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How To Design A Great Open Plan Bathroom



Open-plan designs are nothing new. Spacious, light-filled, and minimalist interiors have been a feature of modern floor plans for many decades, but the open living concept has recently been expanded from just our common living areas.

The latest design trend to echo this style is open plan bathrooms, which are starting to rise in popularity. So here’s our honest take on the open-plan bathroom and some design elements that can help make it work. Get ready to be inspired.

What Is An Open Plan Bathroom?

Large and open bathrooms have long been associated with luxury and extravagance, with a real indulgent quality about them. And once people made the connection between bathrooms and relaxing experiences at resorts and day spas, they wanted their home bathroom to become an elegant, spacious, and private sanctuary for their rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. So when you think about it, luxury bathroom renovation are the most logical next step in the natural progression of open planning.

The design style of open bathrooms in Sydney removes all unnecessary walls, fixtures, and clutter for a super-modern yet natural look. But this new trend is about so much more than just aesthetics. The free-flowing and multifunctional design of an open bathroom accomplishes more with less floor area while adding a feeling of opulence and luxury to your space. So it’s an excellent option for small bathrooms or ensuites, as the minimalist design helps to create an illusion of more light in a bigger space.

Elements To Incorporate Into A Great Open Plan Bathroom Design

The most well-designed open-plan bathrooms have a warm, classy, relaxing, and sophisticated feeling, without compromising on functionality. This is why renovating bathrooms with an open plan should always be designed with an intelligent and practical layout which performs as well as it looks.

Water Closet Conundrum

The toilet should never be a focal point in any bathroom, which is why it is easily the biggest challenge with an open plan design. But with a dedicated room for the toilet that’s private, lockable, and separate from the bathroom, open plans suddenly become much more approachable. If you have no choice, you can still have some privacy by putting the toilet behind the vanity or a frosted glass screen.

Wet Room Shower

The most logical extension for the open plan concept is a wet room, which offers a much more contemporary style while remaining practical. By removing shower doors, screens, curtains, and enclosure altogether, the shower opening in a wet room is at floor level and angled slightly towards the drain. Wet rooms are much more accessible than normal showers, so they’re often the perfect choice for someone with limited mobility, in a wheelchair, or the elderly. And despite being extremely functional and NDIS compliant, a shower in a wet room can still be elegantly stunning as well.

Screening For Flexibility

Bathroom privacy is a matter of personal preference, so some people are going to want more personal space than others. The most effective option here is installing adjustable screens which can transform an open plan bathroom into a more private room. To give people freedom of choice for their own privacy, simply design your bathroom renovations with sliding cavity doors, retractable frosted glass, moveable blinds, and transforming partitions as needed. Remember that designing your open plan bathroom with flexible privacy will likely appeal to more prospective buyers than one without.

Duelling Dual Vanities

Dual sinks or dual vanities are great for adding a little luxury and functionality to any open-plan bathroom, as long as you allow for plenty of space between each. This will easily accommodate two people using the bathroom at once which will ultimately feel like a more refined living space. Plus wider basins will also look more extravagant while also reducing the amount of water splashing out onto the floor, which is also true for commercial bathrooms.

How Can Crystal Bathrooms Help You?

There is so much more to open plan bathroom designs than knocking down any unnecessary walls, ripping all the fixtures out, and putting as little as possible back in. You need a highly skilled designer to maximise the space during a residential or commercial bathroom remodel to ensure it is functional and luxurious. Our dedicated designers here at Crystal Bathrooms are ready to help ensure your open plan bathroom renovation Sydney is brilliantly designed and exactly what you want.

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