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University and TAFE Bathrooms

Elevate your students’ learning experience by having comfortable and creative bathrooms with our help!

University and TAFE bathrooms are one of our specialities.

Crystal Bathrooms are specialists in working with universities and TAFE’s throughout the Sydney area to develop bathroom solutions that fit the high-demand needs and requirements of an educational environment. We understand the importance of well-designed bathroom solutions to make students and staff’s educational experience the best it possibly can be. 

We have years of experience and a proven record of working with institutions of all sizes to design, build, and install a bathroom solution that fits their needs while looking stylish. 


Crystal Bathrooms Use the Latest Technologies To Deliver Style and Function 

With thousands of students and staff moving through your facility every day, university or TAFE bathrooms take a lot of abuse. But a bathroom renovation isn’t something you want to be doing every year. That’s why our bathrooms incorporate the latest technologies and coatings to minimise and prevent wear and tear while making things easy to clean. 

Staff and students are also very busy, trying to fit bathroom breaks into quick class changes, so designing a bathroom that is functional, but also optimises the design to make usage easy and fast is paramount. Innovations such as fast drying hand-driers and compact sink designs (allowing more to be placed), speed-up the bathroom experience without making people feel pressured or rushed. 

We do all this without compromising anything in the look and style department. Hard-wearing and efficient doesn’t have to mean ugly, and the latest advances in technologies allow us to design a bathroom that is both highly functional and stylish. 


Crystal Bathrooms Consult with Industry Specialists 

Not all bathrooms are alike, especially when it comes to commercial bathrooms; each has its own design requirements. Before conducting any project, we talk to specialists in the industry to gain an understanding of the unique requirements that the industry may have. This allows us to develop bathroom solutions that are uniquely suited to you and your challenges. 


Crystal Bathroom Can Work Around the School Year

 At Crystal Bathrooms we understand the problems that can be caused by major disruptions during the school term. We are flexible in our working times to enable us to complete your new bathroom development or renovation with minimal interference. Our team will discuss and work closely with you to find a time best suited to complete the work when the facilities are otherwise not in use, such as through the holidays or Christmas period. We strive to always complete our projects on time, reducing the risk of work still being underway when the term starts. 

Your Trusted University and TAFE Bathroom Renovation Professionals in Sydney 

Crystal Bathrooms are devoted to providing every customer with a bathroom solution that is both highly functional, long-lasting, and stylish, and educational environments are no exception. Bathrooms don’t have to be a dull, industrial place; our team will work closely with you to find a solution that stands up to the rigours of thousands of students and staff but also is pleasing to the eye.

 Contact us now, and discover beautiful ways of renovating your university or TAFE bathroom!


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Benefits of Choosing Crystal Bathrooms.


At Crystal Bathrooms, we always delivery quality bathroom renovations that we are proud of.

Industry Experience

With over 30 years industry experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional bathrooms.

Fully Licensed & Insured

Rest easy knowing that you are dealing with a fully licensed and insured bathroom renovation company.

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