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Recessed Shelving in Bathrooms Trends



Bathrooms are supposed to be intimate spaces within a house that allow homeowners to refresh, relax, and unwind. To facilitate this, bathrooms are designed to be extremely convenient and ergonomic as possible.

It can still be frustrating, however, for home owners to organise their bathrooms when such spaces typically lack surfaces and/or storage space to put their toiletries aside.

This is where the recessed shelves come into play. Crystal Bathrooms can custom build a shelf in the shower, near the bath or vanity, to the clients’ size requirements.

They can be done in double skin brick walls and timber framed walls.

They offer seamless storage for your shampoo, soaps and personal items.

If you are thinking of using bar soap to cleanse and you have a recessed niche ask us for a special treatment on your tiles in the recessed niche which will ensure that soap scum is easy to clean.

We will always advise our clients based on design, however keep practicality in mind.

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