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Incorporating Gold Into Your Bathroom Renovation



Gold is the ultimate luxury colour. If you incorporate it into your bathroom renovation properly it will enhance your space. But when you’re renovating a bathroom, how do you incorporate it seamlessly without over or under-doing it? You can add touches of gold to your fixtures and fittings, flooring, tiling, décor, ceiling, and walls. 

Ways You Can Incorporate Gold Into Your New Bathroom 

You can lock in the gold look with a stunning floating vanity and the right lighting. Whether you opt for an all-gold look or choose accents, you can use the surrounding wall tiles to set your look off. 

How dramatic a bathroom renovation do you imagine? Are you thinking white with touches of gold? Or a dramatic black and gold on equal footing? Black flooring, fixtures, and fittings can set the dramatic scene, and you can weave luxury throughout with touches of gold and a striking gold wall.  

  • Taps & Basins

The easiest way to add pops of gold is to opt for gold fixtures and hardware – you can transform the space with these simple changes. There are plenty of options to choose from when you’re renovating a bathroom. Your taps and basins are an excellent way to capture the gold look you’re trying to create. Whether you want a rustic finish, feminine rose gold touch or drama. 

  • Railing & Shower heads

You can switch out your shower head and taps for gold alternatives. Ideally, you should match these fittings to any towel railings you install. There are luxury items available, but you can also find plenty of budget-friendly options that will still make an impact. 

  • Features

A feature wall can transform any space. Though they aren’t often spotted in bathrooms, it is an excellent opportunity to go gold. You can opt for a gold marble tile look. Or, create a patterned tile design that combines gold with your base colour. 

Flooring can also make a great statement if you opt for a gold touch beneath your feet. 

Accessorising A Gold Bathroom 

Gold works for most bathroom accessories, but some stand out more than others. For example, a tissue box cover and a soap dish are excellent ways to continue the gold theme. If you use liquid soap, a gold soap dispenser will work well. You can keep the theme going with toothbrush and toilet roll holders, and toilet brushes. These are excellent ways to incorporate luxurious colours on a budget. Towel rings and bars, bins, storage, and taps are also great options. 

If you have a glass door, you can opt for gold trim. If you prefer a shower curtain, that’s an easy way to carry the gold theme. Your towel sets are also a slick way to bring all of the colours together. 

Consider using candles to tie your theme together and add additional hints of gold to the space. 

Lighting is the final piece in the gold bathroom puzzle. In addition to a ceiling light, wall and accent lights can help you solidify your theme. Lighting is available in traditional looks if you want to capture that style, or mid-century looks if you prefer a modern style.

How Crystal Bathrooms Can Help You Design A Stunning Bathroom 

Gold is a versatile colour and it can completely alter any space, and there are a wide variety of ways for you to incorporate it in your bathroom renovation in Sydney. Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom? As an approved NDIS provider, we can assist you in the design and installation of your NDIS bathroom renovations. Get in touch with Crystal Bathrooms today to discuss your bathroom design ideas. The team has years of experience in bathroom renovations and we can make your dream design a reality.

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