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Bathroom Vanity Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Pop



There are a few things that luxury bathrooms can’t live without, and the bathroom vanity is one of them. Bathrooms are all about relaxation and style, but they’re also about practicality. A well-designed vanity will make your bathroom both stylish and practical.

One of the most important reasons to prioritise your bathroom vanity is its usefulness. A vanity isn’t just about adding valuable storage space to your bathroom (although that’s important); it’s about giving yourself a well-lit, organised space that you can use to prepare for the day. You’re likely to use your bathroom vanity every single day, making it one of the most vital elements in your bathroom.

A bathroom vanity also gives you the opportunity to make your bathroom design pop. This might mean pairing a bold colour with neutral walls, opting for an elegant vanity that’ll tie your whole space together, or simply choosing a vanity that fits your personal style. Choosing the right vanity can bring your bathroom design full circle, so it’s always good to have a few bathroom vanity ideas up your sleeve to take your bathroom to the next level.

Here are a few bathroom vanity ideas to inspire your space.

Floating vanity

Choosing a bathroom vanity can really come down to your design aesthetic. A floating vanity tends to give your bathroom a clean and modern look. Because they’re only attached to the wall, these vanities give the illusion of floating without touching the floor. You could use the space under your vanity for a laundry hamper, or you could consider installing a second tier for towels and other bathroom essentials.

Floating vanities can be made from many different materials. Wooden vanities can give off a classic and contemporary feel, while stone like marble can bring a modern elegance to your space. Consider the colour and design of your walls, flooring and plumbing before choosing your floating vanity material.

Sit-down vanity

Some bathroom vanity ideas have us taking inspiration from the past. Vintage dressing tables always included an area for sitting and applying makeup or grooming. Bring this idea into modern times with a vanity that provides ample storage space on either side of a sitting area.

If you really want the wow-factor, try adding a velvet chair for the ultimate bathroom luxury. A bold colour like red or navy is sure to make your bathroom pop.

Stone vanity

Vanities made of stone can bring some serious luxury to your entire space. There’s tons of choice when it comes to stone vanities, so it’s all about choosing a vanity that complements the design of your bathroom. Some stone, like concrete, give off a matte appearance, which can bring a clean and crisp feeling to the room. Other stones have a shiny finish for a chic look.

For understated sophistication, try a granite vanity that’s bold yet simple. To bring the vibe of a five-star hotel into your home, choose a marble vanity that oozes elegance.

Vintage-style vanity

If your bathroom gives off an air of old-Hollywood glamour, a vintage vanity could be the right fit. Think painted timber surfaces, distressed drawers, and brass handles for timeless sophistication. Vintage-style vanities don’t necessarily need to be old; many modern vanities draw on vintage elements for pieces that are dripping with luxury and class.

Choose a French provincial vanity for a vintage feel that’s classically elegant. Opt for a vanity with intricate carvings and ball-in-claw feet for something that’s both luxurious and timeless. Either way, a vintage-style vanity can add glamour and charm to your luxury bathroom.

Deciding which bathroom vanity is right for you can seem overwhelming, but luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. Crystal Bathrooms has the expertise to help you choose the vanity that will complement your space and elevate your bathroom design.

For help designing the bathroom of your dreams, call on former Block contestants Michael and Carlene of Cedar & Suede. Specialising in confident and charismatic homes, they can assist in making your ideal bathroom a reality.

No matter what style vanity you would like in your newly renovated bathroom, Crystal Bathrooms can help. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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