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Signs Your Bathroom Needs Renovating



Your bathroom is likely the most used room in your home. As a high traffic area, it’s likely to suffer from general wear and tear over time. However, renovating is often put off because it is used for a variety of tasks and often by a number of people on a daily basis.

Because renovations are often pushed off until absolutely necessary, bathrooms can get dated or suffer from a variety of issues that may make it hard to use over time. If there are signs a bathroom refresh is in order, it may be time to step back and fix the issues. Getting a renovation started now means you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits sooner, and for years to come.

Looking for hints that it’s time to do a bathroom refresh? Here are a handful to take note of:

There are leaks

A sure sign it’s time to renovate your bathroom is if there are leaks. Whether it’s your shower, toilet or sink, allowing water to leak and pool on surfaces can be detrimental to the entire home. It’s dangerous if the water pools anywhere near electrical outlets and can quickly grow into a greater problem if the water is allowed to soak into drywall and plaster, or through tiles and linoleum and into the floor itself.

Even a slow leak can do an enormous amount of damage, mostly because it can simply be missed or easy to ignore. Look for subtle signs of leaking like damp areas, soft or bubbling plaster (both in the bathroom and adjoining rooms) or cracked tiles that can allow water to escape and build behind a wall or underneath a tub.

Your paint is peeling

While most people may just consider painting a cosmetic fix, peeling paint can be a sign of a build-up of moisture in your bathroom. It also could be a sign of lower quality paint that isn’t able to stand up against constant steam and moisture. When painting, look for a paint that can stand up to bathroom moisture and consider adding or updating your bathroom fan, which can help remove steam and moist air from the bathroom during and after a shower.

There’s mould buildup

If you have a leak, or your bathroom begins to smell musty, you may have a mould problem. Mould thrives in moist conditions and a bathroom is a perfect environment for it to take hold and spread. It may first appear along the edges of your bath or shower and get into the grout between tiles. You may also begin to notice dark spots on your ceiling. Once mould takes hold, it will spread. It may even loom behind your bathroom walls or ceiling and other places you can’t see or easily inspect. Mould is a health hazard, so it’s important to deal with it at the first sign of trouble.

Your current design isn’t functional

Sometimes a bathroom is poorly designed. The layout may be unnecessarily cramped, or storage wasn’t taken into account when your bathroom was originally constructed. Whatever the reason, a poorly designed bathroom can become a daily pain point. If you’re struggling with the functionality of your current bathroom, it’s time to renovate.

The floors are damaged

There are countless ways your bathroom can become damaged. One of the most common, however, is damage to your floors. When water leaks and isn’t visible, it may seep down into your floorboards. As a result, the first sign of a major problem may be damage to your floors. If they start lifting or become stained and discoloured, you may be looking at an extensive repair process including ripping up floors and possibly walls. While intensive, it presents a good opportunity to undertake a full bathroom renovation.

The design is dated

A clear indicator that it’s time for a bathroom renovation is if the decor and colours are looking worn and outdated. Whether your tastes or interior design trends have changed, if the colour and style of your bathroom have become unappealing, it may be a clear sign you need to remodel your bathroom.

Crystal Bathrooms is here to help

When you are ready for a bathroom makeover, Crystal Bathrooms has your back. Whether your bathroom is large or small, we have solutions to handle every aspect of the job. With 30 years of combined experience and industry knowledge, our experts handle bathroom renovations in a way that’s as invasive and pain-free as possible. We take care of everything from:

  • Initial quotes
  • Choosing and advising on products
  • Design plans
  • Implementation and completion of projects

We’ll even render your bathroom in 3D for you so you’ll be able to see the final results before we start, ensuring that the final product will be exactly to your specifications.

If you have questions about bathroom renovations and need advice on where to start, we’re here to help. Speak to the team at Crystal Bathrooms to see how we can help bring your old bathroom back to life.

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