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Child-Friendly Bathroom Ideas to Make Bath-time a Breeze



Bathrooms can be a chaotic mess when kids are involved; from fights about showering to accidents with toilet training, a clean and pristine bathroom can devolve into a messy state in the blink of an eye. Designing a bathroom to be easy for adults and kids to use, and clean, will make bath-time a more enjoyable experience all-round, and will save you time and effort in the aftermath clean-up.

Child-friendly layouts

Designing your bathroom layout around its usage only makes sense. A kid’s bathroom should be fun, but more importantly, it should be functional. Designing the bathroom to be easy to use for both the adults and children will make bath-time a much more pleasurable experience for all.

If you have more than one child, consider installing multiple sinks to prevent arguments and fights over who gets to brush their teeth first. Child-sized fixtures can also make life easier but remember they will quickly outgrow them so expect to upgrade regularly — adaptions like safety stools provide a good middle ground, allowing the kids to reach things on their own, but avoiding expensive replacements as they grow.

The biggest layout and space-based decision will almost certainly be whether to opt for a bath, shower, or both, either as a joint unit or individual fixtures. Showers offer a lot of convenience and save space, but baths can be fun for the kids, and a nice relaxing space for the adults. Hybrid units — bathtubs with a showering attachment — can be a great way to get the best of both worlds without taking up extra space.

Fun Colours

Making bath-time a fun and entertaining experience will help to ease the inevitable battles over showering and teeth cleaning as your kids grow. Selecting fun and engaging colours can turn bathroom activities into fun events to look forward too rather than something to battle. Involving the kids in the design decisions will further help by letting them put their own unique spin on things and feel included.

Storage Solutions

When selecting your bathroom storage solutions think about the different types of things to be stored. Child-friendly storage, such as easy to use and reach drawers, are great to enable the kids to have some independence, but you should also think about having some out-of-reach cupboards for storing dangerous items such as cleaning supplies and medication.

Child Safe

Bath-time can be a lot of fun for little ones, but it can also present a number of risks if not handled with care. Here are a few things to take in consideration when designing your child-friendly bathroom to be both fun and safe:

· Bathrooms can be slippery, especially when the kids are excitedly running around, or fighting to avoid a bath. Non-slip surfaces and flooring can help to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

· One or two lockable cabinets will help to keep dangerous cleaning supplies and medications away from interested little hands and mouths.

· Soft close toilet seats, doors, and drawers will help to protect little fingers from getting slammed in painful places.

· Kids are inquisitive by nature, and given the opportunity will likely stick their fingers anywhere they can. Drain covers will prevent small fingers from getting stuck and hurt, while still allowing the water to flow away freely.

· While technically not part of a renovation, lowering your water temperature to 50ºC or less will help avoid nasty scalds when they insist on running the water themselves.

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