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Luxurious Bathroom Renovation Ideas for a High-End Look



Luxurious bathroom renovations will do wonders for your home value, but more importantly – the high-end look will serve as an oasis from the chaos. The biggest question is how do you achieve a high-end look to create the luxurious bathroom renovation of your dreams? 

Elegant Materials 

There are several different materials that give a high-end look. Marble, granite, and quartz exude elegance and incorporating these materials with high-quality tiles and textiles can give your bathroom a look of luxury. 

Marble can be used throughout, from flooring to wall tiles, and even in the shower area, while granite is more suitable as flooring or countertops. Quartz is excellent for countertops, but it’s also a suitable material to use in wet areas. 

Statement Pieces 

If you want to create a high-end look, then you need your design to stand out. Statement pieces are a great way to achieve that. A freestanding bath is an excellent focal point, especially if you are working with a large space. Art, custom vanities, and even patterned wallpaper can also make a dramatic statement. The lighting fixtures you use are also an excellent way to create a high-end look, from a chandelier to matching wall lights to bring it all together. 

Smart Technology 

There is more than one way to incorporate smart technology into your bathroom renovation. High-end options include smart mirrors and heated floors. However, there are also LCD shower panels that allow you to perfectly control steam, water flow, and water temperature, and they will even play music. Many are compatible with virtual assistants for voice control. In addition, there are waterproof televisions, refrigerated bathroom cabinets, towel warmers, smart lighting, and high-tech toilets. They don’t just look slick, they also provide you with customisation options that allow you to conserve water. 


Bathroom lighting is integral to creating a luxurious look in any renovation, and the bathroom is no different. A chandelier can be a statement piece or it can be a compliment to a statement piece freestanding bathtub. There are a variety of ways to use lighting – the key is to ensure it adds warmth and luxury to the space. It has to set the mood for mornings, as well as evenings. Factor in-spa lighting, natural light, task lighting, ambient lighting, and the chandelier. 

Spa Features 

A double shower or a tub with jets, there are a variety of spa features you can incorporate when renovating a bathroom. From rain shower heads and whirlpool tubs to saunas and steam showers, are key. An inset bath will also help you create the spa look if that’s what you’re going for, combined with walnut veneer shelving, you will feel like you’re at the spa every day. 

Finishing Touches 

Once you have all of the pieces of the puzzle, it’s time to put it all together. The finishing touches will sell the look – plush towels, luxury bath robes, plant life, scented candles, soap dishes, mirrors, art, and carefully chosen decorative accessories will help you tie the look together and create the final touches on a high-end bathroom renovation. 

How Crystal Bathrooms Sydney Can Help 

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