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How To Choose The Right Vanity For Your New Bathroom



Vanity cabinets are making a sharp resurgence in home design, though they are becoming a more prominent feature than in the decades passed. They are often used as partial countertops and often have mirrors, making them ‘vanity’ cabinets. 

If you’re new to bathroom renovations, you may be tempted to skip the vanity cabinet altogether, though you shouldn’t, as they are an addition that can really round out the bathroom space. 

Here are some considerations to make when selecting a vanity. 

Consider Those Who Use It 

One of the many things that home renovations, such as those provided by Crystal Bathrooms is the capability to truly transform the living space into one that is or could be more accessible for those family members with physical disabilities. 

The NDIS, or National Disability Insurance Scheme, can provide financial support for those making NDIS bathroom renovations or other home renovations concerning accessibility. If you’re crafting a new bathroom vanity, you may want to consider if anyone with a disability or elderly will be using it. 

Sink Design 

One of the best aspects of any vanity is the sink design. The great thing about a bathroom vanity is that it does away with the traditional standalone sink and instead integrates into floor-based cabinetry. With an NDIS bathroom renovation, you can remodel your bathroom sink to be lower in height to accommodate wheelchair access. 

Turn-less Taps 

You can also use NDIS bathroom modifications to allow for touchless taps, for those with mobility issues in their arms, or prosthetics that can make turning taps difficult. These electronic taps are also on a timer, meaning they conserve water and are more environmentally friendly. 

Consider Cupboard Design 

Another really important aspect of any vanity is the cupboards. They’re half the reason that the vanity exists! Whether you’re looking for lots of storage, or larger, less organised cupboards, Crystal Bathrooms can design your vanity cupboards to match your vision for your bathroom. Long, slender drawers, or large, box-style compartments with internal shelving – whatever your design desire, we’ve got you covered. 

Motion-Sensing Lights 

Another rather cool addition to your vanity, might be the addition of motion-sensor lighting around the mirror, or on the countertop. This might be useful for those with wheelchair-bound relatives or friends, who might not be able to reach for, or flick on a light switch. Again, consider utilising the funds provided by NDIS for your NDIS bathroom modification or renovation. 

Double Sinks 

One of the most annoying things as a couple is trying to use the bathroom sink at the same time. Though it is a rarity, it is still an annoyance. One of the things to consider when designing your vanity is the inclusion of a second sink for your significant other, or perhaps your children to use alongside you. Vanities give you the space to put a second sink in and stop the endless race to the sink at bedtime. 

Aesthetic Flexibility 

One of the reasons that people install vanities isn’t just for the utility, they’re also highly customisable in terms of material construction and final finish. So, if your bathroom has a more modern look, your vanity can be made of granite or marble. Whereas if your bathroom has an older, wooden look, your vanity can be made of oak or other wood and layered with a waterproofing spray. 

No matter your reason for outfitting your home, Crystal Bathrooms is there to make those dreams come true. And, with funding made available by the Australian Government, your new accessible bathroom vanity is just a few steps away. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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