When was the last time you overhauled your pub bathroom? Every aspect of your business is a reflection of you and the bathrooms are no different. Many customers will avoid certain establishments altogether if they don’t think the restrooms are up to scratch. So, in this competitive environment, it’s important to tackle necessary renovations. 

Before you can do anything, you need to generate ideas! Think about the area around you, and your building’s aesthetics. Fads fade so don’t choose trendy aesthetics that won’t stand the test of time. A bathroom renovation is an expensive investment, and you want it to maintain its look for years to come. Try to match the general design of it to the rest of your establishment. 

Layout, Functionality & Longevity 

You need a functional layout that will last. When you start changing layouts that require pipes, plumbing, and electrical work, the costs rise. So, ideally, you can make the current layout work for you. If you’re not sure how you can speak to a professional for advice. You want your renovation to last for at least a decade so, you have to get the layout right. Take a step back and take a helicopter view. Look at the space from every angle and think of how your customers use the bathroom. It’s a major part of the guest experience so, consider talking to guests for their opinions. 

For example, many guests prefer partitions or solid walls to separate toilets, as this enhances their perception of privacy and space. Additionally, these can be tiled to create a high-end finish, and it goes a long way to preventing graffiti as well. 

Cleanliness & Hygiene 

One of the biggest issues with commercial bathrooms is cleanliness. With so many people traipsing in and out throughout business hours, commercial bathrooms go through a lot. So, your commercial bathroom remodel is a perfect opportunity to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. 

Invest in rubbish bins that are big enough to hold waste. An overflowing bin gives customers the wrong impression, and it’s easy to avoid. Another bathroom issue that makes it look unclean is grout. When choosing grout for your tiles be sure to choose the right colour and type to prevent discolouration and staining. You have to think about the materials you choose as well as these can make cleaning harder for your team. The biggest issues are at joints and corners, where grime gets pushed with mops and brushes and builds up over time. You need to think about how difficult cleaning will be and how best to mitigate that. 

Colour Palette 

Neutral is always better, and that’s true for residential and commercial bathrooms. Try to keep a consistent colour palette throughout your establishment, big changes can be jarring. 

You can make a bigger splash with paint to incorporate colours as that’s something you can change easily in a few years. However, for flooring, partitions, and countertops, you want to be as neutral as possible so that your look stays timeless. You can also use art as a way to inject personality and colour into the bathroom space. Individual mirrors on the wall above your sinks can provide a warm feeling for homey pubs. Whereas, a continuous mirror can offer a modern feel for trendy businesses. 

Upgrade Fixtures & Fittings 

If you have a commercial bathroom remodel on your hands, you will need to make appropriate NDIS bathroom modifications. Crystal Bathrooms is approved for NDIS bathroom renovations and can advise you on how best to upgrade fixtures and fittings to meet the needs of customers with disabilities. At a minimum, you should look to add at least one disabled toilet, whether it’s a separate stall or a different room altogether. 

Now is a great time to explore your options with water-efficient options, from low-flow toilets and taps. Consider hands-free fixtures where possible to help prevent the spread of germs. Just remember, you want to pick fixtures and fittings that will stand up to constant use. 

How Crystal Bathrooms Can Help 

If you’re on a strict budget, you can still enhance the look of your bathrooms by upgrading taps, basins, toilets, and repainting. No matter the budget, there’s a solution that will work for you. 

We can work with you to ensure minimum disruption to your business, whether we work outside of your operating hours or work nights. Contact Crystal Bathrooms to discuss your options and get the ball rolling on your pub bathroom renovation.

Making renovations inside small apartment spaces is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In fact, you should learn to embrace the small spaces and learn how to work within them to come up with a renovation that will make the best use of the space. 

Bathroom renovations often come to mind when we think of utilising a small space to its fullest potential. Especially in a hotel or bachelor-sized apartments, the bathroom often isn’t very much bigger than around 1.5 square metres. These often come with walk-in, square showers and small sinks. Builders often choose to build up rather than out to accommodate the small space. 

When conducting your own commercial bathroom remodel, there are several things to bear in mind. Let’s go over some of those ideas for renovating a commercial bathroom.

