opt instead for sliding entry doors, similar to ones that you’d use on your closet in the bedroom.

Make The Shower Spacious

Even if you’re not working with much space for your walk-in shower cubicle, you can create space within that cubicle. You can either have hang-over shower shelves, or you can get creative and build a small shelf into the framing of the shower itself. Build little nooks into the recessed walls of the shower to create more shelving where it did not previously exist.

Go Compact

If you don’t have the space or do not prefer a walk-in shower to say, a bathtub, then it is important that you go compact. You might take inspiration from Japan, where small, circular bathtubs were and remain the order of the day.

Store Cleverly

You don’t always have to store items in bulky drawers or wall-mounted cabinets – consider other options when it comes to storage. Get creative with your towel racks and medicine cabinets – Pinterest or Instagram can sometimes provide just the right inspiration.

Regardless of what your hotel apartment renovations look like, bathroom renovations in Sydney require outside-of-the-box thinking and a long view of a small space. Plan it out well, and stick to lighter colours, smaller designs. The designers at Crystal Bathrooms are available to discuss your commercial bathroom renovation needs, give us a call today!

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