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Creating A Flat Lay For Your Dream Bathroom



When designing your bathroom or any other space in your home, it can be hard to visualise the result. Especially if you are not 100% sure what style you want or what design aspects you would like to include. This is why preparation is key. It is very important to plan out your renovation and know exactly what you want your room to look like.

What better way to assist you with planning the stages of your bathroom renovation than creating a design tile flat lay?

What Is a Flat Lay and What Is It Used For?

It’s pretty self-explanatory: A flat lay is a photo of several objects or more laid out in an aesthetically pleasing fashion, usually themed or organised by type.

Creating a tile flat lay is a simple yet effective way to ensure your bathroom design scheme ties together seamlessly. It will help you visualise your space and all the different elements that you want to be included, ultimately allowing you to see exactly what the result will be.

Not sure where to start with creating a tile flat lay for your bathroom renovation? We have got you covered: Here are a few steps on how to create the perfect tile flat lay. 

1. Find Your Desired Style – Research

Start researching if you are unsure what style or design you want. Browse platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram and save roughly 5 to 10 images you like or inspire you for your renovation. Once you have these images, also note down a few words to best describe your bathroom renovation vision, which will also help you truly capture your inspiration.

2. Start Collecting Items for Your Flat Lay – Samples

After you have your selected style, words and inspiration, pinpoint common features and colours that are shown in the images you have collected. Start going out to different suppliers and collect samples of different materials and products and get as many as you think. You can later remove the ones you don’t want to use. Some materials or elements to include are as follows:  

Tiles – Large tiles for the floor, smaller wall tiles and include a feature tile if you want.  2-3 tiles total.

Tapware – Include a tap or a small sample of the material the tapware will be so you can see how it works with all your other materials.

Flooring or carpet

Paint colours 

Accessories – Could include some towels or a candle.

Décor – Greenery – whether you will include a plant or a flower.

3. Composition – Start Getting Creative

This is where the fun begins. Find somewhere with a good flat surface and great natural lighting. Once you have found the perfect spot, find elements that work together, removing the ones that clash and feel misplaced. Layering is key when it comes to building your flat lay, so start with the largest items as the base. Make sure not to over-clutter your flat lay, try and stick with roughly 7-10 elements depending on your style or space. When mixing and matching your elements, always refer back to your inspiration images and words, to ensure you’re on the right path and not steering away from your vision and vibe. Have fun with it!

 Alternatively, you can use other tools such as a vision board, mood board, 3d rendering to help you visualise your dream space. Creating a flat lay will allow you to touch and feel the texture of the different materials you have selected. It will also allow you to see the different sizes of tiles and elements.

How Can Crystal Bathrooms Help?

If you are not quite sure where to start with creating a flat lay or designing your dream bathroom, one of Crystal Bathrooms’ designers can help. They will sit down with you, run through your ideas, and create something truly spectacular. Our job as experts is ultimately to deliver your vision and take all the stress and uncertainty out of your design. We will take into consideration your desired style, size of space and budget.  If you need a bathroom renovation in Sydney, we are the company to call. Contact us today!

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