Keep it Light & Bright

If you’re not working with much by way of space, then it’s important that you choose a light colour scheme for the paint. White or lighter shades create the illusion of space where little exists. Flat white is always a favourite for bathroom colour schemes and it works well. Also, consider your lighting. The more natural lighting you have, the bigger the space will seem.

Glass Shower Doors

Nothing breathes spaciousness like glass. It is imperative that you opt for a clear glass shower door. This approach will create another illusion of more space, as the glass acts as a sort of opaque visual extender for the room. It keeps the room much more open looking.


One of the most important things you can do to imaginarily increase your space is to add tile. Tiling the walls with smaller bathroom tiles will make the room appear bigger. You could also extend the tiling pattern into the shower to add depth. Choose lighter colour tiles and you’ll have the benefits of opening up the space naturally.

Big Mirrors

There’s a reason why mirror mazes seem like long corridors into nothingness: it’s because the mirror gives the optical illusion of elongation. That’s why having a big mirror on one wall, perhaps above the sink will not only dominate the space, but artificially elongate the wall upon which it sits.

Sliding Entry Doors

Your bathroom renovation doesn’t have to include the same old doors that everyone else uses. In fact, inward-swinging doors will shrink your space even further. Opt instead for sliding entry doors, similar to ones that you’d use on your closet in the bedroom.

Make The Shower Spacious

Even if you’re not working with much space for your walk-in shower cubicle, you can create space within that cubicle. You can either have hang-over shower shelves, or you can get creative and build a small shelf into the framing of the shower itself. Build little nooks into the recessed walls of the shower to create more shelving where it did not previously exist.

Go Compact

If you don’t have the space or do not prefer a walk-in shower to say, a bathtub, then it is important that you go compact. You might take inspiration from Japan, where small, circular bathtubs were and remain the order of the day.

Store Cleverly

You don’t always have to store items in bulky drawers or wall-mounted cabinets – consider other options when it comes to storage. Get creative with your towel racks and medicine cabinets – Pinterest or Instagram can sometimes provide just the right inspiration.

Regardless of what your hotel apartment renovations look like, bathroom renovations in Sydney require outside-of-the-box thinking and a long view of a small space. Plan it out well, and stick to lighter colours, smaller designs. The designers at Crystal Bathrooms are available to discuss your commercial bathroom renovation needs, give us a call today!

When it’s time for a commercial bathroom remodel, the distinction is always in the details.  And because we’re all so used to chrome finish tapware, a detail like matte black bathroom fittings ticks many of the right boxes. Bold black tapware can easily give any commercial bathroom space a feeling of high-class luxury or classic sophistication. No wonder matte black tapware has been such a popular trend for so long. 

It certainly looks like the stylish black finish is here to stay. But just like every other design trend ever, there’s always pros and cons when renovating bathrooms.

What Are Matte Fittings And Finishes?

Before we get into the pros and cons of matte black fittings, the tapware colour for bathroom renovations is just one element. You also need to be aware of the types of finishes available for this type of tapware. And the finish can mean the difference between buying cheap matte black taps that last a few months and high-quality tapware with a lasting black matte finish.

Powder Coating

A dry powder is coated onto the surface electrostatically first before heat is applied to finalise the finishing process resulting in a solid finish. As powder-coated tapware is the easiest to finish to manufacture, they’re typically the cheapest type available on the market. It is also much less durable which means it will fade faster and last much less time than electroplating, especially when not looked after properly.


The process for an electroplated finishing uses electricity to produce a consistent metal coating. This is done by essentially changing the properties of the existing surface of the tapware and then adding more layers to increase the resistance to wear and tear. So not only will electroplated tapware outlast powder-coated tapware, but the matte black will be easier to maintain and typically have a longer warranty period.

What Are The Pros Cons Of Using These Fittings In Commercial Bathrooms?

Low Cost

Due to the increased popularity of matte black tapware recently, manufacturers have made more products because retailers have been ordering more products.  This has caused the price of matte black tapware to drop so significantly over the past few years that the finish is now often around the same price as a classic chrome finish.

