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Lighting Options For Your New Bathroom



As the popularity of home renovations grows, many Australians are getting on board with embracing cutting-edge styles and technology. What better way to create the perfect space for you than by planning bathroom renovations? Unfortunately, many homeowners forget to pick new lighting, which is a key component of a high-quality bathroom renovation

Why The Right Bathroom Lighting Is So Important 

A ceiling light is fine, and many people will opt to combine it with a heater and call it a day. There is so much more when it comes to lighting. It is all about function and ambience. The bathroom is where you start and end your day. When the lighting is done right, you should feel good! You should be ready to start your day, and also ready to get to sleep. Pendants and wall lamps can help you achieve both. The brighter lights for getting ready and the warm ones for winding down in the evening. 

Lighting is key to task effectiveness, whether it’s washing, shaving or putting on makeup. You can’t execute a task effectively without the right light. You need enough light and it needs to be at the right angles as well. Vanity lights around the mirror are a great way to make sure you don’t end up with uneven brows or cuts from shaving. 

The final reason is safety – bathrooms can be a dangerous spot and with the right light, it will keep everyone in your home safe. 

Lighting Options Available 

There are a wide variety of styles, sizes, shapes, and types of lighting options available. If you can imagine it, it is probably available. These quick tips should help you while renovating a bathroom. 

  •       A light that covers your shower or bath will improve washing and grooming, and give you plenty of light for the tasks you carry out while bathing. 
  •       Vanity lights can be mounted on the sides or above your mirror to prevent shadows and improve your ability to apply makeup, shave, or do whatever else you might need to do in the mirror. 
  •       While downlights are a popular choice for bathrooms, that doesn’t negate the need for vanity lighting. In a small bathroom, a few downlights along with your vanity lighting are likely sufficient. Larger spaces require a layered approach to lighting – it means you add interest and texture. 
  •       Brass and chrome pair well with most classic looks, and they generally look great with the majority of décor. But if you want to make a statement, consider a chandelier or pendant. 

What you don’t want is a fluorescent light or bulb because that creates a warehouse ambience. What you do want is dimmers so you can adjust the brightness based on the time of day and what you are doing. It’s important to balance practicality with creating a mood. Depending on your overall aesthetic, you can mix materials to create a quirky style. Antique styles are ideal for a glamorous finish, and bold fittings create drama.

How Crystal Bathrooms Can Help You Choose The Right Lighting For Your Needs 

If you are thinking about a bathroom renovation in Sydney, look no further than the expert design team at Crystal Bathrooms. We can help you with your Sydney bathroom, whether you are looking to create the ultimate classic relaxation spot or a modern style with a bright focal point. We can help you select the ideal options for task, accent, and ambient lighting. No matter how big or small your space is, our team can help you make the right decisions when it comes to lighting, tiling, flooring, and beyond. 

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