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Choose Crystal Bathrooms to create fun and child-friendly preschool toilets that all kids will love

Childcare centre bathrooms are one of our specialities

Crystal Bathrooms help all childcare institutions in Sydney to have child-friendly school bathrooms that are appropriate for students’ young ages, developing physical capabilities, and progressive learning capacities. We believe in the importance of well-designed school facilities to bring out the highest potential of children and to promote an overall happy learning experience.

With a proven track record in designing and renovating bathrooms, our expert professionals can elevate your preschool toilets from being dull and outdated to becoming a beautiful room for children to learn about proper hygiene, to develop the love for their bodies, and to respect their surroundings.

Crystal Bathrooms Utilise Innovative Techniques to Incorporate Learning in Bathroom Design

The preschool years form part of children’s foundational stage. It is during these years that they learn the basics of body care, appreciate going to school, and discover new things about themselves and the environment. Since it is a very critical stage, childcare institutions have a big responsibility when it comes to making sure that these little children are provided with responsive and creatively designed facilities for fun and fulfilling developmental experiences.

With over thirty years combined experience, our reputable tradesmen have been constantly implementing innovative techniques that do not only transform the exterior of spaces but also touch on the functionality of these areas. Our school bathroom design services promise high aesthetic details yet also boast of utilitarian properties. We want to maximize the children’s time in the bathroom to learn about proper hygiene, care for the body, and conservation of resources. Each of our design elements such as the positioning of certain fixtures and choice of hardware are all intended to promote learning while using the school toilets.

Childcare Centre Bathroom Renovations - Crystal Bathrooms

Crystal Bathrooms Help Create a Sense of Comfort in Every Toilet Renovation Project

To be able to promote good digestive and urinary tract health among kids, any kind of negative perception about going to bathrooms to defecate and urinate must be removed. The very process of eliminating body wastes must be normalised in schools and taught to students as natural and necessary. To effectively promote this, all preschool institutions must be able to create a comfortable atmosphere and a welcoming space for children in all their toilets.

Here at Crystal Bathrooms, we are constantly in search of kids’ bathroom ideas that can help preschool students to appreciate the toilet space. By making all restrooms pleasant and inviting, kids will have no reason to hold their urine or stool that can cause serious health problems such as constipation and urinary tract infection. We can help create a happy and comfortable bathroom experience for every child by choosing paint colours that radiate joy, installing hardware and fixtures that are child-friendly, and crafting designs that boost everybody’s mood.

Childcare Centre Bathroom Renovations Sydney - Crystal Bathrooms

Crystal Bathrooms Collaborate with Child Care Teachers and Officials

We understand that preschool institutions have various methods of teaching and different approaches to promote children’s development. By combining the expertise in childhood education of teachers and the mastery in bathroom design of our professional tradesmen, we never fail to come up with creative and functional toilets that preschool students can easily use and enjoy. We promise to never disregard the views and requests of school administrators, parents, teachers, and even students because we believe that responsive design is a result of effective collaboration between and among partners.

Childcare Centre Bathroom Renovations - Crystal Bathrooms Sydney

Crystal Bathrooms Do Not Interrupt Preschool Learning – We Have Flexible Working Schedules

Our company has always been respectful of the school calendar because we understand the importance of education. As professionals, we offer flexible working schedules that can meet the requirements of the school. In order to successfully conduct Childcare Centre bathroom renovations without interfering with school activities, we strive to accomplish projects during holidays and over the Christmas break. Our dedicated team of school bathroom renovation experts are committed to finishing projects according to schedule.

Childcare Centre Bathroom Renovations In Sydney - Crystal Bathrooms

Your Trusted Preschool Bathroom Renovation Professionals in Sydney

We envision to see all childcare centres in Sydney as having state-of-the-art toilets that promote holistic childhood learning, happy school experience, and proper health development. We are devoted to transforming the traditional image of school bathrooms as dull and disgusting to spaces that are loved and enjoyed by children.

Here at Crystal Bathrooms, we passionately work on our mission to help all preschools in Sydney to have well-functioning bathrooms that young children will be happy to use.

Contact us now, and discover beautiful ways of renovating your preschool’s bathroom!

Benefits of choosing Crystal Bathrooms

Benefits of choosing Crystal Bathrooms


At Crystal Bathrooms, we always delivery quality bathroom renovations that we are proud of.

Benefits of choosing Crystal Bathrooms 2

Industry Experience

With over 30 years industry experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional bathrooms.

Benefits of choosing Crystal Bathrooms 1

Fully Licensed & Insured

Rest easy knowing that you are dealing with a fully licensed and insured bathroom renovation company.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re renovating a childcare centre bathroom you need to take into account one main thing – the children. You want a bathroom that’s accessible to children of all ages and toileting abilities, and you want to make sure it can be cleaned fast and easily – accidents certainly happen with toilet training toddlers. Things you may consider include small toilets that are specially designed for children, tile or vinyl walls and floors that can be easily cleaned, and you’ll want plenty of hand basins. You should also consider a change table section, and plenty of storage space that you can lock to keep little hands out. Finally, you want floors that are non-slip to keep excited little ones safe.

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