Very Versatile

Black fittings and tapware are extremely versatile and adaptable with almost any style of bathroom, from modern styled marble counters to industrial style concrete walls. Tap hardware in a sophisticated matte black finish provides a simple yet eye-catching and evocative style that adds luxe to any commercial bathroom. It especially looks amazing as part of a monochromatic colour scheme.

Less Staining

Easily one of the best things about matte black tapware that dirty marks from water or fingers don’t show up as easily, especially when compared with chrome finishes. That means watermarks or smudges are rarely ever noticeable, which is great news for a busy commercial bathroom.

What Are The Cons Of Using These Fittings In Commercial Bathrooms?

Often Overwhelming

Just like wearing all black clothes can make you seem sad or emotional, matte black often is overwhelming when used too much. So only use matte black hardware to accentuate in measured quantities.

Can Fade

Matte black tapware will eventually fade away with time, no matter what kind of finish you choose. But remember that a powder-coated finish in a bathroom renovation Sydney will typically fade much faster.

Damages Easily

Matte black finishes aren’t as durable as stainless steel, so even minor scratches will show up quite noticeable. That means making sure that tradesmen are extremely careful during the installation of matte black fittings and fixtures.

No Chemicals

Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals on matte black tapware, especially if powder coated, as it will most likely cause damage. Warm water with soap is all you should need to thoroughly clean matte black tapware.

How Can Crystal Bathrooms Help?

While this coloured tapware offers a veritable wow factor that can really make a bold statement in any commercial bathroom, remember there are pros and cons to matte black bathroom fittings and fixtures. That’s why it’s best to talk to the professionals at Crystal Bathrooms first. We can help ensure any commercial fittings and fixtures installed in bathrooms in Sydney are robust, stylish, and easy to maintain. Call the experts today!

If you run an early learning centre, keeping children safe and happy is your number one priority. Whether that’s in the classroom, out in the playground, or in the bathroom, you want them to have an environment that’s comfortable. That means upgrading and renovating when necessary. 

If you’re wondering whether it’s time to breathe new life into your preschool bathroom, here are some of the sure signs: 

Fix Existing Problems, Particularly The Pipes

A bathroom renovation gives you the chance to get any existing problems fixed – and when it comes to children and bathrooms, problems are bound to arise. This could be cracked or broken tiles, leaking taps, stained toilets, and bad smells. It could also include your old pipes and drains. 

Many daycare centres have more than 30-50 children who are all using the same toilets, every day. And they’re only learning, so it is expected to have children who forget to flush – leading to a buildup of toilet paper; or those who want to see if T-Rex can make his way to the ocean. If your pipes and drains are subject to blockages, or you’ve noticed cracks or leaks, it’s time to upgrade them. By keeping on top of any problems when they are small, you can help to prevent major issues in future (such as a burst pipe that floods the centre with toilet water). 

Replace The Flooring

When you run a daycare centre with young children of all ages and abilities, the floors are one of the most important factors you need to consider – and that’s throughout the entire centre, not just the bathroom. You’re going to have children crawling on the floors, drooling on them, throwing their toys, tracking mud pile after mud pile, not to mention drink and food spills and of course, “accidents”. Did you know that uric acid build-up can actually eat through your flooring over time? Yuck!

You want floors that are extremely durable, safe and easy to clean. If your current floors are looking a little worse for wear, upgrade them. For this you want vinyl – it’s water-resistant, stain-resistant, inexpensive and durable. A non-slip design will also keep the kids safer. 

The Walls Are Looking A Little Worse For Wear

Early learning centres are a mess – and that’s the way they should be. It shows that the children are having fun with their learning. But bathroom walls can become pits of bacteria over time. If you’re replacing the walls in the bathroom, you want to make sure that mess is easy to clean. You also want to keep the mould and mildew out, as this can be detrimental to the health of little ones, particularly if they suffer from asthma. 

The best bet for your bathrooms is ceramic wall tiles, with villaboard lining. The villaboard is fire resistant and durable, while the tiles are easy to clean, versatile and long-lasting. Together, they are mould resistant as well, as long as you have them installed correctly by professionals. 

