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Bathroom Renovation Ideas For Your Pub



When was the last time you overhauled your pub bathroom? Every aspect of your business is a reflection of you and the bathrooms are no different. Many customers will avoid certain establishments altogether if they don’t think the restrooms are up to scratch. So, in this competitive environment, it’s important to tackle necessary renovations. 

Before you can do anything, you need to generate ideas! Think about the area around you, and your building’s aesthetics. Fads fade so don’t choose trendy aesthetics that won’t stand the test of time. A bathroom renovation is an expensive investment, and you want it to maintain its look for years to come. Try to match the general design of it to the rest of your establishment. 

Layout, Functionality & Longevity 

You need a functional layout that will last. When you start changing layouts that require pipes, plumbing, and electrical work, the costs rise. So, ideally, you can make the current layout work for you. If you’re not sure how you can speak to a professional for advice. You want your renovation to last for at least a decade so, you have to get the layout right. Take a step back and take a helicopter view. Look at the space from every angle and think of how your customers use the bathroom. It’s a major part of the guest experience so, consider talking to guests for their opinions. 

For example, many guests prefer partitions or solid walls to separate toilets, as this enhances their perception of privacy and space. Additionally, these can be tiled to create a high-end finish, and it goes a long way to preventing graffiti as well. 

Cleanliness & Hygiene 

One of the biggest issues with commercial bathrooms is cleanliness. With so many people traipsing in and out throughout business hours, commercial bathrooms go through a lot. So, your commercial bathroom remodel is a perfect opportunity to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. 

Invest in rubbish bins that are big enough to hold waste. An overflowing bin gives customers the wrong impression, and it’s easy to avoid. Another bathroom issue that makes it look unclean is grout. When choosing grout for your tiles be sure to choose the right colour and type to prevent discolouration and staining. You have to think about the materials you choose as well as these can make cleaning harder for your team. The biggest issues are at joints and corners, where grime gets pushed with mops and brushes and builds up over time. You need to think about how difficult cleaning will be and how best to mitigate that. 

Colour Palette 

Neutral is always better, and that’s true for residential and commercial bathrooms. Try to keep a consistent colour palette throughout your establishment, big changes can be jarring. 

You can make a bigger splash with paint to incorporate colours as that’s something you can change easily in a few years. However, for flooring, partitions, and countertops, you want to be as neutral as possible so that your look stays timeless. You can also use art as a way to inject personality and colour into the bathroom space. Individual mirrors on the wall above your sinks can provide a warm feeling for homey pubs. Whereas, a continuous mirror can offer a modern feel for trendy businesses. 

Upgrade Fixtures & Fittings 

If you have a commercial bathroom remodel on your hands, you will need to make appropriate NDIS bathroom modifications. Crystal Bathrooms is approved for NDIS bathroom renovations and can advise you on how best to upgrade fixtures and fittings to meet the needs of customers with disabilities. At a minimum, you should look to add at least one disabled toilet, whether it’s a separate stall or a different room altogether. 

Now is a great time to explore your options with water-efficient options, from low-flow toilets and taps. Consider hands-free fixtures where possible to help prevent the spread of germs. Just remember, you want to pick fixtures and fittings that will stand up to constant use. 

How Crystal Bathrooms Can Help 

If you’re on a strict budget, you can still enhance the look of your bathrooms by upgrading taps, basins, toilets, and repainting. No matter the budget, there’s a solution that will work for you. 

We can work with you to ensure minimum disruption to your business, whether we work outside of your operating hours or work nights. Contact Crystal Bathrooms to discuss your options and get the ball rolling on your pub bathroom renovation.

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