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How to Keep Your Bathroom Looking Timeless



In any home, and for that matter in any public space, one of the most commonly used areas is the bathroom. With its constant exposure to high humidity, bacteria, and chemicals, it stands to reason that this particular room requires attentive and frequent maintenance. Add to this the issue that interior design styles are constantly changing, the idea of remodelling and renovating becomes appealing.  

Yet, renovating is anything but easy. Bathroom essentials are pricey – not to mention the costs associated with plastering, tiling, installation, etc. 

With all of this in mind, have you ever wanted to have a simple bathroom design that would never go out of style and would always look fresh and elegant? Here are a few ways in which you can keep your bathroom looking timeless: 

  • White is always a good idea – White is a colour that is associated with light, purity, and cleanliness. So, if you want to achieve an elegant, classic look for your bathroom, white is the way to go.If you think about it, there is a reason why bathroom essentials, such as toilets and sinks, are produced mostly in white. It makes everything appear clean and fresh. For extra ease consider the new style of rimless toilet which is more hygienic compared to traditional toilets and makes cleaning a breeze. In addition, white allows you to mix and match with combinations of colours and materials. You can decorate with soft, neutral colours for a more elegant look or add a pop of colour with bathroom accessories to channel different moods. And as such details can be changed on an ongoing basis, your bathroom will always look up-to-date with the latest trends.  
  • Classic is classy – For a classy looking bathroom, it is important to choose classical materials for tiling, flooring, and bathroom essentials. Some of the top choices include marble, stone, wood, and ceramics. Not only do these materials provide a sense of luxury, but they are also of the highest quality, long-lasting, easy to maintain, and best of all – they allow perfect temperature control as the seasons change.
  • Bigger is better – In comparison to smaller tile patterns, bigger tiles are less likely to date – especially ones that are simple and white marbled. In addition, they provide the illusion of a larger room, thereby expanding and decluttering smaller spaces.
  •  To see beauty is to see light – Bathroom lighting generally depends on the overall bathroom design. However, it is also a matter of choice and taste. For a timeless solution, wall sconces with metallic hardware that illuminate clear white shades are an excellent choice. As for the ceiling lighting, you cannot go wrong with a chandelier. It is a classic fixture that projects illuminating shapes and sparkles all over the room.

It is equally important to bare in mind that aside from having lighting that will create a warm and cozy ambience, it needs to provide safety and functionality when specific tasks need to be performed. 

With the aforementioned tips in mind, the number one rule of how to keep your bathroom looking timeless is to keep things neat and minimal. Creating an impactful minimalist bathroom with simple chrome fixtures, classical materials, and natural lighting will make your bathroom stand the test of time.

For help in bringing luxury and style into any bathroom interior, our team at Crystal Bathrooms will deliver more than ideas. With our choice of fixtures, fittings, and colours, we aim to create unique designs that inspire and reflect each client’s personal taste. We add timeless value to commercial bathroom renovations to complement the evolving style of today’s modern world. 

Speak to the team at Crystal Bathrooms to see how we can help you create a timeless bathroom.

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