It’s Time …

Perhaps the bathroom hasn’t had an upgrade since you bought or opened the daycare centre 20 years ago. Now’s the perfect time to update the look. A bathroom renovation will give you the chance to go brighter and more colourful, and to make the room generally more inviting for the little ones. 

Also, if your energy bills are running the bank dry every quarter, you can take this opportunity to make the bathrooms more energy efficient. Water consumption is a huge waste at daycare centres, particularly as young children will often forget to turn off the taps or they might flush five times instead of once. Installing water-efficient taps and flushing systems will save water and money. 

If you want to know more, contact the Sydney bathroom renovations specialists at Crystal Bathrooms. Our bathroom designers are always happy to assist you with your brand new bathroom design.

If you run a fitness centre, you will understand the importance of having a place that is welcoming to visitors. If members don’t feel comfortable in your gym, they will go elsewhere – and these days, there are plenty of other gym options. 

To help your gym stand out from your competition, a great looking bathroom where people can prep for a big workout, or wind down afterwards, is essential. There are a few reasons why you might consider a renovation, and some great ideas to create a space that people are. Let’s expand on these. 

Problem 1: Your Bathrooms Are Falling Apart 

Over time, there’s a lot that can happen in a bathroom and some problems needed to be fixed sooner, rather than later. Mould and mildew can create major issues, not only on the foundations but also the health of your gym members. If you have loose tiles, you want to replace them before they cause falls or other issues. If your drains aren’t clearing like they used to – you know it’s time for an upgrade. 

Problem 2: Your Bathrooms Look Like A 1989 Catalogue 

People go to the gym so they can feel good – and stepping back in time to a gym that’s well outdated isn’t going to cut it. While we’re not saying you need to completely gut the bathrooms and start again, new tiles, glass on the shower doors and a coat of paint will make a huge difference. Remember to keep your bathrooms looking modern and stylish!

Problem 3: You’re Spending Too Much Money On Energy 

If you haven’t done everything possible to improve the energy efficiency in your gym, you’re a step behind. By making simple changes, such as replacing the lighting with LED bulbs, adding improved ventilation or installing new windows, you can transform the look of the bathroom, while saving yourself money on energy bills. Showerheads and taps that are water-efficient will also help. 

Problem 4: Safety Is A Concern 

As a business owner, the last thing you want to do is put people’s health and safety at risk. Most accidents occur in the bathroom and they can be avoided by making simple changes. This could include adding slip-resistant flooring and shower screens, wider doorways and by getting rid of any sharp edges on vanities. 

Other Things You Should Do To Beat The Competition 

Aside from the problems and solutions mentioned above, there are other things you can also do with your new-look bathroom to stand out from competitors. 

Make it accessible. Many gyms don’t provide access for wheelchairs, so make that a point of difference in yours. Your doorway should have 85 centimetres of open space between the beams, which will allow a wheelchair to maneuver through. You should also make sure there is plenty of space inside to turn a chair around, and of course, you want to make sure you have accessible toilets, complete with rails, lower hand basins/ taps and higher seats. 

Have plenty of storage/lockers. When people head to the gym, they don’t want to spend every few minutes moving their gear from one piece of equipment to the next. By ensuring you have plenty of storage or locker options, they’ll be able to enjoy their workout more, knowing their personal belongings are in a safe and secure spot. 

Add accessories. Many people who go to the gym, head straight to work afterwards. Or they might be finishing off their day with a workout, shower and home for dinner and bed. You want them to feel as comfortable as possible, so adding a few accessories might help. Hairdryers and straighteners are a hit, as well as tampons and deodorant, beard wax and hairspray. 

If you need help to renovate your gym, Crystal Bathrooms are the bathroom renovations specialists. Get in touch with our bathroom designers today to discuss your requirements.

The importance of clean and germ-free commercial and working environments has been of much greater focus over the past year. In a bid to reduce the transmission of germs and viruses, we have all been doubling our efforts to regularly wash our hands and keep our working environments clean.

