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Bathroom Trend Predictions For 2023



There’s no doubt the bathroom has evolved from a purely functional area within the home to a space with a plethora of design potential. It is certainly one of the most used spaces and surprisingly design trends are evolving more rapidly in the bathroom than in any other space in the house. With a new year, only a few calendars flips away, Crystal Bathrooms is here to give you a sneak peek at what we predict will be some of the hottest bathroom design trends of 2023.

Colour, Colour and More Colour:

In 2023, the colour will continue to be interjected into the bathroom space. The colours we will see dominate next year come from both sides of the colour wheel with warm and cool tones. Whether you are looking to inject some colour by adding a feature wall with a colourful tile or stone, or adding some colourful decor or lighting, adding a pop of colour to your bathroom will add depth and character ultimately giving it the wow factor! 

Here are some of the main colours that will dominate bathroom renovations and design in 2023: 

  • Rich Earthy Hues – Sandy beiges, warm ochres and dusky browns – earthy tones are the timeless classic bathroom colour in 2023.
  • Peachy Pinks – Tones that combine warmth, light and visual space.
  • Seaside blues and Greens – Blues and sea greens will populate in 2023, in both rich or pastel shades, these will make you think of the ocean creating a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. 
  • White – Clean, fresh, timeless and always up to date, particularly a good option for smaller bathrooms. 

Tasteful Terrazzo Walls and Floors 

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind option, that is more interesting and textually warmer than ceramic tiles, then look no further than luscious terrazzo tiles. While the terrazzo tile has been around for decades, the beauty and textual quality of modern terrazzo have made it a very popular choice now and will continue to be in 2023. Made from a mixture of recycled glass and natural aggregates of marble, quartz and granite combined with resin or concrete base to make up a unique speckled look, it is regarded as one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly materials in the bathroom, we will see more and more people selecting terrazzo for their bathroom renovation next year.

Statement Tiles

Geometric pattern tiles and mosaics add a timeless yet modern quality to any space and will be a hallmark in 2023. Think hexagon, beehive, herringbone, chevron, triangle rectangle, literally the shapes and colours are endless. These tiles are often used to create a feature floor or a single feature wall and with the balance of your other bathroom tiles being a solid neutral colour, it will create a sense of harmony in your bathroom design and add a new level of dimension and interest to your space giving your bathroom the ultimate WOW factor. 

Curved Shower Screens – Curves in all the right places 

As crazy as this might sound, a single panel of glass half-rounded at the top makes for a stylish screen. This is one trend that will continue to grow and dominate in 2023. Whether it’s arched, curved or rounded, these shower screens are a stunningly subtle feature in the bathroom, without being too overwhelming. We will also see a rise in reed and fluted shower screens. These screens add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any bathroom. They also create some privacy and are more beautiful in person. Not to mention they are super easy to clean, as we all know how painful it is to clean a shower screen. 

Bathroom Lighting 

Bathroom lighting is incredibly important when it comes to creating a mood and ambience in the bathroom. Lighting is an element that is usually missed or not taken into account when designing and renovating a bathroom. Not only important for aesthetic reasons but also practical purposes. The trend for lighting next year is minimalist and linear lighting. These are a contemporary and sleek option most suited for vanity lightning. These delicate additions adorn and illuminate bathrooms and give the space an extra touch of sophistication and style.

Natural Stone

We are seeing a rise in many clients requesting to use natural stone in their bathroom renovations. A stunning stone like marble can set the tone for your space and give it that extra character it needs. Marble is one stone that is continually used in the bathroom time and time again. It has a natural warmth that delivers a refined element to any space, but it is also sleek, sophisticated and very versatile. It can make up shower walls, countertops, sinks and even the entire floor. One of the most significant statement pieces we will see in 2023 is a massive piece of stone used with a very heavy vein running through it. 

Today the principle of marble and other natural stones used in the bathroom is that it makes a bold statement of elegance and style. Another fact is that natural stone is both expensive and unique which means using marble or any other stone in your home almost automatically improves its resale value. 

Feeling inspired by some of the bathroom renovation trend predictions that we have listed above? Looking to make your bathroom dreams come true? Crystal Bathrooms is here to help. We will assist you with your full bathroom renovation, sitting down with you to design your bathroom, considering the latest trends, your needs and your budget. 

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