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Maximising Storage Space In Your Renovated Bathroom



The bathroom and kitchen are the two most commonly renovated rooms in any home. When someone moves into a new home, the bathroom is usually the first for a serious revamp. Bathroom renovations can be a challenging task, a lot of work goes into the design process and a lot of people forget about storage space when they plan the layout. 

If you are renovating bathrooms in your home, factor in storage space from the start. There are a few key ways to make sure you get it right. 

Assess Your Storage Needs 

The first step to maximising your storage space in an upcoming bathroom renovation is assessing your storage needs. 

In addition to surveying the size of the bathroom you are renovating, you need to consider the size of your family, how many people use the bathroom, and what time of items you store. Do you want to be able to stock a cabinet with towels and spare toilet rolls, as well as extra hygiene products? Then you need to plan your space wisely. So, think carefully about what you want to store, how your family uses the space, and how best you can organise it. 

Get Creative With Your Storage Solutions 

If you are low on space, you might need to get creative with your storage solutions. The most obvious option is installing floating shelves, but you can also use baskets, bins, hangers, and hooks to utilise the space above the toilet. The vanity is also a potential storage solution, with cabinets and drawers. You can use dividers and other storage solutions within the cabinets and drawers to maximise your space. A bath tray and an over-door rack are two excellent storage options that utilise existing space without infringing on your ability to operate functionally. 

There are plenty of slimline storage solutions as well, whether you prefer a vertical solution or a horizontal one. Storage isn’t just important for storage sake, it also helps you keep your bathroom clutter-free and tidy when visitors drop by. A towel radiator is an excellent way to keep your towels dry and you can fix shelves on some of them for additional storage – it’s a win-win. 

Maximise The Small Spaces 

If you are renovating a particularly small bathroom, then maximising your space can be a challenge. 

A corner sink is a great way to ensure the necessary fixtures and fittings don’t take up all of the available space. You can use a wall-mounted medicine cabinet with a mirror to make your fixtures work harder. Or, consider modular furniture to create something that works best for your space and the way you use it. In addition to floating shelves above head height, shower caddies are also an excellent way to utilise space. 


One of the most important factors when you plan a renovation is considering the future. Future-proofing in any renovation or work is key – do you plan to increase your family or sublet a room? If there is any chance of your family growing, you have to leave room for improvement. Built-in storage becomes even more important, but there is also adjustable shelving which you can alter if and when the time comes. It also makes it a more attractive prospect to potential buyers if you list your home for sale. 

How Crystal Bathrooms Can Help 

If you are planning a bathroom renovation in Sydney, Crystal Bathrooms can help. As licensed bathroom renovation specialists, Crystal Bathrooms can help you design the layout of your new bathroom to make the most of every square inch of space. There are plenty of efficient ways to make your space work harder for you, from planning, making use of small spaces, and taking advantage of wall-mounted storage. 

So, before you plan your new bathroom in Sydney, reach out to the design team at Crystal Bathrooms. We will work with you from the concept right through until your renovation is complete. What better way to get the bathroom of your dreams?

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