There has been a lot of advances in recent years, with new materials and technologies being developed that make keeping commercial bathrooms cleaner and easier than ever before. With the increased focus on keeping germs at bay, there has never been a better time to consider incorporating these advances into your commercial bathroom with a bathroom renovation.

Why Touch-free Is Becoming Such a Big Importance in Public Areas

Keeping public areas, and especially bathrooms, clean has always been a priority, but over the past year with the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping any area with high traffic and risk of people mixing clean and free from germs, bacteria, and viruses has become an even greater focus. Cleaning can only go so far in the reduction of the spread of viruses—it’s impossible to thoroughly clean and disinfect high-traffic surfaces in bathrooms after every user. To best control the spread, we need to reduce the amount of contact in combination with regular cleaning, and that’s where touch-free technologies come in.

Ways You Can Improve a Bathroom to Become Touch-free

There are several different ways in which you can incorporate touch-free technologies into your new commercial bathroom renovation. Understanding the technologies that are on offer is the first step in making an informed decision about which options are right for you, and which options may be best suited to your company. With a variety of options on this technology, Crystal Bathrooms designers are here to assist you in making the right choice.


Taps are one of the most obvious areas for contamination in the bathroom. With the increased focus on hand-washing, the taps in the bathroom are being used more than ever as people come solely to wash their hands. Touch-free sensors on both the taps and soap dispensers make sure there is as minimal contact as necessary, preventing the spread of germs when both turning the taps on and off.


After using the toilet, it needs to be flushed which offers a great opportunity for bacteria to spread from our hands to the flushing mechanism. Touch-free sensors can either detect when somebody stands up from the toilet or operate by a wave of the hand, preventing any surface contact before hand-washing. 


While hand-dryers are generally only used after people’s hands have been washed, they still shouldn’t be overlooked as a receptor for germs and bacteria. Even when used with entirely clean hands, the constant presence of moisture can act as a breeding ground for new bacteria. Modern hand-drier designs are touch-free and are designed in such a way as to disperse the moisture effective to prevent build-up.


Light switches can be a breeding ground for germs just like any other fixture, but they are often something most people overlook compared to the toilets, taps, and hand-drying facilities. Removing the need for light switches with motion sensors both negates the need for contact and helps to save energy by automatically turning the lights off when nobody is present.

Importance of Easy to Clean Spaces

Touch-free technology can only go so far to keeping a commercial bathroom clean and germ-free. The nature of a bathroom means that even when all the latest technological advancements have been added, it is still a breeding ground for germs and bacteria if it isn’t cleaned regularly. Research shows that the bathroom doors are often just as contaminated with viruses and fecal matter as the taps and areas surrounding the toilet. Designing your bathroom renovation as an easy to clean space is just as important, if not more so, than incorporating touch-free technology.

Metal finishes are best as they are easy to wipe down and don’t have the crevices and grouting that tiling does, allowing space for bacteria to collect and grow. 

An easy clean bathroom space doesn’t have to rule out tiling completely, though. The big problem with tiling is the grouting between the tiles which is traditionally a porous material allowing bacteria and germs to get beneath the surface. Epoxy resin grouting solves this problem by mixing a hard finishing, durable, and waterproof resin into the grouting, sealing it and preventing the bacteria from getting beneath the surface. It is also better suited for use with harsher cleaning chemicals without affecting the finish.

Touch-free with Crystal Bathrooms

Crystal Bathrooms are the premier provider of stylish, modern, high-quality commercial bathrooms and renovations in Sydney. We believe that style and function can be perfectly blended into an ideal bathroom solution that makes your property stand-out. Our team of designers and engineers work closely with the best suppliers to offer you a simple, easy, and stylish touch-free bathroom renovation. When you choose Crystal Bathrooms for your commercial bathroom, you can be guaranteed to get the highest quality bathroom products that are easy to clean and maintain.

A bathroom addition or remodel can be difficult and challenging at times. It’s a big investment in a room that is used numerous times a day so getting the look, style, function, and durability just right is crucial. When everything does come together perfectly it’s a wonderful experience.

