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Important Plumbing Considerations For Your Bathroom Renovation



A rain shower and jetted tub. Vanity lighting to make getting ready a breeze. Stunning cabinetry and high-end tiles. There are plenty of big dreams homeowners hold when thinking about renovating bathrooms. So, when you get the chance, you have to do it right the first time. One of the biggest mistakes people make is launching into their dream design without considering the plumbing. It is the underpinning foundation of any bathroom renovation

What To Consider Before You Start Bathroom Renovations

  •       The Location Of Your Pipes

Where is your plumbing located? Will your dream design work with it as is, or will you need a plumber to do some work?

If you are thinking of a total redesign bathroom renovation that involves shifting the tub, sinks, shower or toilet, then you should speak to a plumber before you finalise the design. They can provide you with the costs related to such a big renovation, but they can also advise you on how best to shift the plumbing to accommodate the design.

Even if you don’t plan to move any plumbing, it’s wise to consult with a plumber to ensure yours is in good shape and still up to code. If you’re already ripping up tiles and flooring, it’s the best time to review your drain and supply pipes. You don’t want to invest in a renovation only to spring a leak and halt progress.

Additionally, it’s important to provide plumbers and tradies with an up-to-date drainage diagram. You can get this from your local council. This is something you should keep on file regardless of whether you are planning a bathroom renovation. Still, this diagram will show you where all of your drainage and plumbing is located and assuming it’s up to date, will prevent water line accidents. If you do make plumbing changes, be sure that you update the diagram and file the update with your local council. Plumbers rely on accurate information to map out where best to place certain items like wet walls, which serve to prevent mould and mildew.

  •       Water Pressure & Supply

It’s worth speaking to your plumber about how much hot water you need. There’s no point designing a luxury bathroom with a deep, freestanding tub only to find your water supply can’t meet the new demand. Likewise, you will need to consider whether your water pressure can live up to the water supply required by new fixtures. If you are having multiple shower heads installed, you need enough water pressure to enjoy the benefit.

  •       Are Permits Required?

If you are moving plumbing or internal walls, then you will likely require a permit. However, the bathroom renovations Sydney licensed team you hire should be able to both offer you advice and obtain the necessary permits. You can also check with the local council to be sure.

  •       Efficiency

Your bathroom consumes a lot of water and your chosen fixtures can also increase your energy bills. It’s worth considering what water-saving products you can choose to limit your water consumption, such as a water-saving toilet. Underfloor heating and heated towel rails may also be a clever option. Be sure your new products meet Australian standards, as many of these products are ordered from overseas.

How Crystal Bathrooms Can Help 

If you’re tired of tired bathrooms, it’s time to look for professionals to handle your bathroom renovation in Sydney. Whatever your dream bathroom, work with the Crystal Bathrooms team to make it a reality. Our design team can create a spectacular plan and ensure your plumbing is in good condition. And if there are necessary moves, we can take care of that too. Get in touch with the team today to book an appointment for your free quote.

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