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Commercial Bathroom Renovation Services In Sydney

Transform your commercial bathroom with Crystal Bathrooms

Commercial bathrooms are no longer a forgotten area that is drab and outdated.

Times have changed and just like residential bathrooms, commercial bathrooms are being transformed into luxurious yet functional facilities.

No matter what industry you are in, a presentable, clean and elegant commercial bathroom space can really help add appeal to your establishment. At Crystal Bathrooms, we understand that no two bathrooms are the same. That is why we work with you to create a bespoke design that meets your needs.

Commercial Bathrooms by Crystal Bathrooms

Quality bathroom renovations

At Crystal Bathrooms, we pride ourselves in offering services that are pocket-friendly. If you are looking for an affordable bathroom renovation, here are some reasons we are the best option for you:

We are a local company

Crystal Bathrooms is based in Bexley. We cover all the greater Sydney areas with our renovations. Why is this a good thing? For starters, as a company based in your locality, we are aware of any challenges you might meet that are specific to this area. Secondly, our products are specifically designed for you.

Lastly, consider that it will be easier to vet our services because we are near you. When you hire contractors from other parts of the country, there are many unknowns in the equation. True, there are tools that help you vet but nothing can substitute an in-person conversation.

Quick turnaround times

Being a company near you has another benefit, namely, we are able to get work done for you fast. Our location eliminates days of having to wait for a contractor to come from wherever to view your home, assess what needs to be done and then give you a quote. It minimises the amount of time you have to wait between the time you make contact and the time your renovations get started.

Secondly, our bathroom renovation experts have been around the block. They have mastered our processes and are well able to deliver your results quickly. In fact, the only part that may take time is sourcing for materials, and Crystal Bathrooms have suppliers who cover everything from vanities to tiles, making it easy to handle your project fast and effectively.

Ability to renovate both large and small bathrooms

We thrive on knowing that each of our customers was well served. Over the years, this has been the culture of the company, guided by a strong management team whose emphasis is on excellent service and superior results. Our projects are run from the time you come to us with a concept to completion with a strong approach to construction and efficiency in the management of resources and materials.

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1. Pre-build

We deliver high quality bathroom renovation service.

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2. Bathroom Renovation

We deliver high quality bathroom renovation service.

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3. Post Bathroom

We deliver high quality bathroom renovation service.

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Benefits of choosing Crystal Bathrooms

At Crystal Bathrooms, we use the best possible materials to make sure that we give you a renovation that is within your means,
suitable to your lifestyle and seamless with your surroundings. You get the following benefits from working with us:

Benefits of choosing Crystal Bathrooms

Fast and reliable service

Benefits of choosing Crystal Bathrooms 1

Great quality materials

Benefits of choosing Crystal Bathrooms 2

Over 30 years of combined industry experience

Benefits of choosing Crystal Bathrooms 3

Professional advice at every stage

Benefits of choosing Crystal Bathrooms 4

Fully licensed & insured

Crystal Bathrooms is here to make your life easier. We cover all parts of Sydney and will happily serve you. If you are looking to learn more about our bathroom renovation services or to get a consultation fill in the form below!

Industrial Sites

Industrial sites are hard-working and busy places. They serve hundreds of people who are working in hard, messy, and potentially hazardous environments.

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Office Bathrooms

Whether your office is a small close-knit operation or a massive multinational with thousands of people, one thing remains true: you need a good bathroom solution for your staff.

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Retail Centres & Shopping Centres

Retail Centres and Shopping Centres are busy places. They host hundreds of businesses, with hundreds or thousands of shoppers moving through their walls every day they have to stand up to a fair amount of wear and tear.

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Aged Care

Commercial bathrooms in aged care facilities are unlike any other type of commercial bathroom.

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Medical Centres

Medical centres are a busy environment, with people working long and hard hours, focused on work that is quite literally saving lives.

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Hospital Bathrooms

Create your own bespoke bathroom that you will love. We work with our clients to create custom bathroom creations that stand out from the rest.
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Gym & Fitness Centres

Crystal Bathrooms are specialists in working with gyms and fitness centres across the Sydney area to design, build, and install bathroom solutions that our clients and your customers will love.

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Hotel and Motels

Take your hotel rooms to the next level by renovating your hotel and motel bathroom with the help of Crystal Bathrooms

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Pubs and Clubs

Crystal Bathrooms have been working with pubs and clubs across the Sydney area and beyond to develop bespoke bathroom solutions that can withstand the rough environment of a busy venue

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Child Care Centres

Crystal Bathrooms help all childcare institutions in Sydney to have child-friendly school bathrooms that are appropriate for students’ young ages, developing physical capabilities, and progressive learning capacities.

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University and TAFE Bathrooms

Crystal Bathrooms are specialists in working with universities and TAFE’s throughout the Sydney area to develop bathroom solutions that fit the high-demand needs and requirements of an educational environment.
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School Bathrooms

Elevate your students’ learning experience by having comfortable, creative, and state-of-the-art school bathrooms with our help!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we come and see you then measure and quote. The next step is to come back with a design for you that you can revise and optimise. You will get a 3D model of your new bathroom so you can see exactly how it will look on a smaller scale.

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Free on-site measure & quote

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