At Crystal Bathrooms, we want to help make this progress as simple and as smooth as possible, one of the ways we are doing just that is by implementing the latest in 3D modelling and walkthrough technology to allow you to preview every aspect of your new bathroom before the plans are finalised. 

What is a 3D Walkthrough? 

3D walkthrough technology is an innovative technology utilising 3D design and visualisation techniques to allow designers to create realistic 3D representations of the design for clients to virtual ‘walk-around’ in and review. It is another tool in the designers’ toolbox to enable them to better work with the client to assess and develop the design in the early stages. 

The process starts by creating a layout model of your space using the real-world dimensions. This is the most crucial step as having an accurate template to work from is an essential part of the process. Next, the key elements of the room such as doors and windows are placed, while sometimes these can be moved, in most cases you will want to prevent additional costly construction by designing your new bathroom around existing entrances and windows. Finally, the design process begins. The process starts by adding stock shapes to represent the various fixtures of the bathroom before more realistic models and textures can be added to provide a more finalised look. 

The Benefits of 3D Walkthroughs 

Improved Layout 

A 3D model allows the designer and the client to work together in ways never imagined before. The usage of 3D walkthrough and visualisation techniques to render the final design enables issues with movement, access, sight-lines, and flow to be highlighted earlier than ever before. This means the designer can take action earlier, allowing for easier and cheaper modifications and refinements as the progress moves along.

Better Visualisation 

2D drawings can be hard to interpret without decades of experience and years of formal training. This can make it difficult for the client and designer to work together in the early stages of the design process where the client may not be able to fully visualise the 2D drawings into the 3D space. With 3D walkthrough technology, the client and the designer can both be on the same page from day one. This is especially useful when working with a group on commercial projects where there is a greater chance that one or more members may not be able to read 2D design drawings.

Easy Revisions 

Revising a design can be a costly and time-consuming experience, especially so if you are unsure a change is what you want and are just looking to see what works. 3D walkthrough and visualisation technology allow for fast and easy revisions allowing both the client and designer to experiment with the design in a more cost-effective and time-effective manner.

Simple Conversion 

2D drawings still have their place in the design and construction world. They are generally still required for submitting planning applications and contractors will certainly want to work from 2D drawings. 3D drawings can still be easily converted/displayed in a 2D format, offering you the best of both worlds—construction ready plans that are easy to visualise for clients.

How Crystal Bathrooms Can Help 

Crystal Bathrooms are the leading provider of intelligent and sophisticated bathroom solutions in the Sydney area. We service all types of bathrooms from residential to commercial, new builds to renovations. Our expert team of designers will work with you hand-in-hand to design a customised bathroom solution that is functional, blends seamlessly with your interior design, and is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Crystal Bathrooms employs the latest advances and technologies to help you achieve a bathroom design you are sure to love. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you with your next bathroom project.

Office bathrooms can be a breeding ground for germs and viruses. They can also be unpleasant spaces if cleaning isn’t consistent, waste is allowed to build up, and water from sinks or toilets is allowed to pool or collect without being properly addressed.

Unkempt and dated bathrooms in the office can affect office morale. It also reflects poorly on the company and on management in general, if you can’t offer your employees or clients a clean and comfortable experience in such a high-traffic area.

More than that, bathrooms with poor hygiene can be dangerous and unsanitary.

The importance of office hygiene

Office hygiene has a profound effect on the happiness and efficiency of your employees. Whether you’re aware of it or not, office hygiene affects:

The health of employees

If your office bathroom isn’t cleaned regularly or has out-of-date equipment, your employees and their health may be at risk. Germs and viruses can flourish in unsanitary conditions, and, when employees have to come into contact with various surfaces (including door handles, toilets, sinks, etc.), viruses and germs can easily spread.

Office morale

No one wants to come into an office or share a space where sinks are leaky, toilets are smelly or out-of-order, and surfaces are wet or dirty. A dirty bathroom and the smells associated with it may affect how employees feel about their job or about their need to come into work, especially if the bathroom is situated close to offices and desks.

Air quality

Bathrooms that aren’t well ventilated can cause residual smells to linger in the air and permeate both the bathroom and, occasionally, surrounding areas.


