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Shower Heads To Transform Your Bathroom Renovation



The bathroom is where you begin your day and having a great shower is a positive start. There’s nothing worse than clogged shower head holes or a head that doesn’t give you the spray you want.  A lot goes into a bathroom renovation and the right shower head can transform it from a basic reno to a luxury renovation. 

Benefits of Choosing The Right Shower Head 

They come in all shapes and sizes, but not every shower head can satisfy your needs. The right shower head can completely change your showering experience, ease tension, relieve aches, and boost your mood, but that’s not all. 

  • The right shower head will improve the aesthetic of your bathroom. State of the art shower heads are made to enhance the décor of bathroom renovations. The right choice will fit seamlessly with the rest of your bathroom. 
  • The right shower head can enhance your water pressure. Believe it or not, thanks to innovative designers, modern technology can give your shower head a boost without changing the flow of water in your home. 
  • An up-to-date design will deliver a shower head that can massage away the aches and pains of your day. Whether you prefer a morning shower or close your day with one, a powerful massage shower head can calm you down and ease your pain. 
  • A great shower head will offer additional features beyond hot or cold. It should give you multiple sprays to choose from, water conservation, adjustable height, and other features that enhance your shower experience.

Types of Shower Heads 

  • Rain Head

A rain shower head can be affixed to the ceiling or an extension of the existing pipework. You will most often see them in commercial bathrooms like resorts, hotels, and spas, but they have become a common addition in luxury bathroom renovations. There are many to choose from and in a variety of price points, which means they’re not off the table for your bathroom renovation in Sydney. If you’re renovating a bathroom you can opt for a ceiling mount and if you’re trying to make basic changes, you can choose to swap out your existing head. 

  • Water-Saving

If you want to save water and reduce your consumption, then a water-saving shower head might be a perfect choice. It works by constricting water flow. However, if your home already has low water pressure, this will further impact the flow of your shower head and might not be suitable for you. 

  • High-Pressure

If you have muscle aches and soreness, then you may want to consider a high-pressure shower head. A high-pressure shower head soothes muscles due to its massage effect. It will use more water than a standard shower head, however, so factor that into your decision. 

If you are planning a commercial bathroom remodel for a gym, you might want to opt for these to help your clients cool down after a hard workout. 

  • Waterfall

If you want to go extra luxurious, a waterfall shower head pours water over you rather than sprays. It’s another head that increases water usage, but it also increases the luxury of your renovation. 

  • Filtered

If your local area is known for poor water quality, then a filtered shower head can filter water before it hits your body. It removes impurities for a gentler water kind to your hair and skin.

When you choose your shower head, think about its size and height, your family’s bathing habits, your home’s water pressure, and any conservation concerns you may have. 

How a Shower Head Can Transform Your Shower Area 

Pressure, spray, water consumption, and features are all important considerations for the right shower head for your bathroom renovation. But appearance is another major factor. The right shower head can transform your bathroom renovation aesthetic. 

A bright orange wall-mounted shower can provide an artistic focal point for a walk-in shower. A rainfall shower head transforms the way you bathe, but also the look of your shower area. It’s more than an essential item, your shower head forms part of the design of your bathroom. It is every bit as important as the flooring and wall tiles. 

How Crystal Bathrooms Can Help 

If you have a bathroom renovation in the future, then you need a reputable contractor to help you through the process. At Crystal Bathrooms, we can take care of you from start to finish. Whether you have a design in mind or you’d like us to take the reins, we can provide you with advice to ensure you have the best bathroom on your block. We’d be more than happy to discuss shower head designs and more to ensure your bathroom is functional and picture-perfect.

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