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Choosing Tiles For Your Bathroom Renovation



It doesn’t matter how well you design your bathroom renovation. If you choose the wrong tiles, it can ruin the entire aesthetic. With the right tiles, you can transform your bathroom. In fact, if you can’t afford a complete renovation, a tile change is a great way to provide the space with a fresh look. So, how do you take your bathroom from shabby to chic? 

What To Consider When Choosing Bathroom Tiles 

Believe it or not, your bathroom tiles will largely dictate the outcome of your bathroom renovations. There are so many different options to choose from it can feel overwhelming. So, before you start looking at sizes, colours, and finishes, let’s take a look at the types of tiles out there. 

Ceramic tiles are made from clay and kiln-fired before being finished with a non-porous glaze. The glaze holds the pattern and colour, which is why it’s available in so many different options. They’re also easy to maintain and clean. 

For a more natural feel, stone and timber tiles are available in a variety of textures and colours. They are, however, highly porous, which means they require annual sealing. These are more suited to home use than as a commercial solution. Faux stone can give you the look without the high maintenance. 

Porcelain tiles are also made from clay, but they are finer and fired at higher temperatures. The result is an incredibly low absorption rate. They’re a great choice for wet areas. For a commercial bathroom remodel, you might want to opt for porcelain. It is easily the more durable option on the market, which means it can withstand the amount of use commercial bathrooms take. 

Size & Proportion 

Tiles come in all sizes and shapes. Larger tiles do tend to be more suitable for larger rooms. However, using them in a small room can work if done properly as it reduces the number of grout lines. You should speak to a bathroom renovation professional before you decide. If you’re using floor and wall tiles, you will need to ensure the proportions complement each other, especially where they meet. 

Colour & Finish 

Limit yourself to three colours for tiles. The primary colour is the one that covers the largest space. This is typically your wall tiles, but depending on the size of your bathroom, it may be your floor. Ideally, the primary colour should be lighter than the others. Whites are neutral and timeless and can also create the illusion of space. 

Your floor tiles can be the same colour as the wall. However, if you opt for that route, you should go with a different finish or texture. The darker the floor you choose, the smaller your bathroom will look. 

Feature Tiles 

You can create a focal point or add a wow factor with feature tiles. It could be mosaic tiles or three different coloured tiles that you design into a specific pattern. There are all different ways to create a feature with tiles when you’re renovating bathrooms in Sydney. It doesn’t even have to be a pattern to create a feature. It can be any tile that you find appealing. It could be as simple as a dramatic colour on one wall of the shower. They do tend to look better in shower recesses or spaces above the bath. If you’re dealing with a small space, a patterned tile floor may be more suitable as your feature. 

What To Avoid 

For small bathrooms, you should avoid using too many different colours in your tiles. The room will feel far more spacious if you choose tiles the same colour for the floor and the walls. Stick to a small feature above the vanity or in the shower/bath area. 

For larger bathrooms, you should avoid using too much of the same colour. It can drain the room of energy, and it’s better to opt for a contrasting tile for the floors. Not only will it create a dramatic effect, but you also might not need a feature tile at all. 

If you are doing a feature tile, beware! When you add grout, it changes the look of the tiles. Choosing a coloured grout that matches the tile will provide you with a subtle finish, but opting for something else may ruin the look entirely. 

Where possible, grab samples of the tiles you like, and take them home and see them in your home lighting. Showrooms are much brighter, and tiles will not look the same in your bathroom as they do on show. You should avoid trendy colours and stick with the classics. 

Whatever you choose, remember that it needs to make sense as a whole room. So, don’t look at elements individually; look at them holistically.

How Crystal Bathrooms Can Help You 

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation in Sydney, then call Crystal Bathrooms. We can help you design the perfect bathroom renovation for your home, office, or business. We’d be more than happy to offer you advice on which tiles best meet your needs, style, and space. 

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