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Crystal Bathroom Renovations vs DIY



If you are planning a bathroom renovation project, you may have a lot of ideas in mind. You may also have just as many questions, including whether it would be wiser to hire a bathroom renovation company or to tackle the job yourself. 

Once you factor in the costs associated with new plumbing, a new bathtub, a new toilet, and more – it can be tempting to want to do the work yourself. However, before jumping to any conclusions, you need to consider a few things first: 

  •  Time – Committing to such a large renovation project can be exhausting, not to mention overwhelming. Do not forget that your time is a valuable resource and dedicating your free hours can take away from time that can be spent with family and friends.
  • Costs – While you can save money by taking on smaller renovations yourself, bare in mind that it is best to leave flooring, plumbing, and wiring to the experts. These tasks are by far the most common and the costliest mistakes when it comes to bathroom renovations.
  • Space – Seeing as how a professional renovation of the entire bathroom can take anywhere between 4-5 weeks, you need to consider the fact that it can extend to a few months if you decide to take on the project yourself. This is an important consideration, especially if you are a busy homeowner renovating your only bathroom or one that you frequently use.

There are some major features of a do-it-yourself (DIY) bathroom renovation that are relatively easy to perform and include:

  •       Installing cabinetry;
  •       Installing a bathroom sink;
  •       Installing a shower;
  •       Updating lighting;
  •       Updating décor;
  •       Painting

Bathroom renovations that are better left to the professionals include:

  •       Making any structural changes;
  •       Installing a toilet;
  •       Installing a bath;
  •       Constructing walls and tiling;
  •       Plumbing and wiring

Renovating bathroom spaces, both large and small, can be a lengthy and stressful process. You can take on an entire renovation project yourself, but unless you have significant experience, you can expect it to take longer, cost more, and take up much of your needed space. 

When all is said and done, you want to make sure that any updates made to your home are done properly and in a way that will increase the functionality of your space and the value of your property. 

Know when to call in the professionals 

Most DIYers with a moderate amount of experience can easily do a surface-level bathroom remodel, especially if they use the same top-notch materials that the professionals depend on. But the bottom line is that not everyone is a handyman. Anyone can tile a bathroom, but how can you be certain of the end result? Anyone can waterproof, but how can you be certain that a leak will never occur? If you do not get the project right the first time around, it can result in a lot of headaches and money spent on repairs in the long-run.  

While you can certainly purchase your own materials, fixtures, and accessories, you will want to have a bathroom renovation team consisting of reliable and experienced professionals by your side. At Crystal Bathrooms, our clients recognise us as Sydney’s leader in bathroom renovations. We take pride in our workmanship, which is backed up by 30 years of combined industry experience. Our projects are more than ideas – they are as unique as every client we serve. We know that a bathroom is one of the most complex spaces in your home, which is why we strive to provide you with peace of mind while creating the bathroom of your dreams.    

Contact Crystal Bathrooms for your next renovation.

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