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Is A Double Vanity Worth It?



We’ve all experienced the frustration of waiting for someone else to finish using the sink, especially when we’re in a hurry. A double vanity is one solution to this problem. 

These larger fixtures have become increasingly popular in bathroom renovations across Australia as households with two or more people recognise the benefits of having two sinks instead of one.

The Rise of Double Vanities 

These two-sink units have been steadily rising in popularity in ensuite master bathrooms and shared bathrooms. As our bathrooms get larger and the demand for more space increases, the double vanity becomes a much more attractive option for those looking for something different when renovating their bathroom, with a hint of luxury and a lot of functionality.

Benefits of Double Vanities 

There are many benefits to including a double vanity in your bathroom renovation plans. These include:

1.    Increased Storage Space

While a single vanity cupboard is great for one person’s traditional toiletries, combine the toiletries of two or more people and suddenly you have a problem: there’s not enough space. Cramming things into a singular vanity unit is just asking for things to be lost or broken or an argument to break out of who put what where.

You can avoid all that by utilising a double vanity’s increased storage space. By having a double vanity as part of your bathroom renovations, you can design your vanity cupboard to have separate compartments for specific people in the home, or even assign a ‘side’ of the vanity to each person in the home.

2.              Improved Morning Routine Efficiency 

Another great advantage of installing a double vanity is the increase in efficiency! If you and your significant other or children spend your morning waiting to use the sink, a double vanity installation will solve that problem.


Increasing your morning routine efficiency without worrying about when the sink will become available! It also works well if you have children who tend to be ready around the same time each morning. You can simultaneously tend to each child’s needs at the double vanity without worrying about fights, upsets, or other morning delays in the mad dash of the ‘getting ready’ run. 

3.              Enhanced Aesthetics and Luxury 

There’s no doubt that having a double vanity is a luxury! The two-sink nature of the double vanity harkens back to the large bathrooms of 19th-century Victorian England, when large bathrooms were common among those with money and large sinks.

Modern double vanities have replaced the large single sink with two medium-sized sinks. Additionally, the double vanity increases your aesthetic options and adds perceived depth to your bathroom. 

Drawbacks of Double Vanities

It’s worth noting that double vanities offer considerable drawbacks when performing bathroom renovations, particularly in smaller bathroom spaces.

1.    Space Considerations

Double vanities require definite space considerations. Most smaller bathroom setups don’t allow for the necessary 1700mm of space for most double vanities to be measured. Additional space considerations on the wide axis can also be a factor if your Sydney bathroom renovation doesn’t allow you to expand outward, increasing the depth of your double vanity cabinets.

2.               Increased Cost

When it comes to bathroom renovations like installing a double vanity, the cost of doubling every requirement of a single vanity is high: double the countertop space, double the interior cupboard space, double sinks (two sets of plumbing), two taps, and possibly two mirrors, or the cost of one long mirror that covers both sinks.

 On average, you can expect to pay between $1500 and $2000 for a double vanity.

3.              Potential for Design Challenges

Installing a larger item like a double vanity can present potential design challenges. For example, you must ensure that your double vanity does not cause any obstruction to your doorway or shower entryway. Ensure that all cupboard doors open and close properly without butting up against any other furnishings or fixtures and that functionality is maintained.

Consider foot traffic into and out of your bathroom, too. Ensure that your vanity design doesn’t cause usage issues among users. For example, there should be ample space for each user to move around and open and close cabinet doors without obstructing other users.

Making the Right Choice: A Decision Framework

When deciding whether or not to include a double vanity in your Sydney bathroom renovation, there are a few factors to consider. These could affect whether a double vanity is the right option.

Bathroom Size

Measure the space available in your bathroom for your double vanity of choice. Before ordering anything, it’s critical that you have accurate measurements to ensure that your vanity will fit in the space optimally without causing usage headaches, obstructions to doorways, or shower/bathtub entry and exit problems. 

Your double vanity should fit into your new bathroom’s measurements without sacrificing functionality or comfort. 

Number of Users 

You could still have a double vanity without the need for excess counter space. Particularly if you have a smaller footprint to work with, considering how many people are going to use the vanity at any one time is essential for choosing a smaller design without a large amount of counter space while maintaining a dual-sink design.


A double vanity is more expensive than a single. Consider what your budget will allow you to spend on one. You may be able to find a used double-vanity in good condition. Other considerations are the additional value of a double vanity in the overall value of your home. Compare the overall costs to the additional benefits and decide whether a double vanity is economical for your bathroom renovation.

Lifestyle Needs 

Assessing your lifestyle needs is critical when deciding whether or not to incorporate a double vanity in your renovated bathroom. Will it significantly improve your morning routine efficiency? Will it offer a more aesthetically pleasing look overall to your new bathroom renovation design? Assess whether having a double vanity would better serve your lifestyle needs.

Alternatives to Double Vanities

For those who aren’t convinced that the double vanity is the right choice for their bathroom renovation, don’t worry! There are several good alternatives to the double vanity. We’ll go over them below.

Single Vanity with Extended Countertop 

If you don’t need the extra sink and simply lack counter space, then a single vanity with an extended countertop is a great alternative to a double vanity. You reduce the cost by not needing two sets of plumbing and relevant fixtures and instead could find a cheaper, longer single vanity unit. 

Wall-mounted Vanities 

For those who don’t necessarily have the floor space for a double vanity, a wall-mounted vanity that serves the same purpose is a great option. Building up and not out in small bathroom renovations sometimes makes the most sense, and that’s where wall-mounted vanities have the edge over double vanities.

Corner Vanities

Another option for those struggling for space is a triangular-shaped corner vanity. These unique designs offer an interesting aesthetic choice, but are the perfect option for bathroom renovations where space is at a premium.

Final Thoughts 

Your desire for a luxurious, spacious double vanity may become a reality as your Sydney bathroom renovation begins taking shape. If your bathroom layout (or your new one!) and budget allow you to afford a beautiful double vanity unit, go for it. 

Our design professionals at Crystal Bathrooms would be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect double vanity for your (now) larger bathroom. For all your bathroom renovation needs, contact Crystal Bathrooms for a consultation today!

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