A bathroom that isn’t cleaned regularly may have slippery floors or cluttered areas (think overflowing wastebaskets). Not having proper places to hang items like coats or place bags and purses may also cause tripping hazards. An unsafe bathroom may lead to slip and falls that can affect both clients and employees.

How to improve bathroom hygiene in an office environment

A bathroom renovation will go a long way in helping improve employee morale and general office hygiene. When looking for ways to improve office hygiene in the bathroom, start with:

No-touch/automated devices

The latest technologies make it easier to prevent the spread of viruses in germs by helping employees come in contact with fewer surfaces in the bathroom. It also cuts down on waste and helps a company save money. Consider implementing:

Shelves and hangers for personal belongings

By adding in shelves by sinks and coat hangers on stall doors, employees can place their belongings safely away from any dirt or water, and ensure nothing is on the floor to avoid slip and fall situations.

Easy to clean non-porous surfaces and tiles

When surfaces are porous, they can be magnets for mould and mildew. Seek out tiles and flooring that isn’t porous and is easy to clean with mild soap and water. This avoids the need for harsh chemicals that may be offensive to employees sensitive to smells.

Get the ventilation right

Good ventilation in the bathroom will help reduce odours, help disperse the smell of cleaning agents, and reduce the build-up of moisture that can lead to mould or moisture. It will also ensure that the space doesn’t hold any other airborne pollutants or germs.

Crystal Bathrooms can help improve your office bathrooms

At Crystal Bathrooms we handle renovations of all sizes, from residential to commercial. We not only have a wide selection of products available for office bathrooms, but we’re also always up-to-date on the latest codes and requirements for businesses and offices. We can help advise your company on everything from the number of bathrooms legally required according to your employee count to how to implement accessibility measures into your renovations to make sure bathrooms are available to everyone, no matter what their needs may be.

Speak to the team at Crystal Bathrooms to see how we can help make your office bathroom more hygienic.

Aged care facilities need to be designed with their residents in mind. This isn’t just true in the care offered, or the bedroom layout. Bathrooms must also be taken into consideration to offer aged individuals the ability to control their own surroundings and how they navigate through them in order to ensure that they are as independent as they can be for as long as possible. Bathrooms in aged homes must also take into account that some residents may need caregivers to assist with certain bathroom tasks, so making a space easy to maneuver – sometimes for two or three people – is extremely important.

Making bathrooms easier to navigate

When it comes to designing for the needs of aged residents, facilities need to make sure that a person can easily navigate the space on their own. This means:

Small details like raising the toilet height or simply having enough space to navigate a bathroom will make all the difference for residents with mobility issues.

Signs you need to renovate

If you are looking at a bathroom from the perspective of those who use it, you’ll need to consider the space and what may be lacking for those that have mobility or health challenges. Any barriers to the ease of use for an elderly individual may be a sign it’s time to renovate. Here are a few important things to ask yourself.

Is the bathroom accessible?

This is an important item to consider. Ask yourself: if the resident has a walker or wheelchair, can they easily enter and navigate around the bathroom? Does the shower have an opening that accommodates both walkers and wheelchairs?

Is the area safe?

Slip and falls are dangerous for anyone, but elderly residents are especially susceptible and can seriously injure themselves. Ask yourself if the bathroom helps prevent a resident from falling by looking for strategically placed grab rails (on the wall, in the shower/bathtub, and near the toilet). Also, consider the bathtub/shower area. Can a resident slip or trip while trying to enter/exit the shower area? If so, it may need to be adjusted to reduce the likelihood of falls.

Is the bathroom easy to use?

Elderly residents may have health issues, such as arthritis, or mobility issues that would prevent them from using the bathroom otherwise. Look at items such as the bathroom taps. For example, twist taps might be difficult for a person with severe arthritis to turn. Paddle-type accessories are much easier to use. Having detachable shower heads make showering easier for an elderly individual (and their caretaker) as well. Also, think about how an elderly individual may access everything from hand towels to the vanity. Everything should be designed so items are easy to reach and to use from both a standing and sitting position.

