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Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Seniors



When you hit retirement, the last thing you want to think about is having to renovate your home. But it can make life a lot easier down the track. Whether you are planning to completely revamp your current bathroom, or you want some ideas for simple changes to make your space a lot more comfortable, here are some of our best suggestions: 

Full Renovation

No sharp edges: some bathroom basins and vanities have sharp corners that are purely there for decoration – which could become more of a hindrance than anything else as you age. Consider round edges instead to lessen the chance of bruising should you accidentally walk into the edge. 

Easy access: bathrooms are renowned for being the one space in the house that never has enough room – and as you get older, the need for more space may be essential. If you have a walking frame, you want to make sure there is plenty of space for you to move around, turn the frame and even sit down. Larger door frames may be necessary or include smaller amenities so there is more floor space. 

Walk-in shower: if you need to step up or down to get into the shower, this can play havoc on your knees – and it could even lead to falls if you forget the floor levels aren’t even. When renovating, make sure you level out the floor space so that you can walk safely into the shower. 

Higher toilet: Again, your knees play a huge role in your health as you age. In fact, in 2017-18 the number of knee replacement surgeries in Australia saw a 38% increase compared to 2005-06. Crouching too close to the floor when sitting on the toilet can be extremely painful, not only as you stand up, but also when you try to walk afterwards. By ensuring your toilet is higher, you’ll lessen the impact. 

Simple Replacements 

If you don’t want to knock anything out, the following could simply be added to your bathroom to make life easier: 

  • A permanent seat in the shower so you can sit to wash, rather than stand
  • Railings next to the toilet and in the shower so you have something to hold onto
  • Larger cabinet handles so they are easier to grab a hold of
  • Giant light switches so you can find them and turn them on easier, particularly in the dark – and you might even consider sensor lights so they automatically turn on when you enter the room
  • Brighter LED lighting to help you see everything clearer
  • Call buttons or panic alarms are also a great idea, allowing you to call someone if you fall or feel threatened.
  • Heated towel warmers so you always have nice warm towels. 

Depending on your health problems, you may also want to consider whether your home renovation is NDIS approved. This will allow you to get support from the Government’s scheme to help you pay for the modifications. 

How Crystal Bathrooms Can Help 

Having the right equipment and accessories in a bathroom does not only help with day-to-day grooming, but also give you more confidence. Don’t be afraid to admit when it’s time to make a change – it’ll be of great benefit to your health and mental wellbeing. 

If you’re looking for assistance with bathroom renovations in Sydney, the bathroom designers at Crystal Bathrooms are on hand to assist, starting with the right advice. We can come and look at your bathroom as it currently stands. Then we’ll give you great ideas on how we think it could be designed to make life more efficient for you. Get in touch today.

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