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Gym & Fitness Centre Bathrooms

Transform your commercial gym & fitness bathroom with Crystal Bathrooms

Gym & fitness centre bathrooms are one of our specialities.

Crystal Bathrooms are specialists in working with gyms and fitness centres across the Sydney area to design, build, and install bathroom solutions that our clients and your customers will love. We have a deep understanding of the value of a well-designed bathroom when it comes to fitness, with customers wanting a clean and well-designed place to freshen-up after an intense workout. 

Bathrooms in the gym and fitness industry are more than just a place to relieve yourself. They will often be connected to changing facilities, including showers and private cubicles, and have a safe place for customers to store their belongings while they exercise. With our years of experience and proven track record, Crystal Bathrooms is ready to help you design the perfect bathroom solution. 

Crystal Bathrooms Use The Latest Technologies To Deliver Style and Function 

 Bathrooms may seem like a simple thing that has remained largely unchanged throughout the decades; a sink, a toilet, and a shower. But the technology that goes into making a bathroom work, and do so efficiently, is always improving. 

 Crystal Bathrooms is always on the lookout for the latest technologies and advances that we can use to deliver to our clients a high-quality bathroom experience that functions and looks exactly the way they want. Gym and fitness bathrooms can utilise a lot of modern advances to make your customers lives easier and save your business money. From smart locks to securely store customers belongings to sophisticated LED lighting and reduced water showers and taps, whatever the challenge Crystal Bathrooms have a solution. 

 Crystal Bathrooms Consult With Industry Specialists 

At Crystal Bathrooms we are experts in bathroom design, renovation, and installation. We also know that not every industry and solution is the same, and while we may be the experts on bathrooms we aren’t the experts on gyms. That’s why we consult with industry specialists to gain a better understanding of your industry and it’s requirements.


 Crystal Bathrooms Can Work Around You 

Crystal Bathrooms understands the problems that can be caused by having to close down your business while renovation works take place; we’re a business too. We want you to love your new bathroom facilities, but we also don’t want your business to have to suffer to get them. Our teams can work with you to find the best times for renovations to take place with the minimal possible effect on business operations. We also know that unexpected delays and extended closures can be even more costly, so we always strive to complete our renovation work on schedule. 

Your Trusted Gym & Fitness Centre Bathroom Renovation Professionals in Sydney 

Crystal Bathrooms is dedicated to providing every client with a stunning commercial bathroom solution that will deliver on both function and style. A facilities bathroom is often a major criterion when customers make a judgement. Our professional design and installation team will work with you at every step of the way to arrive at a bathroom solution that both you and your customers will love. 

Contact us now and discover the range of innovative and interesting ways we can help you to renovate your gym or fitness centre bathroom!

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Benefits of Choosing Crystal Bathrooms.


At Crystal Bathrooms, we always delivery quality bathroom renovations that we are proud of.

Industry Experience

With over 30 years industry experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional bathrooms.

Fully Licensed & Insured

Rest easy knowing that you are dealing with a fully licensed and insured bathroom renovation company.


How Much Does a Gym & Fitness Centre Bathroom Renovation Cost?

This will depend on a variety of factors, including the size of the renovation, the materials and products you choose, and the current condition of the space. You have to factor in toilets, sinks, partitions, tiling, lighting, vanities, hand dryers, and flooring. The only way to answer this question for certain would be for you to reach out to Crystal Bathrooms for a free quote.

Unlike residential bathrooms, a gym and fitness centre bathroom will serve user after user throughout a busy business day. Yours has to withstand high levels of use without compromising privacy, aesthetics, and accessibility.

How To Renovate A Gym & Fitness Centre Bathroom?

When undertaking a bathroom renovation, there is one primary consideration to make – the customer! Your restrooms must be accessible to all of your clients, and they should be easy to clean quickly too. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel; you just need to give your clients a functional bathroom with a sleek finish. As important as toilet stalls are, shower cubicles are an even bigger consideration. Think of the level of gym use at peak times and how best you can meet your customer’s needs. Generally, two to three showers per 45 customers are acceptable. However, we will be happy to discuss your options.

How Long Does it Take To Do A Gym & Fitness Centre Bathroom Renovation?

Renovation time for any upgrade depends on the size of the project. The more work there is to do, the longer the project will take. We will work with you for several weeks before the project to make a plan and create a contract you’re happy with. At Crystal Bathrooms, we don’t do shortcuts or compromise quality, so our team will be with you for as long as it takes. We can provide you with a projected completion date once we have a better idea of the scope of work required for your particular project.

Do I Need Council Approval To Renovate a Gym & Fitness Centre Bathroom?

Commercial properties do require approval and permits from the council. Every state has different rules around council approval, so you must check your local government guidelines. Better yet, contact us at Crystal Bathrooms, and a member of our team will be happy to help you determine which permits will be required. As you operate a business, you must comply with safety codes and legal requirements for your facility. We can help you handle the entire renovation project, including permits and approval. We have vast experience with commercial bathroom renovations and understand the requirements and law.

How To Project Manage A Gym & Fitness Centre Bathroom Renovation

The most important aspect of any renovation project is planning. Renovations cost a lot of money, so you want to ensure it’s done right and well. Research should be your starting point. Take some time to gather ideas as to the look and products you want to see. From there, work out your budget to get a better understanding of which ideas are sustainable. Now, you can start planning for the project! At Crystal Bathrooms, we are more than happy to help you create a design you will love. We also have a long history of bathroom renovations and can handle the process from start to finish.

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