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Style Tips To Enhance Your Bathroom Renovation 



Style Tips to Enhance Your Bathroom Renovation

The final step in renovating any bathroom is how it looks once you’re finished. Once all of the dust, dirt and debris has been cleared up and you’re looking at your finished product and trying to imagine how you want it to look now. How can you enhance your beautiful, finished bathroom? What changes can you make now that the big things are done, and the bathroom renovation has been completed? 

Here are several style tips that you can employ to enhance the appearance of your freshly renovated bathroom.

Adding Character to Your Vanity

You know that one of your prized possessions in your bathroom is your new vanity! It’s one of the reasons you renovated your bathroom, to begin with.  Adding character to your vanity can mean installing a new sink, like a bowl sink, rather than your traditional square-shaped. Other aesthetic changes can be a small stylish tray which carries your toothbrushes, hand soap and more!

A New Mirror

While this should be included in your bathroom renovation plans, the addition of a new mirror – perhaps one of a more interesting shape than your traditional square – can be an important aesthetic change to make your bathroom stand out. Any licenced bathroom renovation company in Sydney should be able to install your new mirror for you. 

You may even choose a ‘smart’ mirror, which has temperature-controlled lighting and other cool features! Whatever you choose, adding a new mirror (that’s say, circular) will certainly make things more interesting and funkier.

Adding a Bath Mat

This may seem like such a simple aesthetic change but adding a bathmat to a freshly tiled floor can make it pop! It’s also a good safety measure if you’re worried about slipping when exiting the tub or shower. Make sure that you choose one that fits with your tiling and general bathroom colour scheme.

Add Indoor Plants

Plants have been successfully proven to cleanse the air and even assist with our mental health in our indoor spaces and your freshly renovated bathroom is no exception! Whether you choose something large that can hang from a planter by the window or a small plant on your vanity, the addition of green into any space can add ambience and provide recycling for the air. It may also help stave off dampness and therefore mildew growth.

Add an Open Rack Rather Than A Medicine Cabinet

If you’re considering what your options might be while renovating your bathroom, then you might want to consider the addition of a small open-face rack or shelving unit rather than a wall-mounted medicine cabinet. Medicine cabinets are a thing of the past. Using a wooden (waterproof-treated) cabinet offers a much better aesthetic appearance than a metallic medicine cabinet.

Choose A Theme

While not necessarily a ‘best for last’ tip, it’s worth choosing a theme when you’re decorating and indeed before you start renovating your bathroom. Consult with a company that specialises in bathroom renovations in Sydney and ensure that the company is licensed to perform bathroom renovations in Sydney. Choosing a theme will help you make decisions when it comes to the overall aesthetics like taps, sinks and general design. Saving you time and headaches trying to figure it out afterwards.

How Can Crystal Bathrooms Help?

Crystal Bathrooms have been conducting bathroom renovations in Sydney for years. We have assembled an experienced team of interior designers, plumbers, electricians and builders to help give people the bathroom they’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re completely renovating an old bathroom in a new-to-you house, or building your own bathroom from scratch, Crystal Bathrooms has the knowledge and expertise to help.

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