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Crystal Bathrooms would like to announce a new partner to our family.

Lustre FX Sydney has partnered with Crystal Bathrooms to offer you that unique look and feeling to your newly renovated bathroom.

Pushing Limitations with Innovative Metal Coatings, Venetian Plaster & Proprietary Products

Lustre FX products are coatings suitable for interior and exterior applications. They are an affordable, unique and bespoke coating alternative to paint finishes, sheet metal, stone, marble or plaster. Suitable for almost any surface, Lustre FX coatings provide a seamless metal or marble skin integration to the substrate allowing it to be treated as if it were real metal or marble. The light-weight coatings of Lustre FX artistically enriches any commercial or residential building project.


Key Benefits Across The Range of Lustre FX Products

  • Can be used in exterior applications and lasts up to 25yrs
  • Unlimited interior life
  • Commercial grade high wearing product
  • Water proof and submergable
  • Can be applied to curves and corners
  • Can be applied to most flexible surfaces
  • Seamless high polish finish
  • Textured three dimensional finishes
  • Coatings do not chip, crack or peel
  • Wide range of colours and metals that can be mixed
  • Low or no maintenance required
  • Non-corrosive/non-conductive (expect for iron)
  • CSIRO tested and MSDS sheets available
  • Fast turnaround time of work
  • New showroom coming at the end of July.

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