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NDIS Approved Bathroom Modifications For Kids



A well-designed bathroom can be life-changing for someone with a disability. With NDIS bathroom renovations, you can access the fees and funding necessary to make complex home modifications. At Crystal Bathrooms, we work with occupational therapists to design an NDIS approved home modification. We allow the professionals to guide our design to make daily tasks simple for children with limited mobility. 

Why Modifying Your Bathroom is Vital If You Have A Child With a Disability 

Home modifications are changes to your home, and in terms of NDIS approved modifications, it is changes made specifically to benefit someone with a disability. An occupational therapy professional will make recommendations about assistive technology and potential structure layout or fittings. As your home modification provider, we will work with you to put an NDIS plan together that works for your child. 

The bathroom is a particular safety risk. Bathroom modifications, under NDIS rules, can include: 

  • Lowering light switches and countertops
  • Installing walk-in tubs or showers
  • Widening hallways and doors
  • Installing storage for medical equipment and supplies.
  • If your child is living with a sensory issue, there are modifications such as lighting changes, colour options, and even texture changes to the fittings in your bathroom. 

You likely use your bathroom daily without thinking much about what you’re doing. But for children living with disabilities, it can be the most challenging aspect of their day. Even the most simple modifications can be life-changing in terms of empowering children to live independently. Bathroom activities are a necessity, and NDIS modifications provide children living with disabilities to handle self-care. It’s the difference between toileting and bathing on their own versus having someone else handle it for them. 

Modifications You Can Make To Accommodate Disabilities and Wheelchairs 

Making changes to the structure of your home will require permits, but you don’t need to worry about that because Crystal Bathrooms can take care of that. While structural changes aren’t always necessary, door widenings would be classed as such. Installing hand rails, however, would not. There is a variety of NDIS bathroom modifications you can make.  A door widening can provide easy access for a child who uses a wheelchair. 

Hand rails are a helpful installation in the shower to aid balance during a variety of bathing tasks. They are also useful next to the toilet to make it easier to use, whether it’s to transfer from a wheelchair or to provide additional balance. Hand rails are classed as a simple NDIS home modification. 

In terms of complex NDIS home modifications, creating a wet room style shower area to replace a recess and tub would rise to this category, or removing shower doors. Another simple modification would be lowering the height of or increasing the height of the toilet. 

A moderate renovation would be widening door entrances, installing a sliding door, or removing a shower door. There are additional shower aids that can make the bathing process easier. 

You can see just how many different ways there are to make home modifications to improve access for a child with a disability. Allied health providers play a crucial role in the NDIS process, contributing to the participant’s plan and offering advice and recommendations on what changes should be made. 

How Crystal Bathrooms Can Help 

NDIS participants can seek funding for home modifications, and according to the National Disability Insurance Agency, it may be included in your current budget. If your child can’t reasonably access areas of your home and you have had an Occupational Therapist’s assessment that recommended modifications, you should be able to have these changes funded. While this will fund the standard fittings and modifications, you may need to contribute your own money if you want a more expensive fixture or finish. 

While there are certain modifications you can handle on your own, you should always use a professional for NDIS home modifications. We make these modifications with expert advice and your child’s safety in mind. 

The team at Crystal Bathrooms can visit your home to handle assessments and recommendations. There is a range of home modification options that will improve the lives of people with disabilities. We can work with you to design the structure layout, design the updates, and carry out the home modifications. We can provide you with a stylish, but functional bathroom renovation that meets everyone’s needs. Crystal Bathrooms is an approved NDIS provider. Get in touch to start the home modifications assessments process. 

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