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Create The Perfect Ensuite – Here’s What You Need To Consider



At what point do you decide it’s time to tackle an ensuite bathroom renovation? Let’s take a look at some of the signs it’s time to consider a bathroom renovation.

  • The colour scheme or design is out of date.
  • The ensuite hasn’t been renovated (ever or in a long time).
  • A leak has caused damage.
  • There is a musky odour indicating a moisture or mould problem.
  • The fixtures and fittings are dated or no longer work as effectively.
  • You would like a change.

What To Consider

Make a List

The first thing to do is make a list – cover the features you’d love, the elements you consider must-have, and then items you may need or want (whether now or in the future). 

It’s important to think about what you truly want from the space, but if you have plans to sell in the near future (within 5-7 years), then you will want to consider the needs of a potential buyer as well. For example, if you want to ditch the old bathtub and replace it with a sleek shower stall, you should only do so if another bathroom in the house has a bathtub. 

Colour Scheme

The easiest way to date a room is by choosing the wrong colour scheme. A neutral colour scheme is ideal as neutral colours don’t age and because they are light and bright it will make the room feel bigger. One thing that works against you in an ensuite renovation is that ensuite bathrooms are generally smaller than other bathrooms. That doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate colours, of course, this is where your accessories can shine. Use pops of colour in your towels, bath mats, and wall art. You can also mix it up with different fixtures and fittings like concrete or stainless steel.

Use Natural Light To Your Advantage

If your ensuite has a window, then use the natural light it brings to your advantage. If not, why not consider a skylight? It will elevate the room immediately and makes the lighting job a much easier prospect. 


It is one of the most overlooked aspects of a bathroom renovation, but one of the most important! Do not forget storage because the last thing you want is all your bathroom gear moving to the master bedroom. Consider: 

◦        A mirrored medical cabinet

◦        An alcove in the shower to hold products

◦        Vertical shelf storage for space-saving

◦        Choose a vanity rather than a simple basin. If you are fixed on a wall-mounted basin, consider mounting baskets beneath it for additional storage.

Fixtures & Fittings

Before you embark on an ensuite bathroom renovation, remember just how much time you spend in the room. You want to use your budget wisely to opt for fixtures, fittings, and tap-ware that you love and will serve you well. Remember, you want a cohesive room so aim for matching fixtures, fittings, tap-ware, and hardware throughout (rails, hooks, etc). 

How Crystal Bathrooms Can Help 

A wholly Australian owned business, Crystal Bathrooms proudly serves Sydney’s bathroom design, supply, and installation needs. With over three decades of combined experience in the industry, we aim to exceed your expectations at every twist and turn in the process. We are fully committed to providing you with a bathroom you love, whether it’s your home or business. As such, we pledge to provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation. The design team will be with you every step of the way as they walk you through the design process right up until installation. 

If you have an upcoming bathroom renovation project you would like to discuss or you have questions, please contact Crystal Bathrooms today to get the ball rolling.

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