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Crystal Bathrooms Takes on The Block 2022



A bathroom renovation is one of the greatest investments you’ll ever make for your home. Not only will it increase the value of your home but this will update your bathrooms appearance and you will absolutely love spending time in your room for many years to come.

While good bathrooms are functional, beautiful ones shine and for the bathroom obsessed and teams on The Block, there is no more important room. Creating a bathroom that looks and feels good and operates well is key.

With so many amazing spaces being created on The Block this season, Crystal Bathrooms dive into some of the winning bathrooms and show you what aspects/trends we are absolutely loving!

Double Showers

A double shower is definitely the ultimate addition to your bathroom. Not only will a double shower add value to your space and create a 5-star exclusive feel but it will give your shower a sense of openness and room. We absolutely love the walk-in shower in Omar and Oz’s Master Ensuite. The judges were also blown away by the boys, stating that “it is such a clever use of space”. We definitely agree!

“There’s just something about a double shower that says luxury, but when it’s also walk-through you know you’re in a glamorous space” one judge said.

Creating a double shower is easier in a larger bathroom, but it doesn’t have to take up a huge amount of space. With clever design techniques, it is possible to include a double shower in a relatively small bathroom. When planning your design, you also need to think about the shape of your shower area and how best to incorporate all the elements you need. Many double showers have doors, but if you are creating a walk-in shower or wet room, these won’t be necessary.

One of the top benefits of having a double shower in your bathroom is it allows couples to get ready at the same time, meaning you will never have to wait your turn again!

Curves In The Right Places

Studies have shown we are drawn to curvaceous elements evocative to nature. Curves are definitely in and we are loving them. On The Block, we absolutely love what Jenny and Dylan did in their classic country bathroom.  They were definitely ahead of the curve and their repetition of the curved features in the form of arched mirrors and door frames impressed the judges, with Darren Palmer intrigued by the “sense of rhythm” created.

Crystal Bathrooms design team noted because bathrooms tend to feature straight lines and edges, adding curves will make the space softer and evoke a sense of elegance and relaxation. Incorporating a rounded mirror or vanity into your space will not only elevate the room but will add a touch of femininity. 

Add a curved bath or vanity and lights, or install a curved shower wall, doorway or tiles. When it comes to curved surfaces, avoid glossy and choose something soft and matte that provides a luxurious finish. 

Statement Bathtubs

Without a doubt, freestanding baths are the epitome of designing any luxury bathroom. As far as aesthetics go, nothing comes close to the visual impact that they create. Omar and Oz stunning round bathtub was definitely one of the main features in their Master Ensuite.  “A tub with flare instantly elevates any bathroom” said one of the judges.

Oz and Omar went for a round bathtub instead of the traditional shape, which we believe was the perfect choice, especially for their room, as it fit the corner of the bathroom perfectly. A round bath is definitely something you don’t see that often in the bathroom, however, your choice of bathtub can really bring out the décor and theme of the bathroom in ways that they may have never expected. 

A clawfoot bathtub suits a traditional bathroom, an egg-shaped composite stone fits a contemporary space whilst a wooden soaking tub looks great in a Japanese-inspired bathroom.  

Luxurious materials like cast iron, copper, marble and porcelain are durable and keep bathwater pipping hot, adding many benefits that you may not have thought of before and something to consider when making the choice between these materials, and your common acrylic or fibreglass bathtubs. 

A freestanding bath is finished on all angles, which means you can locate it anywhere. You don’t necessarily have to put it against a wall. You can install it in the corner or in the middle of the room.  

Different Tile Combinations 

When it comes to tile combinations – more is more. In the past couple of bathrooms, the couples had fun dialling up the drama with unexpected tile mash-ups. We believe not only is it an impactful look but also cost-effective for creating an amazing space. 

Using different colours, textures and shapes of tiles to mark out the different zones of your bathroom, you can make the space feel more roomy, while creating a look that’s all your own. 

Large-scale patterned tiles act like artwork while lighter solid versions take a space from bleak to chic and make small spaces feel capacious. Colour, scale and proportion is critical. A larger format tile and smaller style is a good balance alongside a consistent colour range and a maximum of two or three tiles.

What we loved is Oz and Omar’s combination of patterned floor tiles, 90-degree herringbone tiles and VJ walls. They definitely have achieved the impossible with that combination. One of the judges commented saying they “absolutely love it”. “The linear elements of the VJs are offset by the differing angles of the herringbone, so they don’t compete.

We say to people who are a bit scared of mixing and matching tiles, to try and mix wall tiles with heavily pattered floor tiles which is definitely less overwhelming.

Coming to the experts for design tips will help alleviate the stress of combining too many ‘heroes’ or not knowing if your tiles suit each other.  Get expert advice to help create the image or dream you have for your bathroom. 

*All images are sourced from Channel 9’s The Block/ @channel9@theblock

There have been so many trends and looks from the different bathrooms created on the show. Feeling inspired by any of these looks and wanting to make your bathroom dreams come true? Crystal Bathrooms can help. We are here to assist you with your full renovation, guiding you with the design and product selection, making sure you choose what best suits your needs, space and budget.

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