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Luxurious Bathroom Retreats: Modern Styling Trends for 2023



2023 has been a big year in the re-modernisation of personal space, not more so than in the humble bathroom. Bathrooms are a place of escape from the hustle and bustle of home, the screaming children or the moody teenager. Modernising your bathroom space could be a part of your next bathroom renovation

If you’re focused on creating a luxurious retreat that’s a relaxing and quiet space within the home but need help with the particulars, this article is for you! We’ll explore how best to create a spa-like ambience in your bathroom and how you might choose to make your next round of bathroom renovations ‘chill vibes only’, with a built-in flair for modern shapes, designs and fixtures.

2023 Bathroom Design Trends Overview 

To give you some insight into how you can live in the lap of luxury in your own bathroom, here are some 2023 design trends to incorporate into your bathroom renovation.

Tile, Nothing But Tile

While tiles have always been a popular inclusion in any bathroom space for their waterproofing attributes, intricate designs, and variety of colour patterns that fit almost any colour scheme, 2023 was the year of floor-to-ceiling tiles. Tile designs this year encapsulated the entire bathroom space, sometimes transitioning from large-sized floor tiles to long-edge shower tiling and then to small wall tiling. 

2023 was the year of the tile. Combine this flooring and wall choice with a gorgeous walk-in shower to begin feeling more luxurious in your home. When renovating your bathroom and using tile, it’s important to consider tile sizing as well as pattern and colour scheme with the rest of the room’s decor. Also, consider that not all tile is created equal, it is however a fantastic option if you’re installing a walk-in shower as part of your bathroom renovations.

Wood is Warm & Trendy 

One of the most important additions to any new bathroom renovation is the addition of real or faux wood. While real wood can be heavy when applied to large bathroom closets or cabinetry, having some sliding wooden doors on your sub-vanity cupboards or small in-vanity wood cubby holes is never a bad idea. Wood tends to warm a space and blends perfectly with many different tiling colours. 

A Place of Relaxation 

Bathrooms have traditionally been one of the few rooms in the home where you can be alone with your thoughts. Or a magazine, if you prefer. In 2023, bathrooms are all about shutting yourself off from the world outside and relaxing. Whether in a hot bath or shower, or the simplicity of an uninterrupted morning routine. To this end, your 2023 bathroom renovation could include candles, motion-activated soft music, plants to oxygenate the space, and plenty of natural light to give you a ‘grounding’ effect, bringing you closer to nature and a sense of internal peace.

A Soothing Colour Palette 

One design trend that’s lent itself well to relaxation is the colour palettes of 2023 bathrooms. Blues, greens, whites and a stained wood vanity. We’re talking light blue wall paint, coupled with a gorgeous white granite sink and vanity countertop, who’s cupboards are made from lightly stained maple, cherry or oak. 

Other light, bright and airy colour palettes are desired this year, as they provide a sense of softness and relaxation. Soothing, light tones combined with unharsh furnishings and plenty of natural light (meaning medium-sized windows with frosted glass, or traditional glazing with white or light green or blue curtains.

Natural & Sustainable Materials 

While some may of the word ‘sustainable’ as a buzzword, it has become anything but in the design world; it’s become a staple. It is a necessity and, thus, a central point in almost any bathroom renovation. Using natural materials like real wood, granite, marble, or stone can play a huge role in incorporating a touch of nature into your new Sydney bathroom renovation. Equally, incorporating natural light into the space through appropriate windows is another natural-world addition necessary for any modern bathroom. 

Sustainability also means using reclaimed wood or effectively re-using old things during bathroom renovations. This could mean scouring the internet for old wooden cabinetry or an old (but restorable) claw-foot bathtub, just like the one you’ve always dreamed of. Similarly, using bamboo in your construction process (to build things like sink vanities), or even in basic toiletry items like toilet paper is a fantastic way to keep things eco-friendly and sustainable.

Open & Airy Layouts 

Gone are the days of harsh lines and cut-offs in a bathroom space. The open-concept living room/kitchen has migrated to the open-concept bathroom. Minimalism and lines are the keywords here. Minimalistic fixtures, sometimes incorporating smart technology, along with glass partitions, can help give the illusion of an open-concept bathroom with more space than is in the room. Consider how open you’d like your bathroom to be during your bathroom renovation. 

Statement Bathtubs & Showers 

The bathtub or shower is a centrepiece of any bathroom. You may want your bathtub or shower to make a statement like “Here lies relaxation.” This could mean an antique clawfoot bathtub, deep enough to swallow you whole on difficult days, or a large walk-in shower with recessed shelving and comfortable seating, perfect for a long shower when all you need is peace. 

Choosing large bathtubs with minimal fancy with the taps and faucets or a walk-in shower with a large showerhead with an adjustable flow rate is a great way to save money on your water bill and incorporate a relaxing flow to your shower. Consider making your bathroom renovation all about how that gorgeous tub or spacious shower will take it’s place.

Smart Technology Integration 

The future has been here for several years now, and smart technology is merely an integration of computer-aided processes in our everyday lives. However, you may not consider your bathroom the ideal place for smart tech. Well, you’d be wrong. Many modern bathrooms will incorporate some version or another of smart-technology. 

This could be motion-sensor lights on dimmer switches controlled via your phone at a basic level. Other, more complicated introductions of smart tech into the bathroom space include smart mirrors, which can provide live weather and traffic updates for your morning routine, or waterproof sound systems that can play relaxing music during your bath. These smart-systems can even be included in your shower to improve water conservation. Despite these systems’ outlandishness, they make your life easier and are priced accordingly. 

Consider spending more money upfront on your bathroom renovation to save money later!

Lighting & Ambience 

One of the most important aspects of any bathroom renovation is how your bathroom will be lit. While introducing plenty of natural lighting with large windows is important, creating a luxurious bathroom retreat means grand lighting solutions like chandeliers or large over-mirror lighting. Your whole bathroom can be wired on dimmer switches with warm LED lights to both save money on your electric bill and have a sense of control over how bright or dim you want your light. 

With the integration of smart technology, these can be controlled from your phone in situ or pre-set before entering the deep clawfoot bathtub’s fresh, warm water. When dealing with electronics in the bathroom, always have your electronic devices installed by licensed electricians who help with bathroom renovations in Sydney. 

Wellness-Focused Design 

Bathrooms are where we go to relax. Design companies know this and thus, have created products that help us better relax and ‘be well’ within our bathroom spaces. Consider incorporating steam showers, in-floor heating and aromatherapy techniques in your next bathroom design.
Stepping onto an already heated floor maintains your blood pressure and heart rate at a calm level, immediately relaxing your whole bathroom experience. Similarly, steam showers are fantastic at clearing out blocked pores and sinuses by creating a sauna-like experience.

Start Your Luxury Living in The Bathroom 

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate luxury into your bathroom renovation, ask how Crystal Bathrooms can help make your newest renovated bathroom the most luxurious space. Filled with design ideas, years of renovation experience and a desire to bring you the best bathroom renovation possible, our staff will help you book a consultation with our bathroom renovation experts to start the process. Contact us today!

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