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Restaurant Bathroom Renovations – Stand Out from the Crowd



If you own a restaurant, you know how important an attractive facade and interior decor are for creating ambiance and memorable customer experiences. A bathroom ultimately reflects your business and your brand and will affect how your clientele perceives your overall restaurant, so it’s important that it’s clean, neat, and as impressive as the rest of your establishment. A beautiful restaurant bathroom can ultimately elevate your customer’s overall experience and shouldn’t be overlooked.

If you are considering a restaurant bathroom renovation, make sure to consider a few things before getting started.

Ensure your bathrooms are accessible

While many never have to consider how accessible a space is, some do. Restaurants especially will have various patrons at any given time and will need to provide accessible bathrooms. When designing your bathroom, note the accessibility codes and requirements and consider going the extra mile to ensure all patrons will be able to access your bathroom. From doorways and floor space that can accommodate wheelchairs to dedicated stalls with grab bars or other accessibility elements, a bathroom that is accessible to everybody should be the very first thing considered.

Make sure to match the bathroom with your restaurant’s existing decor

A restaurant bathroom should fit with the overall ambience of the entire space. For example, if your restaurant is modern and minimal, your bathroom should be too. On the other hand, if your restaurant is decadent and high end, having the decadence reflected in the bathroom just as much as the main seating area is important. You can help tie both spaces together by repeating elements such as colour or decor features.

Create an oasis for guests

Guests appreciate feeling like they are entering their own personal oasis, so make your restrooms feel like a bit of a getaway from the hustle of the main space. For privacy, add floor to ceiling stall dividers. If the space allows for it, add a small seating area in the form of a bench or chair. You can add ambience by adding candles or flowers and foliage which will help guests feel welcome.

Don’t forget that many guests use the restroom to touch up hair and makeup, so adding large mirrors won’t just open up the space and make it feel big, it will also be a welcome addition for visitors. Mirrors come in a variety of sizes and styles as well and can become interesting focal points in the space, depending on what your decor goals are.

Automate your fixtures

To help keep the area sanitary, and to also assist in reducing your company’s environmental footprint, look for ways to automate your fixtures. Automatic flushing toilets, and sensor-activated sinks and soap dispensers, for example, are great ways to introduce technology into the bathroom that will help save money by reducing resource usage. Hand dryers may also be a useful addition, as it will cut down on paper waste and will help keep bathroom wastebaskets from overflowing with used towels.

Maximise the space

The goal of a restaurant is to get as many seats as possible into the establishment. However, your bathroom may be required to match the occupancy rate according to the codes in your region. When renovating your bathroom, make sure you work with a builder that understands your city’s building code requirements so that you are in compliance with the number of toilets per regular customer.

Once you are sure you are in compliance, find ways to maximise the existing space to make the bathroom feel as big as possible. Mirrors help open the space, as can high ceilings, and neutral colours. You can even “fake” spaciousness by using design tricks as well.

Splurge on getting the lighting right

Beautiful lighting can transform a space and change the entire feeling of a room. Spend a bit more money to get the lighting right, and avoid fluorescents at all costs. From pot lighting to statement chandeliers to elegantly backlit mirrors, lighting can really give your bathroom space the wow factor it was missing.

We’re here to help

When your restaurant is ready to renovate its bathrooms, we’re here to work with you. It’s not only about knowing the local building requirements and helping design the perfect space. It’s also about working with your business’s schedule to lessen the downtime typically required for renovations. That means handling the work during off-hours or on days when your restaurant is closed. This helps ensure business owners, their customers, and their employees see as little disruption as possible.

With a wide range of product lines and a long history of designing and building stunning custom bathrooms, Crystal Bathrooms is the perfect partner for your restaurant’s restroom renovation. Speak to the team at Crystal Bathrooms today to discuss how we can help you transform your restaurant or cafe bathrooms.

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