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Everything You Need To Know About Brushed Nickel Tapware



If you are thinking about or planning on renovating bathrooms, then there are a lot of different factors to consider. From flooring and wall tiles to light fixtures, fittings, and the perfect colour scheme. With so much to consider for your bathroom renovation, it’s easy to miss out on important details. The finish of your tap ware is a bigger decision than you realise. It can play a crucial role in tying your overall design together and completing the aesthetic. 

What is Brushed Nickel? 

Brushed nickel provides you with a subtle, soft finish. It offers a semi-satin finish with a slightly brushed appearance. This makes it a great tie-in with stainless steel. It can absorb surrounding light, so in certain situations, it can take on a slightly yellow hue. 

The brushed nickel finish is achieved by using a wire brush to etch standard nickel. It isn’t just about creating a stunning textured look, it also offers a warm tone and changes the way shadow and light interact with the surface of the nickel. 

Why People Choose Brushed Nickel For Their Bathroom Renovations 

Brushed nickel is growing in popularity in residential bathrooms in Sydney, and there is a very good reason for that. The benefits of the matte finish of brushed nickel mean it’s easy to keep clean. Not only does it hide fingerprints well, but it also offers a soft, warm tone. So, if you plan to choose an antique look or you want to go down the vintage road, brushed nickel is a great way to achieve that soft look with a slightly modern touch. The only drawback is finding all of the fixtures and fittings to match. However, it pairs well with stainless steel or chrome so, you have options. 

How To Look After Brushed Nickel Tapware 

If you choose brushed nickel for your bathroom renovation in Sydney, then you need to know how to properly care for it. 

You can use the same products and tools to clean brushed nickel as you do for any other metal fixture. However, you should take additional steps to ensure the etched surface is protected. You can clean the tap ware daily, and wax it monthly. 

  • Start the cleaning process by wiping your tap ware down using a chamois or a soft, damp rag. You can use glass cleaner and a cotton bud to tackle the harder-to-reach areas. 
  • Now use a chamois or dry soft rag to dry the fixtures. You can buff your brushed nickel to a shine by quickly rubbing it back and forth. 

This is more than sufficient for the daily cleaning, but to take it a step further – the monthly waxing. You can use car wax or any other type of paste wax. Ensure the tap ware is fully dry and use a soft, dry cloth to apply the wax in a circular motion. Use a separate chamois to buff the newly waxed surface until it’s shining. Ensure your glass cleaner does not contain ammonia or alcohol as this can damage the finish. 


  • Satin & Brushed Bass

If you want a soft look, but want to take a more traditional path, then satin or brushed brass is the perfect option. 

  • Oil Rubbed Bronze

If you want a rustic look, oil-rubbed bronze is ideal. The finish depends on the manufacturer, you can expect anything from a matte look to a light sheen. 

  • Satin Nickel

Satin nickel is similar to brushed but without a noticeable lined texture. It provides a smooth, soft look and a low sheen.

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