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Office Bathrooms

Transform your office commercial bathroom with Crystal Bathrooms

Office bathrooms are one of our specialities.

Whether your office is a small close-knit operation or a massive multinational with thousands of people, one thing remains true: you need a good bathroom solution for your staff. An office bathroom should be sleek, professional, and most important of all efficient at serving the needs of your employees. It needs enough capacity to prevent bottlenecks at peak periods, such as lunchtime, and may have other considerations such as shower facilities for staff that cycle or walk to work in the Australian heat. 

Crystal Bathrooms have a proven track record and years of experience in delivering stylish and functional commercial bathrooms to offices and commercial facilities throughout the Sydney area. 

Crystal Bathrooms Use the Latest Technologies to Deliver Style and Function 

Crystal Bathrooms are always on the lookout for the latest bathroom technologies and solutions that we can incorporate into our designs to best serve our clients and their needs. A commercial office bathroom should be hard-wearing, efficient, and easy to clean, and at Crystal Bathrooms we have the technology to help you achieve exactly that. 

Through the use of innovative solutions such as new surface materials, intelligent fixtures, automatic lighting, and advance driers we can offer you a bathroom solution that not only looks stunning, but also helps to reduce your electric and water costs, and keep the spread of bacteria down. Our expert teams will work with you to assess the options best suited to you and your office environment. 

Crystal Bathrooms Consult with Industry Specialists 

Crystal Bathrooms are specialists in bathrooms and bathroom technology. That is our expertise; expertise we have gained over years of experience in installing and designing the best bathroom solutions Sydney has to offer. We aren’t experts in offices, though. That’s why, when required, we consult with the best industry specialists to incorporate their expert advice in your industry to design a bathroom solution that works in perfect sync with the rest of your office and business.


Crystal Bathrooms Can Work Around You 

Crystal Bathrooms understand the costs of downtime to a business. A bathroom is essential to the operation of an office, and you can’t simply close down work while renovations or development of your new bathroom space takes place. Our team will discuss and work closely with you to find a time that best suits us both to complete your bathroom work with a minimal amount of disruption to your office and its staff. We commit to delivering stunning bathroom results to our clients on-time and on-budget, at a time best suited to them and their business. 

Your Trusted Office Commercial Bathroom Renovation Professionals in Sydney 

Crystal Bathrooms want to provide every single one of our clients with the best possible bathroom design and renovation experience we can. Our bathroom solutions are designed to be functional, long-lasting, and stylish additions to your business. With our combined years of experience in designing and installing office and commercial bathroom solutions to businesses throughout the Sydney area, we are sure you’ll love our results. 

Contact us now to find out how we can design or renovate you a stunning commercial office bathroom.

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Benefits of Choosing Crystal Bathrooms.


At Crystal Bathrooms, we always delivery quality bathroom renovations that we are proud of.

Industry Experience

With over 30 years industry experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional bathrooms.

Fully Licensed & Insured

Rest easy knowing that you are dealing with a fully licensed and insured bathroom renovation company.


How Much Does A Office Building Bathroom Renovation Cost?
The size of the project, the materials and finish you choose, and the condition of the space will all impact how much it will cost to renovate the office building bathroom. If you are designing an office bathroom, you’ll need to consider everything from toilets and sinks to lighting and vanities to hand dryers and flooring. The price of a basic renovation with up to 5 stalls will differ from the price of 5-10 stalls, and again if you have over 10 stalls. The best way to find out a more accurate estimate of the cost is to contact Crystal Bathrooms to arrange a free quote.
How To Renovate A Office Building Bathroom

There’s a lot you can do with an office building bathroom and how you renovate really depends on what you want to achieve. Perhaps you’ve found the office size has grown (more people) and you need to add more stalls and have less empty space, or visa versa. You may want new fixtures and fittings, and you could be looking at something more eco-friendly, such as LED lights. You’ll also want to consider things like colour scheme, storage space, and where the electrical and plumbing is located. Your best bet is to call a professional at Crystal Bathrooms to get the right advice.

How Long Does A Full Office Building Bathroom Renovation Take?
Every office building bathroom renovation is different, but of course when you work with the professionals at Crystal Bathrooms, we’re going to complete the work as efficiently as possible. We understand that you need the use of your bathroom asap, so we’ll try to complete the job in record time (without compromising our quality). Generally, it will take 2-3 weeks of planning, and at least 2 weeks renovating (could be a few months if you’re doing a major overhaul). Get in touch with our team and let us know your requirements and we’ll do what we can to give you an accurate timeframe.
Do I Need Council Approval To Renovate A Office Building Bathroom?
Yes. When you renovate your home bathroom, you likely don’t need approval, however, businesses need to follow more rules in order to meet government safety standards. Your clients and employees need to feel safe in your office building and as such, bathroom renovations must go through the right approval systems. Your office building bathroom renovations need approval from the council and you’ll also need permits that will allow you to move forward with the works. If that sounds confusing, don’t worry. The team at Crystal Bathrooms will take care of everything from start to finish, including getting the necessary Council permits and approvals.
How To Project Manage A Office Building Bathroom Renovation

If you’re planning an office building bathroom renovation, you want to hire a team of professionals that can get the job done properly and efficiently. Crystal Bathrooms can help with this! But of course, it’s still your building and by hiring a renovations team, that doesn’t mean you can’t still play a part in the management of the project. Our team members will work with you to ensure you’re getting everything you want and need when it comes to the bathroom renovation. We’ll keep you updated along the way, get your feedback, and take it on board. You still get to project manage the work, and we’ll do the hard yards to get it finished.

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