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Luxury Bathtubs that Continue to Inspire Modern Bathroom Designs



Let’s be honest, your bathroom is far more than a place for your plumbing. It’s your space to prepare yourself for the morning and unwind at night. And there’s no better place to unwind than soaking in a steamy bathtub.

You might be surprised by how far the bathtub has come, and how it’s still inspiring us to create beautiful and contemporary bathroom renovations today.

The Bathtub Through the Ages

Humankind’s first bathtubs were, predictably, basic. Forget sleek designs, high walls, and water that heats up on command. Centuries ago, you might only find private baths in the homes of the rich, since public baths were a common part of social life. Even as private baths became more popular in people’s homes, they were made of materials like copper, tin, and even hardened pottery.

Fast-forward a few centuries, and the private bathtub has evolved into beautiful bathroom essentials. We’ve traded in tin and copper for porcelain, acrylic, and even luxurious stone. The humble bathtub has grown into the luxury must-have in homes across Australia.

Popular Tubs in Australia

It’s no secret that luxury is winning out in Australian bathrooms. Many bathroom renovations in Sydney are built around the bathtub, creating rooms that are used for much more than getting ready for the day.

1. The Deep Freestanding Bath by Paco Jaanson

Freestanding bathtubs are some of the most popular in Australia, and the Deep Freestanding Bath by Paco Jaanson is just one example. These baths are built with absolute relaxation in mind, and because they are deeper than most other tubs, you can sink right in and stay a while.

2. The Cube Back-To-Wall Freestanding Bath by Caroma

The Cube Back-To-Wall Freestanding Bath by Caroma connects to the wall on one side. Bathtubs that are integrated into at least one wall makes them perfect for bathroom renovations that are a little tight on space but still want a serious touch of luxury.

3. Adatto Contour Spa Bath by Decina

For those looking to enjoy the luxuries of a day spa in the comfort of their own home, Decina’s range of spa baths is the way to go. Complete with armrests and water jets, you won’t have a worry in the world from the water of this tub.

4. Noir Freestanding Bath by Caroma

The Noir Freestanding Bath is perfect for bathroom renovations that want to make a bold and contemporary statement. Featuring a sleek black colour, this bathtub will leave your guests impressed every time.

5. Plunge 1500 by Forme

Any bathroom renovation in Sydney that’s looking for a classic elegance should turn their eyes toward Forme’s collection of sophisticated tubs. Clean, classic, and well designed, these tubs bring style to simplicity.

The Importance of the Tub

Bathrooms in Australia are starting to blur the line between day spa and home bathroom, and that’s all thanks to the luxury of the modern bathtub.

If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, you simply can’t go past a good tub. A bathtub comes with a whole list of benefits, the biggest of which is providing a space to relax and de-stress after a long day. And let’s not forget the added value if you decide to sell your home.

modern bathroom design can revolve entirely around the bathtub. Bathtubs have become a statement of luxury and class, so there’s no better focal point to your brand new bathroom than a sophisticated tub.

Even though bathtubs have been around for centuries, they continue to inspire bathroom renovations even today. A pure white tub might inspire a bold splash of Moroccan tiles (get more tile ideas here), or a jet-black tub may be begging for soft neutral walls. The bathtub you choose will become the focus of the room and inspire the elements around it.

How to Get Started with your Bathroom Design

The first step in deciding on a modern bathroom design is coming up with a few bathtub ideas for your ideal bathroom. Decide whether you’re drawn to a freestanding or inset tub, and choose whether you’re into minimalist design or a colourful showpiece.

After you have a couple of bathtub ideas in mind, it’s time to begin your bathroom renovations. Crystal Bathrooms has been a leader of bathroom renovation in Sydney for over 30 years and can make any of your bathtub dreams become a reality. No matter which bathtub you have in mind, Crystal Bathrooms can source it and incorporate it into a stunning bathroom design.

Let Crystal Bathrooms help you turn your bathroom into a place of luxury and relaxation.  Contact us today to arrange a quote and consultation.

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