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How To Design A Kid-Friendly Bathroom



It’s never easy sharing a bathroom with other people, especially when there are children involved. They have loads of stuff, they’re messy, and it can be frustrating. The thing is, you want your children to view the bathroom positively. It’s where they potty train, bathe, learn how to brush their teeth, and so much more. It should be a positive experience, which is why a kid-friendly bathroom is a must for any family home. 

Easy Wins 

There are so many quick wins when it comes to designing a kid-friendly bathroom. The simplest of which is to invest in a cute step stool. Designed for adults, vanities are often far too tall for little ones to wash their hands and brush their teeth. A stool can help them get the job done without as much adult assistance. 

Consider ditching towel rails and opting for hooks instead, which make it much easier for children to grab their towel and hang it back up too. Every family member can have their own hook, and nameplates are a cute accessory touch. Big sinks are better for families because more people can use trough sinks at once. While double sinks are great, a trough sink is much quicker and easier to clean. It might have the feel of a commercial bathroom, but in reality, when you sell your home, prospective buyers with families will appreciate the touch. 

Storage is important for every bathroom, but especially when you’re dealing with children. They have special towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, and toys! There is rarely enough space in a standard bathroom to hold all of that. Additional storage is a smart move, and it’s even better if you can create storage specifically for their stuff. Family photos aren’t the usual décor in a bathroom, but children love to see friendly faces everywhere they go. So, choose some of their favourite family photos to hang. 

Children are big on splashing, whether it’s in the tub or at the sink. Full tiling on your walls might be the best option to help protect your bathroom from getting too soggy. Not to mention, it’s so much easier to clean; simply wipe it down regularly. 

NDIS Bathroom Modifications

If you have a child living with a disability, you may need extra, kid-friendly bathroom modifications that meet their unique needs. A wet room or open shower is an excellent way to make the bathing process as simple as possible. It also helps smaller bathrooms feel more spacious, so it has dual purposes. 

Open storage is a great choice for all children. It allows them to easily access towels, toys, and whatever else they might need. There is no need to struggle with doors or claw through other items to find what they’re looking for. Easy does it. 

A lowered vanity will allow your child to gain easy access to the sink. If you have the space, consider installing a vanity just for them, at their height. 

Handrails throughout the bathroom and hand rails in the tub can help with your child’s mobility and ease of use. You can give your child a chance to practice climbing out of the tub with whatever assistance they need from you. If your child doesn’t have the mobility for hand rails, you may want to opt for an open plan shower instead. It makes the bathing process much easier for everyone involved. 

Taps can be the biggest use for many disabilities, so pull and push taps are a great fix. It gives your child easy access to let them learn and become more independent. Apply this same idea to any products they might use while in the bathroom. 

There’s been research into how colour impacts emotions and how choosing the right colour scheme can assist children with various disabilities. This might be something you wish to think about as you choose your paint, tiles, and accessories. While shades of orange and red are typically associated with anger, blues and greens are calming colours. Ensure medicine is stored in a child-proof cabinet out of reach. Consider investing in non-slip flooring to reduce the risk of slips and trips. 

How Crystal Bathrooms Can Help 

Whether you need NDIS bathroom renovations or you simply want to make better use of space, Crystal Bathrooms can handle all of your bathroom renovation needs. Our team of expert designers can work with you to design a bathroom that works for everyone in the family while still looking modern and stylish.

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