Don’t forget to consider how the bathroom looks and how it might make a person feel. If a bathroom has some basic mobility accessories for an aged individual, but it still appears:

It might be a good idea to find ways to update the space to make it feel a bit warmer and more modern.

If you look at your aged-care bathroom and find that it’s not well laid out for those with mobility issues, or if it feels unwelcome or dingy, then it’s time to consider updating the space.

Crystal Bathrooms is ready to assist

At Crystal Bathrooms, we’re experts at creating specialised bathrooms for many types of facilities. We understand that aged-care organisations need special attention given to them so that the final products meet the needs of those that have specific mobility challenges. We also understand the legal requirements and can help you design and build an aged care bathroom that will meet and exceed your resident’s expectations while being outfitted up to the latest codes.

Making our aged loved ones feel comfortable and safe in aged care facilities helps improve their quality of life and will go a long way to making individuals feel welcome and at home. With our years of experience and our NDIS approval rating, we’re well qualified to assist.

Have questions or need advice? Speak to the team at Crystal Bathrooms to see how we can help renovate your aged care facility bathrooms.

If your office bathroom is looking a little run down, it may be time for an upgrade. As high-traffic areas of the office, often bathrooms sacrifice comfort or attractiveness for features that offer utility and longevity. However, it is possible to have both a functional and welcoming space without having everything appear too industrial.

Restroom renovations are one of the most common renovations commercial facilities undertake. Upgrades often are designed to bring the space into compliance with accessibility guidelines. Office bathroom renovations can offer a company, a wide range of benefits, including:

When you’re ready to upgrade your office bathroom, there are a few things to keep in mind. The most important is to make sure whatever you create is up to code and enough facilities are available for the number of employees in your office. There are other elements to consider as well, which will help ensure you create a space your employees will appreciate. These include:

Sanitation and the Environment

Germs can easily spread across surfaces in bathrooms, but by adding sensor-activated no-touch features, you can help ensure employees come in contact with less bathroom surfaces. Bathroom fixtures such as toilets, soap dispensers, taps, and hand dryers can all be sensor-driven.

Also, think about how fixtures can place less stress on the environment. Low-flow toilets and sinks will use less water. Replacing towel dispensers with hand dryers is also better for the environment and ultimately offers cost savings for the company as fewer resources will be used and less waste will be created on a daily basis.

Employee Comfort

When designing a bathroom, consider ways to make the space more inviting. For larger shared bathrooms, look for stall dividers that go all the way to the ground and/or ceiling and have less space between the doors and walls so those using the facilities can enjoy a sense of privacy. Have shelves above sinks or coat hooks on doors so that anyone can place their items within reach and away from pooling water. Also, consider choosing soft calming colours and interesting wall elements to keep the space from feeling beak and industrial. By adding floor to ceiling mirrors, the space will feel bigger and more open.


Often, bathroom lighting can feel harsh, especially if it’s fluorescent. Consider adding softer light and in different layers. This will help colours render correctly. Lighting can be added at the back of and above mirrors, in the ceiling, and even on the walls in sconces. The softer light will transform the entire space and help create an environment that’s more comfortable and welcoming.

Don’t forget that upgrading your lighting can also help your company reduce costs and lower its carbon footprint. Consider adding sensors to your lighting so that the bathroom lights are only on when the bathroom is in use.


The most important element of any bathroom is its accessibility. Many of us take for granted that restrooms will be accessible in modern buildings, but this isn’t always the case for those with disabilities. If your building is older, be especially mindful of accessibility and how to make it even easier after a renovation. This may require adding a specialised stall or making sure elements such as doorways or floor space can accommodate individuals with special needs.

How Crystal Bathrooms Can Help

When you’re ready to renovate, it’s a good idea to do so during a company’s downtimes so that the disruption to work is kept to a minimum. Our company, for example, can work during off-hours or within specific shut-down periods, like around Christmas and the New Year. That way, employees don’t have their days disrupted by construction work.

The New Year is the perfect time to install a new bathroom. If you have questions about how we can help your company renovate its restrooms, speak to the team at Crystal Bathrooms today.

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