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How To Choose The Right Mirror For Your Bathroom



No bathroom renovation is complete without a new mirror. They’re far more than reflective surfaces. They can be a statement piece in the bathroom and the mainstay of your bathroom vanity. They reflect light and can add to the overall lighting of the space if positioned correctly.

Not to mention many modern mirrors offer new features such as fog resistance and smart features that can be utilised with a smart home. Here are some considerations if you’re looking to modernise your humble bathroom mirror as part of a bathroom renovation in Sydney.

Consider the Bathroom Size & Layout 

When choosing your new bathroom mirror, you’ll need to consider your bathroom’s size and layout. You don’t want to dwarf a small bathroom by having an oversized mirror, as the mirror then dominates the room. Equally, you don’t want a large bathroom with a small mirror, as the mirror becomes an insignificant part of a large space. The sizes should be roughly proportionate. 

Best design practices indicate that your bathroom mirror should be no more than 2 to 4 inches wider than the vanity it hangs over and no more than 30 inches tall. However, depending on how you’re conducting your bathroom renovation (and if you’re expanding your bathroom), you may also want a larger stand-up mirror in a corner in addition to your over-vanity mirror. 

Choosing your vanity mirror or any additional mirrors, considering the bathroom’s size and layout, is a great first step in any mirror-centric bathroom renovation

Functional Considerations 

A mirror is a mirror is a mirror, right? Well, not always. A mirror should, above all, be functional. While reflections are its primary function, sometimes mirrors perform that function better when placed in specific locations or under specific lighting. For example, an over-mirror vanity that reflects the background of a toilet might not be the most aesthetically pleasing. In contrast, a mirror that reflects gorgeous stone tiling would be far easier on the eye. 

Mirrors shouldn’t be placed near harsh light sources, nor too high on the walls to avoid glare from the ceiling lights. Mirrors are most commonly found above a bathroom vanity for a reason – it’s where people are most likely to look at themselves and use the mirror to perform functions like facial care and teeth-brushing. 

Choosing the right place for your mirror is critical in getting the most functionality out of your investment.

Reflecting Natural Light 

Natural light plays a huge role in any bathroom renovation, whether you’re replacing your windows or not. One of the roles that a mirror plays in a bathroom is to reflect natural light around the room subtly. Positioning your mirror to achieve a subtle bouncing of light around the room is critical to using your windows properly. 

Ensuring that you place your mirror on the wall opposite a window will help increase the amount of light in your bathroom as the mirror reflects the light into the darkest corners of the room.

Style And Aesthetic Match 

A further consideration during your bathroom renovation is one of style and aesthetics. What type of bathroom do you want to have when you’re done? A modern, sleek look with steel cabinets and marble tiling, or a more wood-based look with oak, cherry, or pine vanity cabinetry? 

Alongside these aesthetic choices, you’ll want to consider how your new mirror will look in the space. Larger, three-pane mirrors and huge vanities were popular in bathrooms with a more antique style. If you’re considering putting in a clawfoot bathtub and going for a less-modern look, then a larger bathroom mirror is generally the right approach. 

However, more modern bathrooms have a streamlined mirror on the wall above the vanity and a stand-up mirror. Choosing a mirror frame that matches your style is equally as important!

Frame and Frameless Options 

Finding a framed or frameless mirror can make or break how your mirror will look inside the space. Frameless mirrors are lighter than framed ones and are a more modern, sleeker choice. If you have an unstressed wall (or aren’t screwing your mirror directly into some serious structural supports, then a frameless mirror is your best bet to maintain a sleek wall profile. 

However, a framed mirror is a wonderful option for a stand-alone, tall mirror on the floor or a smaller square or ovular mirror over the vanity that is screwed into the studs behind your plasterboard.

Fog-Resistant and Smart Mirrors 

Incorporating modern technology into mirrors is relatively new and not necessarily applicable if you’re going for a tech-free bathroom space. But if you want your bathroom renovation to include some smart tech and already have a smart shower system, why not also make your mirrors smart? 

Smart mirrors are designed to provide information you’ll need before the morning rush. Some smart mirrors can be programmed to broadcast TV wirelessly, although many provide key information such as weather reports, traffic updates, the date and time, and the daily news. You may enjoy these features as you shave or brush your teeth and get a head-start on the other daily commuters. 

Fog-resistant mirrors come in two types: a clear polyester film placed over the factory mirror to prevent condensation. Or, these mirrors have a mini heater that warms the glass to prevent water droplets from forming. While this isn’t essential in a bathroom, particularly if you have an exhaust fan or open the window once you’re done showering, if you don’t have bathroom windows included in your Sydney bathroom renovation, they’re a great option to reduce condensation and stop the potential growth of mould.

Budget Considerations 

When choosing a bathroom mirror, your budget needs to be accounted for. Generally speaking, the larger the mirror and/or the bigger the frame for the mirror (including the materials) will cost more than a smaller mirror. 

Those with no budget concerns can go as big and heavy as they like with whatever suits their aesthetic desires. However, those renovating their bathroom on a budget may consider a two-mirror combination, with a smaller mirror over the vanity and a standalone tall mirror on the floor. 

Whatever your aesthetic choices in the overall style of your space, choosing a bathroom mirror is a big deal! Let the professionals at Crystal Bathrooms help you with style choices and mirror placement and find you the perfect mirror for your new bathroom. With years of experience, our bathroom renovation professionals licensed for bathroom renovations in Sydney will hang your perfect mirror in just the right spot to provide warm, light, and optimal functionality.

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