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Monochrome – Making Your Bathroom Stand Out With This Timeless Modern Trend.



While trends can run the risk of becoming outdated, a black and white colour scheme proves to be timeless and is still one of the hottest trends of 2021 for bathroom renovations. From classic to contemporary, black suits most bathroom shapes and sizes and can transform any understated bathroom into something lush and extraordinary!!

When thinking about creating the perfect monochrome bathroom there are different elements you can incorporate into your space to create the ideal room for you to enjoy every day.

Here are some we have come up with to help you create your perfect monochrome bathroom, one that is not only edgy and elegant but perfect in every way.

Making it stand out with a feature wall – adding a geometric pattered tile

A black and white bathroom doesn’t have to be traditional and basic. You can have fun with it and add a bold tiled feature wall to your space. Your feature wall will draw your eyes so whether you want to highlight the vanity, draw the allure to your bath or create a gorgeous backdrop for your shower, your feature wall will help turn your basic black and white bathroom into something funky and amazing.

Black Fixtures/ Finishes

Black is right on trend when it comes to selecting the right fixtures for your bathroom renovations. Something as simple as changing your fixtures to black when renovating your bathroom will make the room even more striking. Choosing the right fixtures will give your bathroom that well needed boost, and a touch of sophistication and refinement. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but also gives that extra bit of character needed, especially against a white tile.

Adding a touch of greenery

Adding an indoor plant to your bathroom will help create a resort like feel, turning your space into a warm and comforting tropical oasis.

When it comes to styling your home, one room that is often forgotten about is the bathroom. It is the room you begin and end your day and serves as a sanctuary of sorts, a place of reflecting and cleansing. It only takes one or two indoor plants and a bit of an imagination to turn your bathroom into a spa like space and at the same time adding a bit of colour.

How can we help?

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With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we aim to please and exceed your expectation in every way. This means one of our designers will sit down with you and guide you through the whole process from concept to completion, designing the ideal bathroom for you.

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